1. Lee

    I LOVE all the ideallean products I’ve tried so far!! Can’t wait to try the new Meal Replacement Shake.

    1. Yvette Aguilera

      I just got sample packs of the protein in the mail 2day. I canot wait to try them would love to win the meal replacement shake

    2. Marie cox

      I would love to try this product. I think it would be beneficial for me because I work nights shifts.

    3. Callie

      I can’t wait to try the meal replacement shakes! It is awesome that it is made with women in mind!

    4. Cathy May

      I would love to try the Meal Replacement Shakes. I’m often to busy to prepare a meal with working 3 jobs. It would be nice to have something quick and nutritious on the go. Thank you.

    5. Joyce Coulter

      Would love to win this. Wanting to try it. Love all your products

  2. Daena

    Excited about the new product. In the couple of months that I have been aware of your products, I am surprised at how many new items have come out. I certainly haven’t tried everything yet but like what I have. I will try out the new MRS sometime too!

    1. Myriam loving

      Ideal lean seems to be a really good product but i was wondering if it is safe to have if you are nursing?

      1. Caitlin Peterson

        Hi Myriam, we recommend talking to a doctor before using any supplements while pregnant or nursing.

  3. Marsha

    Hi I love all the ideal lean products and I think all the trainers are such a inspiration to women on their weight loss or fit journey. I would love to win the meal replacement shake which would go great in my daily Rountie when I get busy with things.

    1. Sommer

      I love all of the information Idealfit puts out! I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of protein to get and I haven’t found anything that hits all of the check marks like Ideals!

  4. Paula

    I love that this is made with oats and sweet potatoes among other great healthy ingredients! Hope to try it soon!

    1. Susan Ebersole

      Cannot wait to try some of these recipes !!!! So yummy and getting healthier and thinner is Ideal !!!

  5. Aimee

    I’ve been waiting for a mean replacement from you guys. Can’t wait to try it!!

  6. Toni Doheny

    I just love all the Ideal products. Keep ’em coming! It would be great to have this meal replacement shake! 💪💪💪

  7. Shauna

    I love all the info that always comes with your products. It’s nice to understand what we are getting thank you! Can’t wait to try the meal replacement shake!

  8. Martha vasquez

    I’ve been waiting for Ideallean to make a meal replacement! I love all my ideallean product and I’m sure this will be just as good!!

  9. Denise Engelhardt

    I love the fact that all the protein are low in calories/fat/sugar and carbs! And that it mixes well. So many others out there are so high,I look at the label and put it right back on the shelf. For the taste,price and all the added benefits..it’s a win!

  10. MaKel woolstenhulme

    This is exactly what I need!! I lost about 50 pounds last year but then life got hectic , money became an issue and I lost all control of time so I gained it all back and some. Now I feel lost and stuck so this could be my answer to finally liking who I am again, and want to be in this body! Please pick me for one I really need help to get unstuck!!! 🙂

  11. Carli

    I can’t wait to try it! I just ordered for the first time from you and I’m excited to see how it is!

  12. Sara

    If these are as yummy as your protein powders, I know the MRS will be a success!

  13. Allison Drake

    Leading a fast paced life like I do, sometimes I forget to eat or don’t have time to sit down and have a meal. So knowing that I would get the nutrients my body needs by drinking a delicious chocolate shake instead? Sign me up, yum!

  14. Jennifer Bradley

    I would love to try the replacements! They will be a lifesaver on hectic days with no time to cook.

  15. Kelly Buskirk

    I cannot wait to try this. I enjoy all of the IdealFit products that I have tried. This will definitely come in handy this summer when we are on the go!

    Thank you for helping me achieve my health and wellness goals.

  16. Sara Dunbar

    If these are as yummy as your protein powders, I know the MRS will be a success! I love that you keep coming up with products to encourage healthy eating alongside an active lifestyle.

  17. Tawnye

    I’d love to win! Love all your products and programs! Good luck everyone!

  18. Joyann Grayson

    I love these shakes, not only are they nutritious but they taste good. No one wants to have to choke down something healthy. Enjoying it is the key to continued success!

  19. Jocelyn Heredia Garcia

    I really hope I win… I’m in love with these products and flavor!!

  20. Courtney

    Love how healthy and delicious they sound! You guys have thought of everything!! Would love to try a tub!

  21. Jennifer Conover

    For me, meal prepping and nutrition are the most challenging!! Having a meal replacement shake available is definitely a plus on unprepared days!

  22. Shannell

    Would love to try! This line is on my list to buy when I get my car paid off!

  23. Kathryn Gilroy

    This looks like a great product! I’m starting the 15 day challenge on Monday this would great to try after that!

  24. Stephanie

    Love these products! So much better than eating a sandwich everyday!

  25. Nicole

    I love all ideal fit products I start my morning off with a protein shake for breakfast and I feel great.

  26. Stephanie O'Mera

    This sounds great! I’m at my worst when I have a busy schedule with the girls. I’m either choosing poor food or not eating. Having this in the car would be a life saver!

  27. Helen Wetherby

    I just placed my very first order to try Ideal Shake and and Ideal Lean products. I can’t wait to try.

  28. Nichol Wilson

    I would love to try your product. I’ve been using idealshape and it’s not helping. Thank you!

  29. Terri Roy

    I Love this company!!!
    All the amazing products we have on hand . Can’t wait to try the New Ideallean meal replacement. 💜💜

  30. Lori G

    I love the regular idealshake! They are so flavorful! I definitely would love to try these ones. They might keep me full a little longer and help me get the protein I need 😆

  31. Carolyn

    I just placed my order for both the new meal replacement shakes and I can’t wait to try them. I fall short mainly on the weekends with my healthy lifestyle (I don’t get all my meals in) so I think this will really help me to get all the meals I need for my active lifestyle.

  32. Kathy

    I would lovery to try the meal replacement shakes. Sometimes being in hurry I don’t get to to eat on time. These would be great for on the go!

  33. Kirstin

    I’m excited to begin my 15 day challenge on April 3rd! I would love to try the different flavors that are offered!

  34. Jen

    I love all the idealfit products I’ve tried so far! I’ve lost 53 pounds and have 20 more to go, and I’d love the meal replacement shakes to help me finish my journey before the journey to pregnancy #2 starts!

  35. Ashley Singh

    This blog was amazing, super informative, cannot wait to try the Meal Replacement Shakes ! So great to see the added nutrients, I’m a huge fan of meal replacement shakes for breakfast for myself, always running around in the morning, so quick and easy. So happy that you guys came out with these, can’t wait to see the next flavours to come out !

    1. Jenny Rusk

      I love all the ingredients in this new MRS! It sounds yummy and I can trust that I’m getting in my essential nutrients. Can’t wait to try it!!

