1. Elizabeth Rowe

    Good circulation is vital to a great workout! Starting with the right nutrients and a preworkout gets you there faster especially when you need that extra oomph in the morning!

  2. Julianne

    Learned goji berries help boost immune system and improve blood flow

  3. Christina

    I learned that drinking more water helps promote better circulation. Should be intuitive but never really thought about it.

  4. Ashley Peck

    Plethora of information in this blog post! I have always been a little torn with pre-workout mixes. Calories and sugar to name a few, but also the caffeine. I don’t mind caffeine, in fact in many cases, it has helped in and out of the gym. The bloodflow makes complete sense and if there was an article to perhaps sway someone to take pre-workout, this might be it! The Stim-Free (or “pm” pre-workout) could be used any time of day, in theory. Anyone could benefit from this product, but if you’re someone who feels like you need the caffeine, you may have to stick to the traditional, caffeinated version.

  5. Michaela Sorvino

    I learned so much about the importance of proper blood flow and circulation as it relates to workouts.

    This new stim free preworkout helps promote better muscular endurance and improved lean muscle mass. One key ingredient also helps the body to be able to transport blood throughout your body more effectively. The preworkout will improve your workouts because you are able to get more oxygen and nutrients to your working muscles, helping you to feel less fatigued.

    I can’t wait to try it and best part is I can take it later in the day and not worry about having a restless night of sleep.

  6. Debora Mindrut

    I just came here because I got an email about a giveaway, but wow I actually learned a lot. Now I know some ways to increase blood circulation is to have salmon, avocados, cayenne pepper, golji berries, turmeric, garlic, citrus fruits and ginger root. Thank you so much for the information!!!

  7. Sarah Ewing

    I learned how important blood flow is to metabolism, and a strong work out… and how to improve it. Thanks for all the great info!

  8. Elsy Hernandez

    Anyone that wants an extra push without the extra crash or harmful ingredients would want to try Stim-Free Pre-Workout. I know I am one of those.

    I do my workouts at night and I am sensitive to caffeine so have this new stem free pre-workout sounds great. Its a shame I just made my first order ever last week of the regular pre-workout which might contain caffeine but it is nice to know that now I have an option that wont trigger my anxiety attacks.

    Anyone who values what they put in their body benefits 110% of this product. I am so happy that I stumbled across this brand as I was doing my research online. Can’t wait to try it.

  9. Christine Jarman

    My concern when trying pre-workout was being a little TOO HIGH energy. I LOVE all of my IdealLean products. They are gentle and pump me up for my day workouts. I love that there is now an option for my nighttime workouts. Going to a 24 hour gym lets me workout whenever, and now so does IdealLean!

    The beta alanine and citrulline malate in the stim free workouts add many benefits to help get blood flow properly going and to build nice lean muscles.

  10. Christina Morin

    I learned that the stim free pre workout can be used later in evening. That is why it would benefit me! Because I workout in the evening when I get off work and most of the time I am drained after work! This would be perfect for me and I am going to order some! And I love fruity drinks! 😉

  11. Crystal B.

    I love how they explain how water helps with not only the obvious, but with circulation too! Great article read!! I love all Idealfit products!!

  12. Carissa

    I personally would want a stim free workout for when I workout at night because the caffeine would probably keep me up. Some people are sensitive to caffeine overall. The differences are that it does not contain stimulants like caffeine. I could benefit from trying this product because I usually like to and prefer to work out in the evening! I learned that it helps improve your blood flow and endurance which is so important when working out. Better blood flow means more oxygen can flow to your muscles. I tend to get tired quickly and easily so this will help me because it will take longer for my body to get fatigued.

  13. Christi Evangelista

    I learned that one of the most important things to having a great workout is having blood flow. This gets more oxygen to your muscles and increases the length/power of your workout! Love the stim free formula for people like me who have to be up super early in the morning for work!

  14. jodi Harris

    I have both and love them both. Some days I need the extra boost so I do with caffine and others days I do stim free.

  15. Jennifer Bradley

    Pre-workout product helps to improve blood flow and increases circulation which in turn helps to reduce fatigue.

  16. Angela Rinker Lugo

    Stim Free gives you needed energy to kill your workouts without jittery-ness
    Using Beta A and Cirriline M gives you support of what you need to push harder even if you have a late workout.

  17. Angel Wise

    Why Would Someone Want Stim-Free Pre-Workout? Because it doesn’t contain stimulants like caffeine so you can workout at night and still get some decent sleep.

