1. Zenaida

    I thought leg extensions and curls were bad for your knees. What exercises can you substitute them with?

    1. Devin Olsen

      Good question Zenaida! Everyone’s situation is different, and if you do feel like those exercises are taking a toll on your knees you can definitely substitute them 🙂 Really any variation of squats or lunges will give your quads a great workout, and consider deadlifts to hit your hamstrings!

  2. Sharra Thornton

    Love this I will be 48 and I have always loved doing leg excerises to keep my legs in shape and strong.. To eliminate having a hard time later on, so I run up and down the stairs and like to do bleachers… Thank you for this!!

    1. Alyson McDonald

      Hi Velinda!

      It is generally recommended to do leg exercises 2-3 times a week for best results

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