  36. Liliana M.

    I would love to try this. 😍 I’ve been looking for something on the go that is good for me .😃💪

  37. Titia Cole

    Can’t wait to try this! I have been a user of Ideashake for a little over a year. And have lost 40+lbs . And started working out 5 months ago. So I decided to switch to leanfit. And I just ordered it today!

  38. Rosa

    Nice giveaway, great opportunity, I’ll like to taste vanilla..😉😉😉

  39. Kirsten Miles

    Loved this blog post. I love the convenience of a meal replacement shakes when I’m on the go or haven’t prepped anything. I’m going to need some!

  40. Naomi Wood

    Would love to try your products!!! They sound like a perfect blend of what I need😊

  41. Tania

    IdealFit I love these products my favorite are the raspberry lemonade BCAAs and my favorite protein is chocolate coconut the best products ever.

  42. Rita K

    I love the meal replacement and the protein combined in one tub. I sited to mix both for my morning coffee. Thanks you for making my life easier and eliminating one extra tub from my cabinet.

  43. Cortney Pace

    Ideal lean is the best stuff out there! The flavors are so so good and I am super excited to try the new meal replacement shakes! Everything I have tried has been top notch!

  44. Tracy Hower

    Almost to my weight goal & getting tone & lean. With being so busy & not always having time to stop & make lunch (especially on the weekends), this is definitely going to be a game changer for me!!! I absolutely cannot wait to try this! Love all things Ideal!!

  45. Nicole

    I love all your unique flavors!!! Can’t wait to try the chocolate coconut…it sounds AMAZING😊 Thanks for making protein powders that I want to drink! Dessert in a glass!!!

  46. Shannon Jenkins

    I would love to win a tub of your new meal replacement shake!!

  47. Marissa Scott

    These will work into our on-the-go-eat-in-the-pickup type of lifestyle. Excited to try them!

  48. Paula Randolph

    I am so glad I found Ideal fit and Ideal shape, all the programs and the products have helped me on my journey to a healthy fit lifestyle…and I plan to continue the journey for years to come. At age 66, it isn’t easy to change habits but with Ideal’s help, I am finding it can be done.

  49. Michelle Skipper

    Love all of your products! Can’t wait to try this one! 😍

  50. Ashley Orcutt

    Meal replacement shakes were a game changer when it came to me losing weight!

  51. Colby Burke

    Placed my order yesterday! Cannot wait to try this (and get my husband to try it!)

  52. Naomi

    I’ve been wanting to try a meal replacement because I can be bad for not eating breakfast and I’m type 1 Diabetic so I would love to try one out to see if it works for me ☺

  53. Darice Stark

    I’m excited to try this! As a busy mom of three I need something easy and quick but filling and healthy to take on the go!

  54. Malinda Doerr

    Really helpful how it broke everything down. I just wonder if the MRS is grainy or gritty? Consistency is important to me.

  55. Lovonna Eckard

    I’m absolutely amazed with my results with proper diet and exercise through Ideal fit. I can’t wait to try this meal replacement shake, and stay on track with my fitness journey.

  56. Joni Theurer

    I love meal replacement proteins. Makes it easier to stay on track in the journey to losing weight and keeps a person away from the no healthy foods…

  57. mrsroth

    I run out the door in the morning because I like to sleep late, so meal replacements are an awesome option. Does this affect lactose-intolerant people though since it’s not solely isolate?

  58. Sandy j

    I love this idea and would love to try. Eventually I will be coming off Idealshape and doing Idealfit full time!

  59. Kaylee Ayres

    I’m just get started with the meal replacement shakes. I have the vanilla flavor because I can add so many healthy things to it! I would love to try other flavors sometime. I am a full time college student and I also work when I’m not in school. These shakes are the perfect thing for me because I can whip one up in less than 10 minutes and take to work or class with me. They are great with my busy schedule and save me a lot of time. I like how they taste great and how healthy they are for me.

  60. Jacqueline Tummons

    I am committed to this program and these products and would love to try the New Meal replacement shakes before ordering! I am sure they are amazing as all the other products but always like to Taste 1st! ; ) THANKS SO MUCH!!!


    Mother of 4-would love to try a new meal replacement! So often I skip when I know I shouldn’t!!

  62. Denise Dorrler

    Yes! Super excited to try the new meal replacement shakes! So easy for me to skip meals, not anymore 🙌. These shakes will fit perfectly into my meal plan! Thanks!!

  63. Angela

    I would love to be chosen to win a free tub I would like to try this out!!

  64. Jenna

    I love these shakes! I used to be a breakfast-skipper, but now i grab a shake for my morning nutrition.

  65. Fawn Hendershott

    SO excited for the meal replacements!!! I’m a busy mom/nurse and travel for work and have been loving the challenges…I ordered the chocolate already, can’t wait to try them both and for more flavors to come out!!💜💜

  66. Melissa

    So excited to try the chocolate and vanilla meal replacement! I’m sure it tastes just as good as all the protein!

  67. Anna

    I started drinking ideallean about 3 months ago and am LOVE! Great taste and texture for a protein! I drink it after my workout and sometimes as an afternoon snack! I can’t wait to try the different products!

  68. Brooke Eddy

    These are perfect! I travel daily so these will definitely help keep me on track! Would love to try one out!

  69. Valerie dreher

    Love this protein. I’m the worlds pickiest and this is delicious.

  70. Christine Staton

    Is it too much to drink pre work out, do my workout then bcaa, then a meal replacement shake? I can’t work put until 7 or 8 at night. Thank you

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      No, you definitely could do that, if you will be replacing your dinner with a MRS. Or you could take the Meal Replacement another time of the day and take your IdealLean Protein after your workout.

  71. Nicole

    I’m super excited about these meal replacement shakes! I tried the idealshape meal replacements until I realized I needed something with more protein and geared towards helping me tone and sculpt my body. I love ALL of your products! Thank you for making something that actually works AND tastes great!!

  72. Sonia

    Omg would definitely love to try it. I always think twice on buying a product because I don’t know if I would like it, so this would be great! Vanilla is my fave 😋

  73. Megan

    This is really awesome and super useful. I order your products with one of my friends and we love them.

  74. Mel O

    This sounds like a good solution t o combine the lean and shake products. I look forward to expanding the flavors available!

  75. Sonia

    Omg would definitely love to try it. I always think twice on buying a product because I don’t know if I would like it, so this would be great! Vanilla is my fave 😋

  76. Elizabeth Heeger

    I love your products! They are a key element in helping me lose weight and get trim. I’ve lost 41 pounds so far and am feeling better than ever. Thank you!