    What Are the Differences Between This & Regular Pre-Workout? Regular Pre-workout gives you energy from caffeine. Stim-Free Pre-Workout does not.

    Who Could Benefit From Trying This Product? Anyone looking to increase blood flow and endurance without stimulants. People who workout at night or are sensitive to caffeine could also benefit from this. You? I’d try it.

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      They are not certified “Gluten Free” but they all contain less than 20ppm which makes them “gluten free” according to FDA standards 🙂

  18. Colette

    I didn’t realize that some of those foods increased circulation! Looks like I’m going to need to add a few things to my diet. 🙂

  19. Emily Austin

    I think a stun-free pre-workout is great for people who like working out in the evening. I often work out late at night and struggle because I don’t want to take a lot of caffeine but I want a great workout too!

  20. Kori

    Wow, I didn’t realize how blood flow and energy were so connected. It was interesting to read about the use of ingredients like citrulline malate to help blood circulation, including helping your body to get more oxygen and nutrients delivered throughout your system, during your workout. I know that I deal with poor circulation even though I try to live as actively as possible, but work sometimes keeps me pretty still during the day. It would be so great to try this product and not only see how much my workouts improve, but also how my overall circulation would improve. I love the Ideallean protein shakes! They’re amazing…even my kids and husband enjoy using them every now and then because they taste so great! I would love to win one of the amazing new stem-free pre-workout products, and see what a difference it would make in my workouts, with the benefit of no caffeine. The ingredients sound amazing, I especially appreciate that it’s naturally colored as my daughter has allergies to artificial coloring in foods, so we all have worked hard to cut these colors out of our diets.

  21. Patty

    Just ordered the stim-free pre-workout! Can’t wait to try it! I usually workout as soon as I work out, so it’s tough to get great blood flow to muscle after hours of sleep. This will give me another step-up on achieving my fitness goals!

  22. Amy Husted

    Counting the macro’s are an important part of getting lean, staying healthy, and receiving that body shape that we’re working so hard to obtain. I am planning on using the macro guide so it will help me quickly succeed with my life style journey.

  23. Thalia

    Good blood flow, circulation and movement of oxygen helps to deliver nutrients to the body. In the past I confess I used products that were heavy stimulant laden and it left me feeling run down and depleted of everything — including energy but especially oxygen. I have since matured (gotten older) and know better. I was in a head on collision and have permanent injuries. I gained a lot of weight due to being immobility and steroids the doctors prescribed. I am active again and it has been a long road (still have good and bad days) but I am determined to get the weight I regained back off. I lost a total of 78 lbs but gained about 45 back and have lost around 20 in roughly two months. I am struggling but I continue to rise to the challenge!! I am eager to try your stim – free pre workout products… life can and will be good again!!

  24. Rissa Bridges

    I had no idea that turmeric and goji could help with blood circulation. I was under the impression that only spicer/hotter plants (cayenne, ginger etc) could do that. I learned something new! Also we’re can I get goji Berries. I’ve only heard of them being in face and hair products. Would it have to be a farmers market ?

  25. Linda

    I would like to try this product. I’m new to the program and started drinking a post workout drink I learned that putting important nutrients in before and after a workout is beneficial.

  26. Morgan

    Here is my comment to enter for giveaway time- I learned that pre-workout can improve performance and blood flow. Blood flow is important to maximize circulation to muscles and to help with numbness, aches, etc. I also learned that Stem-free is an alt. for those who want to workout at night or want/need a caffeine free option. 🙂

  27. Melissa Moity

    I love stim free preworkout!! I didn’t realize that your nutrition decreased blood flow.

  28. kassi felts

    I love the idea of a caffeine free product for a pre workout. I’m not a fan of needing caffeine to get energy. With having twins and trying to keep up my energy for workouts, this sounds like a great product for me to try.

  29. Jennifer

    I didn’t know that salmon and avocado help improve blood circulation – two of my favorites!

  30. Allie Kessel

    With my busy schedule I find myself working out later in the day. Stim-Free Pre-Workout would give me the boost I needed to get to my workout!

  31. Teri Fernlund

    Wow this stuff is amazing! I have been using the pre-workout for 13 days now and really love how it gives me the extra push. However, I am really curious to try the STIM Free because I am a little more sensitive to caffeine. By reading this post I learned I could get the same great results from the STIM free product due to the beta alanine and citrulline malate. It’s perfect for me!

