1. Terry

    I’m still stuck… I used the night time prebiotic in the am the fat blockers. Then thought out my day the BCAA and as part of my breakfast your protein. I still can’t lean out. I’m still stuck with my baby weight. They are 5! Yes I don’t have the time to do hours at the gym like I used to, but I make sure I do some kind of cardio during my weight lifting. Help
    I just ended my 3rd bottle of fat blockers and nothing

    1. Angela

      Terry, you may have actually lost the fat but build up muscles in those areas which increases your lean body mass (actually a pretty cool thing), but that may mean no decrease in the scale. If you’re only looking at numbers on the scale, you may be looking at the wrong numbers. I have a Withings scale that measures body fat, lean body mass, weight and water and sends the results to my account so I can see my progress. My weight hasn’t shifted much, but I’m much lower in my body fat, thereby increasing my lean body mass = one strong girl! Find a way to measure (borrow a friend’s scale to go to a health clinic). You may be pleasantly surprised at the results. One other thing: don’t use fat blockers as an excuse to cheat. If you’re on a low-fat, high protein diet, then stay committed 110%. Pretend all that yummy substance is riddled with poison, mold, bacteria, or whatever to get you through the temptation. Works every time for me.

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