  77. Tiffany Felix

    This would be a life saver for me! Breakfast or lunch always seems to be cut from my day due to time restrictions!

  78. Sharon

    I ordered the chocolate meal replacement right when it came out, but I think I really need the vanilla too! Pick me!!

  79. Candace bridges

    Love ideal lean It has helped me lose over 20 pounds since January

  80. Madeline Hernandez

    I have tried numerous of shakes and maybe one or two was ok. My issue stems from child birth where I cannot process food fast enough or it doesn’t elimate fast out of my system. It’s frustrating to find something that hopefully will work for me that comes with less sugar . I’m will to try this product that caters to a women needs. As I live in the gym and I’m getting older we require more to maintain. To try your product line would be very interesting and willing to give you my feed back on it and let my GI doctors what worked for me and he can pass it down to his patients.

  81. Olimpia movilis

    I’ve been using ideallean and idealshape products for almost a year and love them all, they make my life so much easier.. I drink 2 meal replacement a day. I’m so excited that ideallean has their own meal replacement now I can get all my products from one place… I can wait to try the new meal replacements, I’m sure the taste delicious.

  82. Amy

    Love your preworkout. Waiting on my bcaas. Meal replacement shake would be great. Some days I just don’t know what to eat.

  83. Gloria Cortes

    I am excited about this new product. It is a great way to get the proper balance instead of skipping meals.

  84. Amanda Paradis

    I love the Ideal Lean so much and was so excited to read about this new protein meal replacement! I can’t wait to try it 🙂

  85. Cait

    So excited to try! I can’t wait for this to be my post workout meal 💪🏼

  86. Christine

    Would love to try the meal replacement. Right now my breakfast is a protein shake. So the meal replacement would be great for me.

  87. Karen

    Plan to purchase vanilla so a freebie of the chocolate would be delightful!!

  88. Nicci Ramirez

    Would LOVE to win!!!!! Thank you for being an AWESOME company!!!

  89. Patricia (Tisa)

    I absolutely love all the products and the exercises that go with the program is amazing too. I have done the 15 day challenge plus have been doing the 12 week exercises several times but it’s worth it. I have never felt better!

  90. Judy Sumpter

    I’m super excited to start my 15 day challenge! I need some IdealLean!!

  91. Diandra Elliott

    I am SO excited about the meal replacement shakes! It’s just what I need for on the go moments, and times when I’m just sooo busy I don’t have time to eat. Pumped about it and can’t wait to try it out!😀

  92. Jennifer

    I would love to try this. I already love everything I have tried from both ideal fit and ideal shape, so I know this is going to be great!

  93. Bridget Almond

    I love all of your products and have had awesome results. I can’t wait to try this.

  94. Patsy Hastings

    I would love to win! I’ve sampled some of your products and the ones I have tried I’ve really liked!

  95. Paula Wallace

    I have lost so much weight since I did the 12 week challenge, I am getting ready to do it again.
    Can’t wait to try the new chocolate meal replacement shake.

  96. Alana leihbacher

    I would absolutely love to try this new product! I’m a mother of 2 toddlers, and started using your products about a month ago. I love them!! The support you give women is amazing…You all are amazing 😘

  97. Kelsey

    Very good and true information! I was struggling to lose weight for the longest time even though I workout everyday. I increased my protein and decreased my carb intake and started losing weight!

  98. Tania Sotelo

    So pumped meal replacement shake is now available this will help me balance my meals and to obtain the right nutrients!

  99. Kristina Storm

    Would love to try your products! Love the fact it’s especially for women.

  100. Aimee

    Would love to try this new product. To try it for free would be even better!

  101. Lindsay

    Would love to win these. Just placed an order for other items for the first time. And this would really help kick start my new ME!

  102. Lisa Petersen

    Wow! This makes me excited and I can’t wait to try it. I like having this option when I am on the go. This looks great

  103. Jenny

    Can’t wait to try the new meal replacement shake! I’ve been combining ideal shake with ideal lean to add more protein, but this will be much better!

  104. Angela West

    This is exciting! I always love to begin my day with a meal replacement shake, I am sure that they will be great!

  105. Amanda Kuester

    Can not wait to try this! Totally wish i could win a giveaway!!!!! Meal replacement protein?!!? Amaze-balls!! Supercited (super excited in toddler speak)

  106. Sarah Scogin

    Awesome post! I’ve been in this rut too, thanks for all the nutritional info!

  107. Justine

    I would love to try mint chocolate I’ve tried a lot of different proteins that are not that great but this one sounds like a winner

  108. Lindsey Shockey

    I would love to try this to help lose some baby weight now that we’ve had our daughter!

  109. Shelli

    I can not wait to try these shakes! I have loved every ideallean product that I have tried so far and I’m sure these are just as good!

  110. Jenna Rutherford

    Super excited to try this product out!!! I pretty much have the whole line! 🙂

  111. Beckie

    I love ideal fit products! I can’t imagine my life without them now. And they are always coming up with new ways to make them more convenient and easy to use in our busy lives.

  112. Brenda Rodriguez

    I am so HAPPY that ideal fit has a meal replacement now! Thank you all so much for listening to your customers and helping us be successful in our journey.

  113. Rose

    I really hope too win ! I have the strawberries and cream protein powder and I love it ! Can’t wait to try to meal replacement 😋

  114. Danni

    Working in the serving industry, I need something quick that keeps me full through a 12 hour shift. I have tried other meal replacements but they were way too heavy for my liking. I would love to be one of the 5 who wins as I would like to start stacking using idealfit products. I love the challenges and I am seeing a difference! 😁

  115. Cindi

    I need these in my life!! They sound yummy. I LOVE the Protein Shakes, I think I’ll love these just as much!!

  116. Brittney Pickett

    I am here to enter for the giveaway. I honestly dont know what to say about Ideallean since I haven’t tried it but I would love the opportunity to, as I’m searching for a meal replacement or protein shake. If I ever got to, it would have to be the latte flavor. I’m nuts about lattes 😊Whether I’m one of the 5 that gets picked or not, thank you for the chance to win a tub! 😊

  117. Amy Pancoast

    Would love to try your MRS! I have been using your protein powders for about a year now and love them! I’m a busy mom of three and homeschool all of them so by lunch time I’m exhausted and alot of times do not feel like prepping a healthy meal so this would be perfect on those days!

  118. Jill Mirts

    I am loving the Ideal Lean products and look forward to trying the meal replacement. It will be just right to have if I’m running short on meal prep or out and about!

  119. Linda

    Can’t wait to try the meal replacement shake. I use the preworkout and bcca so I know this has to be just as good

  120. Heidi bass

    I love the I
    Ideal products and can’t wait to try the meal replacement shakes!!