  32. Kim

    Great post! Really looking to enhance blood flow circulation. And I am trying to avoid adding more unnecessary caffeine with supplements because I already drink coffee 🙂 thanks!

  33. Shar

    Great blog post. I loved finding so many ways to increase blood flow. My new favorite is getting a massage. Who knew that something that feels so relaxing is also increasing blood flow. That’s enough of a reason for me head off to get a massage.

  34. Jill sager

    I love the information about how it works. It is amazing. I tried it and love the regular pre work out. I would love to try the stimulant free one for evening work outs.

  35. LuAnn Decker

    The answer to why you would want a stim free product such as this is in case you workout at night. Which is a great idea! Some mothers often find time to workout after the little ones go to bed for the night. This product allows them to be energized without the caffeine to get a great workout and then be able to get a good night sleep!

  36. nicole

    I love stim free because it allows for a great workout at night without messing with your sleep! It also improves blood flow and endurance!

  37. Jackie Burtch

    I am surprised to learn there is no caffeine! It’s the citrulline-malate that helps move the blood around! I still like to enjoy my cup of coffee post workout, so it sounds like this would be a better idea than what I drink for workouts now 🙂

  38. Kim Possible

    I love this new non stim product. I have circulation issues in my hips and legs. This product is perfect thank you!

  39. LuAnn Decker

    I really like the products I have tried so far. This one sounds like it is worth trying! I love the customer service when I have questions. Your company is so willing to help! Just wanted to let you know I appreciate it and have been telling others of your products. I am always excited when I see sales and a new product that has been added. Thanks for all you do

  40. Colby Burke

    After reading this article, I feel like I have been hindering my progress by not using a pre-workout. I always thought my coffee was doing enough to get my butt moving but there is more to it I didn’t know. Plus for me there are a lot of “fake it till you make it” days. I like the fact that the ingredients in the Stim-free pre-workout won’t keep me up at night but will still help with lactic acid break down and give me a push to get the good quality pump in. I am really looking forward to giving this a try in my next order.

  41. Chaise Nations

    Definitely would love to see how the idealfit Stim-free would help me and my body get into the shape I want and need to be for myself. Especially iN the pm. I always feel so tired from chasing kids all day believe this would help give me the kick in the butt I need. Also need to try the Pre-workout other flavors because with the extra energy from an all natural IdealLean pre-workout it gets me through the day. Where Stim-Free is free of stimulants (like caffeine) which is great considering I have cut out all caffeine can motovate me for that last nightly workout that I desperately need but never have the energy for. I really need a good combo of both to set me back on track as a mother of 4 all under the age of 4 and all girls I need as much natural energy as I can get for my work outs. I’d love to be picked to test out the new flavors.

  42. Darlena Skinner

    Improve blood performace,with Ideal lean pre workout.

  43. Kelly

    I love using the stim-free preworkout when I do a night time workout. It gives me the energy I need to give my best to my workout and I can still fall asleep at night.

  44. Leah brown

    Can I mix the pre-workout and BCAAs together and drink them together?

  45. Micaela Z

    I cant wait to get my Stim-Free Pre-workout! It seems as though this product could benefit just about anyone! But its best for those who do night workouts or anyone (like me) who cant handle the caffeine and other ingredients in other pre-workout supplements.

  46. Jill wagner

    Been wanting to try a pre-work out for a while but haven’t made the leap. Reading about the increase of blood flow makes total sense…I’m ready to try!

  47. Steph

    I had no idea all these things could help improve blood flow! Great to learn!

  48. Katie Wick

    I’ve never used ideal Lean products yet, but I am interested in learning more! I use pre workout but only in the morning or over my lunch break, otherwise I sleep horribly. I like the idea of ideal lean being a night time preworkout!

  49. Adrianna Velasquez

    Stim-Free is free of stimulants (like caffeine) so that people will be able to work out and still be able to sleep at night, but will still get improved blood flow and endurance so you can get in a good workout. Stim-Free work out is like a PM work out whereas regular pre work is like an AM . Everyone can benefit from these pre work outs. Get the best of your work out when you seem to be lacking energy ! Take ideallean pre work or Stim-free

  50. ashley morris

    I have friends who use stimulant free pre-work out and they do not tire as quickly as I do. The pre-workout contains ingredients that boost the oxygen flow to your muscles so you can work out longer and harder. I usually drink coffee but due to my hectic work schedule, sometimes have to work out at night. The coffee negatively affects my sleep. I like that this pre-workout does not include a stimulant such as caffeine that would prevent me from sleeping after a night work out. Zero sugar is important to me to because I am watching and decreasing my sugar intake. Every little bit helps!

  51. Lindsay Sunshine

    I absolutely love IdealFit’s preworkout! I have a 8-5 job and after mentally exhausting my brain for 8 hours, I look forward to the caffeine boost that preworkout gives me to get in that hard workout! Especially right now when I am training for a triathlon.

    The stimulant-free pre-workout is ideal for those who have to work out at the end of the day like me. Granted there is no caffeine, but with the stimulant-free pre-workout I can be guaranteed of less lactic acid build up thanks to the beta alanine boost and better flowing arteries to give me that extra pump of oxygen with citrulline malate!

    I definitely know I could benefit from this pre-workout because I get so mentally drained from work that with a burst of extra oxygen I know I can still have the focus for my workout!

    I also believe anyone who is just trying pre-workout for the first time might like the stimulant-free formula to ease their way into it!

  52. Nicole Gee

    I learned that blood flow is imperative to maximizing our workouts. By taking the pre workout supplement I would increase the benefits of my workout and performance would be at it’s peak. My coworker highly recommended this and I have yet to grab some. Hope I get the opportunity to win a free container of it. I could use it with the fatigue I’ve been experiencing.

  53. Avonda

    I am a smoker and I know it is bad but, this was an eye opener!

  54. Avonda

    I am a smoker and I know it is bad but, this was an eye opener! The chemicals in tobacco harm your blood cells. This can damage the function of your heart and blood vessels. This could lead to atherosclerosis—where plaque builds up in your arteries and limits blood flow.

  55. Alisha Price

    I learned that citrus fruits are blood thinners. Did not know that!

  56. Nivedha Srinivas

    This stim free pre-workout shake includes Beta alanine helps with muscular endurance and helps you achieve lean muscle mass as it combats lactic acid buildup. This would definitely help me achieve a goal I have been aiming for- to gain leaner and muscular arms. This ingredient will also maximise endureance and will result in longer training sessions, making it a perfect addition to this stim-free pre workout shake.

  57. Chantal Forsyth

    I learned that this stim-free pre workout is great for people who work out at night and don’t want the added lasting stimulating effect! Which would be perfect for me, as I work out in the evenings!

  58. Chantel

    I love the idea of a stimulant free pre workout! I actually didn’t realize caffeine free pre workouts existed until I received the email about this blog.

  59. Joann Vens

    I had no idea about Citrulline malate. The article says it helps to increase blood flow by widening your blood vessels when you exercise which helps you to be able to transport blood throughout your body more effectively. Citrulline malate will improve workouts because you are able to get more oxygen and nutrients to your working muscles, helping you to feel less fatigued and more focused and attentive during workouts.

  60. Kayla Lovewell

    I would love to try this new product! I have never tried a pre-workout because of the scary stories and I have taken many products that have given me the jitters. This stimulant free option sounds right up my alley.

  61. emmalen mays

    I love this stuff. I can’t have a lot of caffeine and this is perfect for me.

  62. Lori

    This would work great for me cause i work late & don’t need the stimulants before bed so I could still get the boost w/out the caffeine.

  63. Elizabeth Rowe

    I love the Ideal Lean Raspberry Lemonade! I haven’t tried a stim-free one before so I’m looking forward to receiving my order of the new Pink Lemonade! I knew that the preworkout helps get you going, but didn’t know it also helps with reducing lactic build up in muscles….that’s great!

  64. Bethany P.

    I didn’t realize there were so many foods that could help with blood circulation! I’ll have to work to include more of these into my daily diet. I’ve just started running, and I’ve been getting so sore afterwards! I’m fairly new to Ideal Fit’s products. I look forward to try your stimulant free pre-work out since I am incredibly sensitive to caffeine!

  65. Tiffany

    Stim-Free Pre-Workout is suitable, especially for caffeine-sensitive people, because it is caffeine-free and stimulant-free so one can get the benefit of having energy to power through workouts but still be able to sleep at night. It improves blood flow and combats lactic acid build up to improve workouts and maximizes workout results. I definitely would benefit from Stim-Free Pre-Workout because I workout towards the end of my day and i’m usually worn-out already and the lactic acid build up is definitely #real (haha) so it would be amazing if I could try the Stim-Free Pre-Workout.

  66. Kelly

    I love the concept of the pre-workout supplements but Ingave a caffeine sensitivity so I am eager to try the stim free varieties!