  121. Lauren Decker

    So stinkin excited about this! I love how IdealFit is always coming out with new products. Can’t wait to try it!

  122. Pam

    I want to try this so bad, but I just ordered the new Mint IdealShape meal replacement. 😩

  123. Lisa Bickley

    I definitely need some guidance and great products to help me with the last 20lbs! I really enjoy the trial size shakes and bcaas!

  124. Nicole St. Germain

    Amazing read! There is a lot of good information here! Thank you for the FB giveaway!

  125. Jen M

    This meal replacement will be so helpful for days I just can’t pack my food around!

  126. Leah

    Your product has helped me in so many ways! I suffer from heart issues and since I started taking ideallean protein shakes my numbers are down. I feel better and have so much more energy. Thank you for helping me find my happy again!

  127. Ana

    I so needed to read this! You guys are so helpful, I’m trying to lose 65 pounds because that’s what I put on in just 9 months, ugh it’s awful I’m hating my body & all these new stretch marks, I would love to try your guys products in sure it would help a lot 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  128. Brittanie

    I just recently tried ideal lean protein shakes through the samples and have found I love them! They taste great and give me a boost of energy! A meal replacement shake would be prefect for me in terms on weight loss goals and the busy work schedule I keep throughout the day.

  129. Cathy Dahlman

    I love a protein shake post workout, but the meal replacement will be so perfect and ideal as busy stay at home mom that needs to re-energize quickly!

  130. Robyn Pledger

    IdealFit has done it again! Another great and easy way to maintaining a healthy and busy lifestyle. Love the ease of making a shake while getting all the important nutrients of a meal. I’m a life-timer of IdealFit!

  131. Tricia degray

    I am so busy this sounds like it would the best option for me. I am starting the 15 day challenge and love it. I would love to add this to my plan.

  132. Morgan Myers

    I think it is awesome that all your products are made for women! How freaking cool is it that fitness has taken off! It is HUGE now! And finally products that help women reach their goals. Way to go IdealFit!!!!

  133. Kristina

    Starting the challenge next week and looking forward to it! I’m five months post partum and finding my groove in this new season of life! Would LOVE to try this stuff!

  134. Madeline dahl

    I’ve never tried ideal for protein powder but have heard amazing things about it! I would love to try your products out! 🙂 I’m eyeing up the BCAAs iced mocha too! Thanks!

  135. Logan Cassady

    Having different stomach issues, I’m excited to try this new meal replacement formula! You have the best in everything else. I’m sure this won’t be any different!

  136. Jennifer Greene

    I am super excited about this new product! I absolutely love the IdealFit proteins and having the meal replacement will be so much easier for me to get all of my nutrition in one shake!

  137. janine

    how are these different from the ideal meal replacement mix i already have from you? (white canister)

  138. Katie Kristen

    First time user of your products! Would LOVE to try the meal replacement shake to add to my lunch routine.

  139. Natalie

    I would love to win. I am in love with the chocolate coconut protein powder and am going to try the BCAAs when I place my next order, now this!!! I am dying. I often skip breakfast because my mornings are crazy (I know so awful!) This would be an awesome addition to my morning. You are gonna bleed this poor college student dry 😉 I love your stuff and the awesome community that comes with it!

  140. Lindsey Bradley

    I just ordered a tub of the grape BCAA’s and some of the sample packs. I cannot wait to try these and in the future will definitely order the meal replacement shakes. I am so excited to start my weight loss journey with products that are specifically made for women and the trainers are such an inspiration 😊

  141. Nicole Holmes

    I would love to try this product I already love the protein shake and fat fighters would love a new product to add

  142. Jamie Scharf

    A meal replacement shake would totally help on those days I get called in last minute! 👈winner winner idealprotein dinner 😉!

  143. Megan Olson

    I can’t wait to try these! Ideal Fit protein was the first powder that I found that I actually really like! This article is amazing, I can relate it to so well.

  144. Krystel Rosales

    Can’t wait to try this meal replacement protein. Absolutely love the regular protein flavor, pre-workout, and BCAA’s. I have tried so many different other lines of products, but Ideallean is the only one I’ve loved, with little calories. Once I think I’ve stocked up, you all come out with something new. Can’t wait to try!

  145. Megan

    I would love to try the new meal replacement shake in chocolate! I love chocolate and ideal fit products!

  146. Dawn

    I would love to try these shakes! I have just begun trying different idealfit products and I love them all! The shakes would make my life so much easier!

  147. Toni Norton

    I’ve herd about this from friends. I have never tried it. Would love to see what it taste like too. I have not found many supplements that a good for you especially from a woman’s body point of view and that taste good as well. Been on a weight loss journey for a little while now and have lost over 75lbs and protein is very important to me now

  148. Andrea h

    I absolutely love all ideallean products! I can’t wait to try this new shake!

  149. Jodi Armstrong

    I love that it includes chia and flax. Is this product organic?

  150. Samantha Bouquin

    I’m really enjoying the products I’ve bought from this line. I especially love the stim free pre workout. I’m caffeine sensitive so I NEED stim free supplements. I’d definitely like to try the new MRS. When I’m in a hurry, sometimes I make bad food choices for my meals. I definitely need something more nutritious and healthy. The “bad” food does not help me further my goals, but I feel like this new product would help. I ordered your essentials pack, some BCAAs, and the new L-Carnitine yesterday. I have some protein and pre workout. I guess I’ll have to add more to my supplement cabinet with the MRS.

    1. Rhonda McClendon

      I like to try before I bu to know it works, this seems to have healthynutrients in it. I have two surgeries in 2 years on back and gallbladder since my digestion and weight has become a issue and at 52 raising 3 grandchildren from age 5 to age 2 has given even less time for myself so a healthy meal replacement is what I need I hope to win and try this product

  151. Lisa

    I have purchased your BCAAs and CLAs . I love these products . I need to start the meal replacement shakes to cut calories hold off hunger. Hope I win!!

  152. Rebekah H

    I am excited to try these MRS and for future flavors! If the chocolate flavor is anything like the regular protein shake then it will be delicious for sure! 🙂

  153. Jennifer

    I have 6 tubs of the protein powder and love all of them. I would love to win this And start my meal replacement stock!

  154. Maranda Rinaldi

    I love the products I have tried so far! I really need to try this so I can buy myself some meal replacement shakes and get myself back to where i used to be!!!!!!

  155. Jennifer Knecht

    Look forward to trying this product. Love all the other products. I am always on the go and find myself skipping meals alot..this would be perfect

  156. Becky Scheiber

    I love the protein powder, especially that it is 0 sugars. MRS would be awesome when I’m on the go or can’t get home following a workout to make another smoothie. Can’t wait to try them!