  67. Brooke Evans

    I haven’t tried this brand yet, but I can definitely say that by increasing my water intake and changing my eating, I feel so much better. I no longer get dizzy or lightheaded from a simple workout!

  68. Tanya

    I didn’t know anything about pre-workouts before reading this 😬. I could probably benefit from improved blood flow – especially since I have a desk job. Thanks for the info!

  69. Caisey Griffith

    I learned that salmon and avocado help to increase circulation. I had no idea and those are two of my favorite foods! I’ll definitely be eating more of those now.

  70. Jodie

    The main difference between the regular pre-workout and the stim-free is that the regular IdealLean Pre-Workout is more for the AM and it gives you energy from caffeine. Stim-Free is more for the PM hours. It is free of stimulants (like caffeine) so that you will be able to work out and still be able to sleep at night, but you’ll still get improved blood flow and endurance so that you can get it a great workout!

  71. Joni Theurer

    Why you would use is if you work out at night and you don’t want caffeine so you can sleep and not be stimulated. The difference is the caffeine and the non stim is caffeine free. Who would use, is if you want to work out and night and don’t want caffeine so you are able to sleep or if you are sensitive to caffeine.

  72. Jennifer Smart

    With the pre workout formulas. There is a AM and a PM pre workout to take. The AM has the caffeine to give your more energy for your workouts. And the PM gives you the same energy but with our the caffeine. They help your blood flow properly for a maximum workout you need and deserve!

  73. Debbie Pettigrew

    There is no caffeine or stimulants in this Pre workout….that good to know!

  74. Sydney Knicely

    Love pre workout and the fat burner. ❤️❤️❤️

  75. Kathy Forstrom

    Maximize your workout results and improve blood flow and it helps in every other aspect of the body really

  76. Ashley Shaffer

    I definitely think the stim-free preworkout would be helpful on those days my husband gets of off work late and wants to workout. With a 3 year old, I can’t risk disrupting my sleep any more than it already is!

  77. Lisanne

    I love this alternative to regular BCAA’s because it provides stimulant/caffeine-free improved blood circulation that energizes your workout. Blackberry tastes great and I can’t wait to try the other flavors too!

  78. Mandi

    I am sensitive to caffeine, this is great! Caffeine makes me super shaky. I’d love to give them a try.

  79. michele sanderson

    i think i might have to try this i have avoid a lot of the preworkout options because of the caffeine. I used to drink a lot of soda and now that i don’t drink it any more, I don’t feel i need the caffeine part. I already exercise, drink lots of water and eat healthy. I didn’t know a massage would help with your circulation. will have to treat my self to one more often.

  80. Katie

    Once I read this blog, I realized that the stim free pre-workout is better for those who don’t want the caffeine burst, or who workout at night like myself! I think it’s cool to read about the active ingredients in it so I know that I’m not harming my body! I also believe that this is a good option for somebody like me, who is very sensitive to stim!

  81. Jeri Anderson

    Blood flow is improved and it helps combat the buildup of lactic acid. Stim free is more night time pre-workout; however, I’m a bit caffeine sensitive, so I’d love to try it as the regular makes me feel strange and itchy. I do workout 80% in the evenings, so this would be an amazing product for me!

  82. Marissa Pinon

    I don’t like the feeling of most pre workouts – jitters and heart racing. I like the idea of this stimulant free one and the citrulline malate (sp) widening the vessels to allow better blood flow.

  83. Teri Kroon

    It’s great to read the difference between the stim free vs the regular pre-work out. Another question comes from reading this article it talks about cycling off which I’ve done for about a month and can see the difference in the way I feel during work outs, is cycling off important or can I switch off and on from the 2 products? I’m up at 430 to hit the gym so the bit of caffeine doesn’t effect me as much as a later work out but I started to feel like it wasn’t helping after almost a year of use so I took a break. Any suggestions?

  84. Regina

    Great info! Didn’t realize Turmeric was good for circulation. I’m actually about to purchase some Turmeric to help with inflammation, glad it has so many health benefits.

  85. Christine Wittorff

    Thanks for the great information. I usually workout after work and it would be great to have a stim free pre- workout with all the great ingredients this one has.

  86. LaChell Schultz

    Great information!! I had no idea that salmon and avocados helped blood circulation! Thank you!!

  87. Charlie

    I love pre-workout!! Can’t wait to try the stim-free. I learned how it includes bets alanine which helps combat lactic acid build & increases muscular endurance. It also includes citrulline which helps improve blood flow & gives more oxygen & energy to your muscles! 👍🏼👍🏼

  88. Karen

    I learned a lot about how increasing blood flow will help with your workout as well as overall health. I am definitely interested in trying the pink lemonade flavor!

  89. Jen DeBlasis

    The stim free works so well for my evening workouts because it doesn’t have the caffeine like the regular preworkout! I LOVE stim free!!

  90. Caitlyn

    What I learned from this is that the Stim-Free option is great for people who work out at night, want to take pre-workout, but don’t want to be up all night. Sounds great!

  91. Amanda Herrin

    I love that there’s health benefits to using preworkout. I didn’t know that I was boosting my workout with better blood flow along with the energy it gives me. I love the new stim free preworkout! I can’t wait to try the new flavors.

  92. Alisha Marderness

    I noticed that it says that IdealLean Pre-Workout is for AM workouts and the Stim-Free is for PM workouts. What if someone wants to workout twice a day but just use the Stim-Free?

    I’m sensitive to caffeine but want good intense workouts. So, could I take the stress-free twice, or would it be better for me to take both?

  93. Jessica Mason

    Stim free products are amazing for people wanting to work out at night but still
    Be able to get sleep!!

  94. Sammantha

    I think that alot of people would be interwated in the stim-free pre workout because it helps with blood circulation which in the end helps with boosting metabolism and a stablized body temperature. One of the major differences i saw was the the stim free pre workout was like pm due to it beong affeine free and still being able to have energy to work out at night with out having the effect of caffeiene in the regular preworkout. I could honestly benefit from this since i do prefer to workout in the afternoon rather than the mornings also i could benefit from the metabolisn boost and the stabilzed body temperature. Since i was younger i never had a normal body temperature, i always got cold easily, my hands and feet could never get warm. I always just dealt with it becaus i thought that there was nothing i could do.

  95. Sharon Ploesser

    I love the pre-workout! It sounds like the main difference between the pre-workout and the stim free pre-workout is the caffeine. I’ve only had the regular pre-workout, I would love to try the stim free one for my evening workouts.

  96. Kathy Morgan

    Been looking for something caffeine free! Can’t wait to try this!

  97. Kim Niklason

    The pre workout seems like it would be good for me. I need to move more and need the will power to go. Muscles soreness slows me down. I could try the fat burner and not have to worry about caffeine. Awesome! Mostly working out at night. Usually walk at lunch.

  98. Kelli

    Stim free pre workout would be good for me since I work out in the evening and it won’t interrupt my sleep.

  99. Christine

    The ideal lean stimulate free products help to increase blood flow and endurance during workouts. I started using the stimulant free blackberry preworkout and I absolutely love it. I pair it with BCAA and other products. I am in the best shape at the age of 30.

  100. Michelle

    I had no idea that foods like salmon, avocados, garlic, and ginger can increase blood circulation. Super cool!

  101. Deborah

    Glad to read you have s stimulus free pretty workout. It increases blood flow and endurance. Would love to win and give it a try. Thank you!

  102. Courtney

    As someone who definitely needs a minimum of 8 hours of sleep to get the most of the next day, when I have to do night workouts (caffeine is a no-no), although I do prefer AM workouts because I find myself more productive during the day. When using products before, during, and after my workouts, it is key that they don’t contain caffeine. I have also been slowly trying to ween myself off my morning coffee routine because I love sweet creamers and it is just not good. So finding products that help me stick to staying caffeine free is great and it’s great to know Ideal Fit has products that meet my needs to help me reach my goals.

  103. Anna McEntee

    Why Would Someone Want Stim-Free Pre-Workout?
    I use the stim-free pre-workout because I love coffee and don’t want to reduce my intake because i’m taking a pre-workout supplement. The blackberry is also delicious and gets me super pumped for my workout. And when I don’t have time to workout in the morning, I don’t have to worry about my caffeine intake too close to bedtime!
    What Are the Differences Between This & Regular Pre-Workout?
    The difference between the two is the lack of stimulants like caffeine in the stim-free pre-workout.
    Who Could Benefit From Trying This Product? You?
    Anyone who works out at night, doesn’t want to increase their caffeine intake, or is sensitive to caffeine. I love the stim-free pre-workout!

  104. Sarah Boyles

    I didn’t know Beta alanine combines with histamine in muscle cells to form carnosine, or that citrus fruits acted as natural blood thinners. No wonder I feel different, have more energy, when I eat a couple oranges before climbing my stairs several times! I don’t run out of steam as quickly.