  157. Rachel Johnston

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  159. Sam Lambert

    This will be such a great product for me!! I work full time, am in school and have a boyfriend, a house, and a bunny to take care of on top of trying to get in shape! Some nights I don’t get home until midnight! I need something I can have on the go and doesn’t require any prep. Plus I love the taste of all your products! My ex forced me to drink Shakeolgy and I never enjoyed the taste or texture like I do the IdealLean!

  160. Jillian Tucker

    I just came across your site. I am very interested in trying a variety of your items. Best wishes for continued business growth!

  161. Janet Aultman

    This would be pretty awesome to try out. I’m always looking for an inexpensive meal replacement

  162. Jamie

    I can’t wait to try this product! I just started following this company and trainer Lindsay on facebook and all the products and recipes sound amazing. It’s so hard to focus on what not to eat and what to eat when there are so many products out there. I am looking forward to trying out some of these products!

  163. Jennie Wheeler

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  175. Karen Froschauer

    after a huge medical disaster leaving me with 13 abdominal surgeries in the course of 5 years I was desperate to find a protein powder with a high amount of protein but also one that tasted good. Especially since I have to have at least 1 a day. Ever since I found this I have fell in love. I originally ordered 3 flavors and samples. Well I just ordered more including the iced mocha BCAA. So can’t wait to try the new products coming out. Now I can get my protein in without the chalkiness. The only thing I would change is the packaging. You have such a large package only half filled. A lot of money could be saved by either cutting down the size of the packaging or adding more product. I would love to have sent to me some Products to try !! HUGS IDEALFIT !!

  176. Anna Lindsey

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    I have been trying to find the right protein drink for a few years—well I have found it! I love the powder, the bars, the BCAAs, and the fat burner! I’m getting ready to try the pre workout next! I am so glad to have found these products! They really work! I’m down 22 3/4 inches with their help, diet, and exercise!!!

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    I’d love a chance to win one!

    P.S. Would you guys be making anything banana flavored by any chance? Please please please please please!

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    I’ve been searching for a meal replacement and haven’t purchased anything yet! Would love to try this!!

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    I would like a multivitamin from ideal fit.

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  196. Morgan Fultz

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  197. Brittany Balsters

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  198. Kayla Edwards

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    Thank you for finally creating something that i’m sure would be so amazing.

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  211. Cortney Kemp

    I have done the 15 day challenge and I saw GREAT results! I just ordered the 6 week challenge and will be starting on Monday! I ordered the chocolate brownie meal replacement shake and the mocha latte bcaas!!!! I would love to try some more flavors!

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  213. Rebeca Falcon

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  214. Tammy

    I absolutely love this product line. Out of all the shakes and bars I’ve tried this line has the best tasting. They don’t taste like traditional meal replacement foods. Super excited about this new line. Love the information provided and the recipes we can try!

  215. Reesa Carr

    I love all your products it helps me to lose weight, get that extra protein I need, build my muscles lose fat and keeps me from being sore . A meal replacement for me is the greatest it helps me to get my proteins and fiber in and my nutrients, its also great for me when I don’t have time to prepare a meal and when I am out and about so I don’t have to eat unhealthy and stop at fast foods.

  216. Becca Ashby

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  230. Richelle Huston

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  232. Heather

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  233. Gry Johannessen

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  234. madison frazier

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  235. Amanda lopez

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  241. Caitlin

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  242. Courtney Tornquist

    This would help on my busy work days when I don’t take a break

  243. CHELSEY B

    I am a super busy person so this sounds like a great idea to me. With 2 jobs equaling 56 hours a week plus grad school, it’s definitely taking a toll on my food preparation abilities.

  244. Marysol Rivera

    Can’t wait to try it! I have tried other supplements and meal replacement for women and they either tasted horrible or I just didn’t see the difference. Being the only female in the house I have just given up and started taking whatever my husband and boys use. Still don’t see it helping me but not spending the extra money either. Going to trust the women’s reviews and give it a try.

  245. Cynthia Glasgow

    Love this stuff, and My Dr swim to like it as well, I’m 45 with Familial hypercholestromia and Coronary heart Disease these shakes help me with my Diet controlling both and not making my problems worse.

  246. Mykell

    LOVE THE SHAKES!! So far every product I have gotten is fabulous!!! Thank You

  247. Rebecca Carroll

    As a single mom of a 1 year old & 2 year old, I typically put their needs above mine, which unfortunately means neglecting myself & doing things like skipping meals which is leading to things like low energy, irritability, weight gain and borderline depression. Hopefully this product will help, the ingredients sound awesome!

  248. Debbie P

    I LOVE all of your Idealshake flavors! I would like to try the Ideallean!

  249. Deidra Henderson

    I’ve been getting emails from you for a couple of weeks now and interested in your products.

    I “THINK” I’m going to start supplementing my meals with protein drinks, this is a new adventure for me.

    Starting a new cardio/work out plan and hoping I can shed at least 20 lbs before mid June when go on vacation and keep it off.

    After turning 40ish and having immune issues, I’ve been taking new meds (Humira) injections and other things. The weight has been packing on and I’ve never had any issues with weight before.

    We’ll see what happens.

    Have a great day!

  250. Jennifer

    Would love to be one of the lucky few to try this. I’ve always been interested in protein powder of sorts but never know where to start.

  251. Nancy

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  252. Kimbery Duvall

    I have been so pleased with these products. I just received the BCAa powder today and it is delicious.. I use the ideal lean everyday and have been recommending it to everyone. Can honestly say this is the first protein and meal replacement that tastes amazingly good. You guys are doing a great job from the products to the workouts. Thank you ☺️

  253. Julianna Farias

    I would love to be able to try this product. Thank you for the opportunity.

  254. Lindsey

    This company is amazing ❤️ Love everything about it…. thank you for always thinking about your customers 😁

  255. Konni Bethurem

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  256. Kasey

    THIS IS AMAZING! As a college student, it is often so so so hard to pack all of my meals with me for a day! I often run out the door forgetting my already made meals! Having something like this on days I don’t get to the gym would be fantastic! I’m so looking forward to it!!!! I love this entire line and tell everyone.

  257. Peggy Jones

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  261. Tracy Barboza

    There are so many things I love about this product line. I personally run into the problem of not eating enough more than eating too much. For that reason alone this product will be a must have for me.. I already have many other products and have yet to be disappointed 😊

  262. Autumn

    Having no time to eat is a killer but these look awesome! Would love to try.