  105. Samantha Mikesic

    This product would be great for someone who wants to maximize their workouts while also improving their blood flow without the added stimulants. This is also great for those who like to workout at night (like me). It gives you what you need to improve your workouts, yet doesn’t keep you up at night from the caffeine. Sometimes I enjoy the feeling that the regular pre-workout gives me, but it does make falling asleep more difficult. I would love to try this product.

  106. Angela camp

    The difference between regular preworkout and stim-free pre workout is caffeine. I would like to try the stim free preworkout for days that I can’t get to my workout until my little one is asleep and I’m tired from work and school all day! Even though it’s usually time to get into bed, I still like to do a short workout whether it be weight training, yoga, etc. I usually try not to do cardio because it keeps me from getting to sleep soon after.

  107. Sarah

    Stim free is great for me, I don’t like feeling too jittery.

  108. Sarah

    What is the difference between this and a regular pre-workout?

    IdealLean Stim-Free Pre-Workout is different from the regular pre-workout because it does not contain caffeine or stimulants. It allows individuals to have endurance and blood flow without losing sleep at night. Stim-Free Pre-Workout is great for people that do not want that caffeine jittery feeling, but also want to have a great workout full of energy. It also helps individuals have an effective workout at night, unlike the regular pre-workout that would fuel individuals way past bedtime.

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    In order to get energy without caffeine this pre workout utilizes beta alanine and it combines with histamine forming carnosine. You get better muscular endurance. It also uses citrulline malate and it works to improve blood flow throughout the body. It helps to increase blood flow by widening your blood vessels when you exercise. This helps you to be able to transport blood throughout your body to get more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.
    Stim-Free is free of stimulants (like caffeine). It allows you to workout and be able to sleep afterwards without the added caffeine boost. Its more of a night time are workout. It will benefit someone that worksout late or in the evening. I could benefit from this. I tend to without after I put my kids down for bed. This type if pre workout will allow me to sleep better without waiting for the cafguene to wear off

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    Basically, the cardiovascular system (heart and blood cells that run through the body) delivers nutrients and oxygen to every cell in your body. Your arteries transport oxygenated blood from the heart to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells, then your veins return the deoxygenated blood back to the heart.

    This is a continuous cycle. Your heart acts as a pump, carrying oxygenated blood to your organs, and de-oxygenated blood comes back from your organs to the lungs to get oxygenated once again.

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    Pick me! I really want to try a Pre Workout because I go to a high intensity Boxing Bootcamp class after working a 10 hour shift. I hardly have enough energy for it after work but go anyway. I want to try a pre workout but can’t because the caffeine would keep me awake at night and things with too much caffeine (like Monster) give me heart palpitations. I really need to try the stim-free!

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    I did not know the importance of blood flow in a work out! Sometimes during my work out I experience numbness in my feet–I wonder if that has anything to do with my blood flow? I take C4 now, but I’m not a fan of the effects. At first, it’s great to feel the tingle in your arm and you feel pumped to get up and crush your work out. However, I can only work out right before my kids’ nap time. I would love to be able to lay down and relax once I’m done while they are sleeping, but it’s hard with all that caffeine. I think a non stimulant pre work out would be great!

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    I have never stuck with any workout plan but so far I am! Thanks Trainer Lindsey for such good motivation!!

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    The importance of blood flow is crucial to your muscle building and use. Converting food to energy uses oxygen and if you aren’t efficient at using oxygen then you won’t be efficient at burning calories either. Pre workout helps blood flow which will increase oxygen levels and help you push through that workout

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  160. Merry B

    I seriously had no idea that blood flow affected your body’s PH levels. I suffer from BV, and am always trying to maintain a healthy PH level, but I didn’t realize that something as simple as working out and eating healthier could help me maintain that. They tell you to add yogurt to your diet, but I didn’t realize things like garlic, onions and radishes, which I love, could also help. Thanks! I can’t wait to try some of these tips and see if they help me!

  161. Ginger Hunger

    I was unaware foods played a part in good/bad circulation. Very interesting and informative read!!

  162. Kaitlin Whittaker

    I’ve learned that BCAA’S help with muscle recovery & helps heal you up faster than without.

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    Reading the article, I learned that tingling is a sign that you may not be getting enough blood flow! I was surprised to learn this because the pre workout that I currently use causes a tingling sensation! Does that mean that my current pre workout could be causing bad blood flow!?