  263. Shelby

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  264. Kendall

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  265. Jessie Rey Nelson

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  268. Brandi Recino

    I’m super excited to try this out! I’ve just started my weight loss journey. I was researching some protein shakes. And I was about to go with something at GNC when I came across this! I did a lot of research, looked at the reviews. I had my husband look at it. And it’s a go! I just ordered my stuff today. I can’t wait to get it!!!!

  269. Rachel

    Looking forward to trying IdealFit products. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  270. Kindra S.

    I’m so pleased with the ideal lean products. They are like the one thing I don’t think twice about getting (currently I am looking for a job so where I spend my money is a serious thought process). I know ideal lean is worth the money because I am worth taking care of. Love this company and the people who work for it and represent it!!!

  271. Cherrie Hall

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  272. Shannon

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  275. Jessica Greene

    I cannot wait to try the meal replacement. I love so many of the IdealFit flavors (especially the newer mint chocolate!!!) this will be the perfect addition to my busy days; I can make sure I am getting all the necessary vitamins to sustain long work days!

  276. Audrey Scott

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  277. Maxine Dewey

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  280. Melissa Summit

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  281. Amanda Steel

    I think I might need to try this! I have hit a plateau. I have stopped losing fat and quit gaining muscle as well. I track all my meals and macros. I wonder if this would help me?

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Sometimes the issue can be you’re not eating enough calories, so this very well could be the solution to your problem.

  282. Debbie Dahl

    💗 I’ve been hooked on ideal lean protein since Feb. 2016. I have one every day, maybe twice….
    It’s changed the way I think of feeding our bodies. I’ve hoped for a true meal replacement and now it’s here! I’ll be adding this to my monthly auto ship!
    Thanks Lindsay! You’re a true mentor.

  283. AlexAnder Prado

    i usually bought the apple bcaa how is the meal replacement chocolate what the differences bcaa appllee lean ok lean is that for bulk just bought idealshake their giving a box t bars any purchase of 39 99 Friday fit lean only I think not sure until when 20 discount of any purchased or something like that can always still purchased meal rplcement here idealfit bulk correct not lean ohhh any others flavosrs differesec bulk to marchmadnsss lean bcaaa aplle marchmadness march 27 mnday 5 winners damn tko

  284. Karina Zucker

    Love how much easier this makes my mornings! Quick and easy healthy shake and I’m on my way 🙂

  285. Jazmine Endo

    recently complete my first 15 day challenge and lost 10 lbs cant wait to start another one

  286. marisol espinoza

    IdealLean Meal Replacement Shake seems like the product for me, so exited!! Recently my doctor suggested I increased my diet in oats and fiber and I think this shake is the perfect option !! 🙂

  287. Adriana

    I would love to try something new. I currently drink a shake as a meal replacement but I’m always open to trying new and healthy products. I drink your Protein shake now after my workouts and it’s been great.

  288. Kara

    How does this MRS compare to the idealshape MRS? Looking toward to trying them!

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Kara, the main difference is that there is more protein and calories in IdealLean MRS compared to IdealShake.

  289. Raebecca Hansen

    So excited about the new meal replacement shakes. I love the protein shake and this just got even better. Almost daily I need a quick meal on the go.
    I would so much rather drink a shake than eat a bar.
    This will definitely be a staple for me.

  290. amanda prata

    I can’t wait to try these and get started on the 15 day challenge. I am gonna kick butt (my own butt!!!)!!!

  291. Beth

    I have found your protein powder to best among the best on the market. I have used it to build my own meal replacement shakes both at home and on the road. I’m looking forward to trying the new shakes!

  292. Collette Bowers Vahed

    idealfit shakes allow me to easily balance my nutrition so that I get the most from my workouts. There are so many delicious flavors to choose from that it never gets boring. I love the fun recipes you can use the proteins in, making eating well easy. Working out and losing weight never tasted so good.

  293. Kayla Keeton

    I definitely want to try this. I already love the samples of the products I have ordered ! ❤️ This is exactly what I’ve been looking for

  294. Shelly

    Can’t wait to try the chocolate! It is my weakness! Ideallean Protein is a great way to add protein in my diet & this meal replacement will make getting lean even easier!

  295. Andrada Muresan

    I never tried your products before but i heard only the best..Im currently trying to lose body fat while maintaining my weight and I would definively want to try the meal replacement shale due to the fact that I have 2 jobs and its hard to keep my macros at their level 🙂

  296. Megan Borgra

    SO Love this!!! Did the 15 day challenge and lost 5lbs. LOVE Lindsey and her products!

  297. Amber Taylor

    Finally! I figured they’d come out with a meal replacement eventually! Meal replacement shakes have saved the day for me in the past and I’m glad there’s finally one that’s got more healthy ingredients in it 🙂

  298. Dede

    I am a vegetarian with a few different food allergies. I have tried so many meal replacement shakes in an attempt to meet my protein requirements within my dietary limitations and after reading your nutrition label, am anxious to try this one! Number one factor (after ingredient list/ nutrition label) – taste!!!

  299. Janelle C

    I love chocolate and vanilla sounds great too, you can add so many veggies and dozen fruits to vanilla and put it in a blender if you have a few extra minutes I would love to try both and see what they are like, would love to post a review of each of them. I have a great understanding of all the products you put into the MRS and know they are good if they are GMO free at the very least. I am excited to try it and see what you all have designed especially for women!

  300. Jannon

    Looking forward to trying this. Love your 15-day challenge workout videos!

  301. Ruthie Porter

    Everything is this line of products are amazing!! Cant wait to try!!

  302. Stefanie Drury Merritt

    I’d love to try these. I’ve had others but can’t find one I love. I’m not a big eater, so this would help me get the nutrients I need. Hope I win. Thanks!!

  303. Jessica McDonald

    Can’t wait to try this!! Love all the other products I have so far!

  304. Debbie Pettigrew

    Would love to try…I like the ingredients. Carnitine would be a plus.

  305. Suzanne Y.

    Can’t wait to try the MRS. I travel a lot with work and this would fit in perfect with my busy schedule!

  306. Meg

    Love IdealFit products!!! Haven’t tried the meal replacement yet but would love to soon!!!

  307. Carlee

    Working night shift it is hard to get enough meals in to sustain me. Meal replacement shakes are a total life saver.

  308. Zandy

    Recently bought the Ideallean protein and I love it. I’d like to continue trying more of the products offered!

  309. Heather Rose

    I work in the medical field, my schedule is constantly changing and I never am able to eat what I need or when I need. Some days there isn’t even time to eat and this product would be beyond helpful in keeping my diet balanced to be able to keep up with my training for obstacle and ninja courses. I would love to receive a free tub to try it out and then implement it into my lifestyle. Love IdealLean products and ingredients. Exactly what I look for and I’m very picky!!

  310. Angie Averett

    I would love to try is. I am new to this fitness thing. I have successfully completed the first 5 days of running plan and am excited about my progress!

  311. Jamie Weeks

    I’ve never tried this brand but I’m intrigued and would love a chance to improve my health!

  312. Shaneika H.

    I a man so happy that you created this meal replacement shake! I have been waiting for this! I am graduating from nursing school June 1st and have a weight loss goal of at least 15 pounds between now and then. Your meal replacement shake combined with IdealLean protein and Trainer Lindsey’s 6-week challenge that I am starting on Monday will help me achieve this goal and continue even after that to get ready for summer!

  313. Lynda Wilson

    This would be perfect for those days I just can’t get it together, and there are many.

  314. Barb Wiwchar-Oake

    This would be such an awesome alternative for me with my busy life!! Looks amazing and Lindsay is amazing! Her programs really work! Would love to win this!

  315. Marge

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  319. Jessica Zimmerman

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  321. Nikki Grinder

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  323. Laura Kemp

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  324. Toni

    Just finished the 15 day challenge and LOVED IT. Feel lighter, heathier and the idealfit protein totally helps (and is delicious unlike most other brands). Excited to continue my journey woth idealfit and hopefully get the chance to try MRS

  325. Suzanne Hicks

    MRS are so convenient. Love that Idealfit came out with one. Since my birthday is Monday it’s only fitting I should win a tub of chocolate please. Thank you

  326. Monique Rubio

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  331. Ruth Caves

    So how does this differ from Ideal Shape?
    I’ve been using their product since May of 2016 and have lost more than 90 pounds so far (50 more to go).

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Ruth, the main difference is that there is more protein and calories than in IdealShake.

  332. Melanie akao

    Yay! I am so exited i love all ideal products that i have tried so far! Yay! Free giveaway!

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    Way to do IdealFit!

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    I’d love to try this product! We are looking for something the family can enjoy!

  342. Poonam

    Can I ask if anyone here on this site is hypothyroid and if I can achieve weight loss with these products. I could really do with help and advice from you professionals.


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  346. Jasmin

    I LOVE IdealFit’s shakes, and I thought they were the most helpful of all my meal plans for getting me through the day and in terms of meal prepping. Having this meal replacement would save me more time so that I could dedicate to the program, additionally! Lost a few pounds already, would love to lose more! Thanks for an amazing product!

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  357. Sue mccollum

    I love all of your products and am very excited about this meal replacement shake as well! I have been struggling with weight loss the past couple months. It’s coming off so slow, yet when I did a one week reset by doing just normal 2000 calories and still working out, I didn’t gain…yet dropping back down to 1200-1400 I’m still not losing. Not even inches. But I’m still working my butt off. I still have 15 pounds to go, and I want to be toned this time, not just thin! 🙂

  358. Deb M

    I have always been a big fan of idelfit, I follow so many athletes that use your products. I am so tempted have it from all the benefits but I am on a tight budget right now because I just moved, but I wish I could be able to have one of your products! It would be lovely to be able to win the giveaway 🙂 Have a great day!!

  359. Samantha Mikesic

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  363. Michelle

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  366. Lauren J

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  367. Jill

    I am new with Trainer Lindsay and would love the opportunity to try the new Ideal Lean

  368. Gina

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  375. Allison Rigtrup

    This looks perfect for days when I forget meal prep! I so excited to try these!!

  376. Sara

    I love this article because it gives you the information about what’s in the Mrs and also what those things do for you and your body. Also it explains what skipping meals does for you which I don’t think a lot of people really understand that not eating meals doesn’t help, it hurts you, so I’m glad it touched on that subject as well. Overall a good read!

  377. Elizabeth Hope

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  384. Melissa B

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  385. Mita Kapaldo

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  386. Rebecca Zimmerman

    Would love to try this, I need a MRS – but am afraid to buy a tub as I have issues with some of them and it takes a repetitive usage to detect. I have spent a ton of $ on powders I can no longer use.

  387. Charlie

    I love the idea of meal replacement shakes! I use my regular protein powder & mix it up with fruits & veggies to make it a “meal”. How much more convenient is the ideal fit meal replacement shake?? Can’t wait to try it!

  388. Angie Green

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  389. Baylee Grosso

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  392. Catrice Tucker

    This is exciting,I’m a busy working mom and sometimes I have a meal too late and I hate that it gets to a point where I’m so hungry. So far I have been using Ideal lean BCAAs and I love it my body is almost not sore at all when working out hard during the week. The new meal replacement shake is right up my alley.

  393. Joy Grenfell

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  398. Amanda Aceves

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  399. sara shultz

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  400. Alishea Sutton

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  407. Claire Byrne

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  408. Daisy Cortez

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  409. Amy Nelson

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  410. Katy

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  411. rebecca allen

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  412. Connie Medrano

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  413. Levica Smith

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  414. Allyson Bumgarner

    I can’t wait to try the MRS. I am often way to busy at work and either skip lunch, reach for junk or try and make it on a protein shake. Working 12 hours or more ends up leading to bingo from the vending machines before I leave for the day. This would be an awesome alternative. I love the Ideal Lean products I have already tried.

  415. Cassandra Watson

    This is exactly what I need. I keep putting my own health on the back burner when it comes to dealing with my 3 kids and working full time. I’m just always to afraid to spend the money and it not give me all that I need. Being on the road from client to client or from one sports to the next. I know I need more. Looks like this mama will work over time to try this.

  416. Lori

    I have been using Idealshape meal replacement and bars for about 6 weeks. Combined with home workouts and healthy eating, I’ve lost almost 12 pounds, but more importantly, my clothes are looser, I’m toning up, my energy is wonderful and I’m just plain more content with what I’m doing to take care of myself! I recently added Ideal Lean for post workouts,too. I’m excited to try this as an MRP!

  417. Debra Johnston

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  418. Thalia

    Health is wealth…life means nothing without good health please pick me!! 😉

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  420. Stacie

    I would love to incorporate this into my everyday routine! I definitely need something to help with cravings and making me feel fuller longer! I’m always on the look for things that will help my healthy eating and exercise efforts to be more successful.

  421. Karoline

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  422. Ashley Clark

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  423. Jenny J

    I love all of your products! I can’t wait to try this. I’m a busy mom with 5 kids under the age of 7 (two of them are 15 month old twins 😳) and this meal replacement shake sounds PERFECT!!

  424. Dina Dillon

    I’ve not tried it but have done a few of the challenges, I love the group and all that you give the community of people wanting to get healthier!