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    Curcumin, an ingredient found in turmeric helps prevent blood platelets from forming clots.
    This is especially helpful to know when you’re on a medication with a possible side effect of blood clots.

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  201. Allie

    I learned the difference between the AM and PM Pre-Workout. I workout at both times of the day so it will be nice to have an option. Also I learned that certain foods can help you improve your blood flow. I will definitely be adding these more into my diet.

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  220. Alex

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    Can Stim-Free pre-workout, replace soda. I fear that is the last thing my body needs to give up. Would this be a good substitution?!

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  242. Heather Stone Sharpe

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  243. Heather Stone Sharpe

    I had no idea that Citrulline malate widened blood vessels when you exercise! It is so great you have a stimulant free pre-workout option!

  244. Adriana

    I learned that good blood flow is great for a big number of things. Like enhanced mental performance, increased blood circulation, boost immune system and others.

  245. Larissa

    I learned that it’s naturally flavored and colored and I think that’s awesome!

  246. Anna hannah

    Definitely love the energy that the pre work gives me to finish my work out !!! Taste delicious and it’s great for my body !!!! It’s a win -win 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🏋🏼‍♀️

  247. Marianela


  248. Blakeley Carter

    I just learned that the stim free is free of caffeine which is AWESOME for me because I am super sensitive to caffeine but now I can still get the great benefits of a pre workout!!! I’m so excited!!!

  249. Jennifer Bradley

    Non-stim formula is a good pre-workout choice for those sensitive to caffeine. Improves blood flow & endurance.

  250. Ashley Clark

    Beta alanine will lessen the lactic acid build up, so your endurance to workout is longer, and helps you achieve strong muscle mass!

  251. lisa

    I never understood what the stim-free was all about. Definitely ordering it next time. I’ll get the pump I need to work out but be able to sleep!

  252. Shay magee

    I learned dehydration increases blood plasma thickness, which contributes to poor circulation!

  253. Melissa McCarthy

    I didn’t realize this “contain ingredients that will improve blood flow and combat lactic acid build-up to improve your workout. You will be able to work out harder and longer, than you could on your own.” I have the Blackberry and love it.

  254. Ashlee

    I learned that in order to improve circulation we should move more stay active and exercise as well as staying hydrated!!!

  255. Amy

    I didn’t know garlic helped with circulation. I put garlic on all my meat and dressings! I love it so much I miss happy it’s helping my circulation! 🙂

  256. Khrystal Putnam

    One thing I really took out of the blog is how it increases your Metabolism which for me is one of the best things I will need right now!

  257. Karen

    I have learned from this post that I have most of the symptoms for bad blood circulation and from reading that it’s more likely due to poor nutrition. I am thinking I need to try the Stim Free. 😉

  258. Kristin Gordiejew

    Pre workouts are beneficial because they give you the push you need to get through a great workout. The new stimulant free has only 5 calories and contains ingredients that will improve blood flow and combat lactic acid build-up to improve your workout. It’s great to use for night workouts because the absence of caffeine won’t effect your quality of sleep!

  259. Jenn Thompson

    I didn’t realize all the good things that a pre-workout can do for your body. All the ones I have tried make me jittery and I hate that. Can’t wait to try this pre-workout!!

  260. Alyssa

    Good blood flow is crucial for good workouts! It can help you push harder and run further. Things that can help increase blood flow are a nutritious diet, being active and not smoking.

  261. Carolyn Moore

    Stim-free pre-workout improves blood flow and oxygen to muscles which means that you can push yourself a little harder, work out a little longer, or run a little furthe without the caffeine!

  262. Christina

    I love the pre workouts! They give me tons of energy to get my workouts done.

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      That’s great!!! I think you’ll really like the Stim-Free too then 🙂

  263. Katie

    If stimulant free products are better then how can the fat burner product be good for me? Is that product actually reducing blood flow to my muscles because it contains caffeine?

    Also, I drink coffee in the morning (I need it) and take the daily dose of the fat burner product (2). I time out the first fat burner pill with my coffee so I don’t have them too close together, but is that still too much caffeine?

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      The Stim-Free Pre-Workout is more like a PM product. The other Pre-Workout and Fat Burners aren’t harmful for you because of their caffeine content, this is just another option to use if you decide to workout at night, or if you feel you’ve had enough caffeine for a day. The Stim-Free is a great option to use when you don’t want to take something caffeinated and still get an amazing pump while working out. You’re fine to continue your regimen of coffee and Fat Burner. Does this make sense?

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