  425. Sarah Davis

    I really enjoy this line of products. All the flavors are great, not a chalky protein. When I learned that you have to eat more to lose weight, it didn’t make sense to me. Now I understand a little better. Thank you Ideal Fit!!

  426. Mendy Beasley

    I’m so excited to try the Ideal Lean meal replacement shake. It will be so nice to have a meal on the go when I’m running short on time. I love all of your products, so I’m sure this will not disappoint.

  427. Rachael R

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  428. Teri

    I’ve just started the Run Challenge!! I couldn’t have started this challenge if I hadn’t done Linsdey’s challenge and 6 week program first with supplements.

  429. Marina Fowler

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  430. Ruthie Sterrett

    Mix with water or milk? I use the protein in meal replacement shakes so I am excited to try this!

  431. Tiffany Auxier

    What a great article! I know I struggle getting the right amount of calories per day!

  432. Christina Dewitt

    Cant wait. Im still doing the ideal fit rt now. This is great that it has chia seeds and flax, which im already adding in my shakes.

  433. Diana Stakes

    I am about to give birth to my second little one. I am due in two weeks. This would be an awesome way to help me lose the baby fat while I am busy taking care of a toddler and a newborn. Thanks for doing the giveaway sometimes we hit a hard patch and can’t afford to get the things that help us out in life like this product will.

  434. Jessie Blair

    I absolutely am Gaga over the ideal products and they’ve given me such great results. I can’t wait to try out the replacement shakes!

  435. Jami McLean

    My daughter and I recently completed the 15 Day Challenge and loved the protein drinks so much we are still using them while trying to make the frame of the meal plan a lifestyle. We look forward to trying the new meal replacement!

  436. Rebecca F

    I have not tried your products and I’m looking for something to help me get back on a healthy track. What an awesome giveaway!

  437. Tracy

    l would love to try this. want to find one that fits me as lm just starting out,want to better my self for my son.

  438. Yessie

    Oh my goodness this is a great information that I didn’t know answers to questions I have had . thank you so much for this information! I have bought a shake from another brand but it taste horrible so now I’m afraid to order another brand and spend the my money on something that won’t taste good. Can anyone tell me if these are good?? Thanks again for the info

  439. Teresa Long-Knoblock

    I can’t wait to try this meal replacement shake!!! I’ve used both ideal shape meal replacement shakes and ideal lean protein added to it and love both products, but I’m ready to stay with ideal lean now that y’all have come out with the meal replacement! I need this in my life, like today! Would love to win a tub so I can compare while I still have some IS left!

  440. Katie Clark

    I just ordered my first Ideallean products and have to say I love them. The protein is delicious and the Bcaas are fabulous. I have recommended them to many of my friends too. I have a really busy life and making sure I get all my meals in for the day has always been a struggle. So happy to see this product because it’s exactly what I need! I can’t wait to try it and tell all my friends about it. Are you planning to introduce more flavors in time?

  441. Kristin Dillon

    I have the chocolate brownie and it’s starting to get low, but I absolutely love the taste and that I don’t have to skip a meal because it’s so easy to make. I am on the journey to losing weight and so happy that I found ideal fit to help!

  442. Alyssa Stalcup

    I love the idealfit line! I am starting my journey to get into a healthier life style! I love the support and motivation you get through this site! There’s an actual human feel to it! I would love to try to this shake! Please and thank you!

  443. Kimberly W.

    I am so excited for the new products coming out! IdealFit has most definitely helped me get into the swing of working out.

  444. Nicole

    I’d love to try this product. I’m a single mom working a full time job and constantly on-the-go with my kids. Unfortunately that has led to weight gain (grabbing whatever I can between stops). The shakes would be a lifesaver.

  445. Louella Gary

    Love Ideal Lean Fit! I usually purchase the individual packets. They fit my lifestyle better.

  446. Jennifer Garcia

    I’m waiting for my first order of bcaa’s, but I would looooove to win some protein as well!!!

  447. Jennifer Bradbury

    Huge fan of the IdealFit products. I have no doubts these will be delicious.

  448. Aubrie Huggard

    I love Ideal Lean’s Protein for women! I look forward to drinking it everyday and so does my husband. (Shhhh… don’t tell him I said he drinks protein for women). I can imagine that a meal replacement protein would be “ideal” for our total nutrition and weight loss goals.

  449. Pam

    I have been using your products for a couple of years now and love them!!! I’ve lost weight and also feel great!!! Thanks for the non caffeinated supplements also. I’m allergic to caffeine and they give me energy. Can’t wait to try the meal replacement shake!!! Ordering right now.

  450. Marla Thornton

    I absolutely love these products and can’t wait to try the new meal replacement. What a blessing it is to have an opportunity to better my health. Fingers crossed!!! 💪🙏🤞🏼

  451. Danielle Burns

    I have tried all the shakes known to mankind. I love Idealfit shake. It’s great. No grainy texture and it tastes yummy!

  452. Lydia

    I’m an Athletic Trainer at a local high school, and eating right is super hard with a busy schedule. If I have time to eat, I have no place to heat it, or keep it cool. Even with ice packs, it’s iffy sometimes when it’s barely cool. A MRS would be EXACTLY what I need!!

  453. Brooke Willis

    I had a baby 6 months ago and am trying to loose that last 15lbs. With 2 other boys running around I need all the help that I can get. I’ve been dying to try your products, please pick me! 😍

  454. orlahh

    i would really love to try this. you have really helped me lose a lot of weight . im very thankful and i cant wait to share my transformation with the world and help others by recommending this to them. thanks once more

  455. Melody

    Love this post. I’ve been trying so hard to lose weight and it just doesn’t happen for me. I’ll lose about 5 pounds and that’s as far as I can go. I might have to try these!

  456. Pamela Martin

    I’ve been using both Ideallean and Idealshape products for a little over a year. How does the new Ideallean meal replacement shake compare to the Idealshape meal replacement shake?

    Thank you

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Pamela, so IdealLean Meal Replacements have more calories and protein than IdealShake.

  457. Elizabeth

    I’ve LOVED all the products I’ve tried so far! I’m willing to bet this is another great product! ❤

  458. Jordan Keen

    Can’t wait to try this! As a working mom with 3 kids at home. Life can get crazy real fast!

  459. Kayla

    Curious about the main difference in this and the ideal shape shakes as far as taste goes.

  460. Laura Dukatz

    Would love to try for when don’t have time to put something together!

  461. Theresa Voigt

    Would love to try! So need to improve my diet! This would be an awesome way to start!

  462. Kenna Garthe

    I LOVE IdealLean! You have the best products! And they’re all delicious! Can’t wait to try this meal replacement shake!

  463. Devon Brandi

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  464. Yanira Pastrana

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