1. Lisa

    I feel like you calorie counting is a bit off. i.e. the fruit/nut yogurt thing. Yogurt 100 calories, Smuckers natural peanut butter is 210 for 2 tbsp. That’s 300 calories right there not counting honey/agave nectar, Protein powder or the fruit/nuts

    1. Kirsten Jackson

      Thanks for catching that Lisa, I made that fix! Just to note, the nutrition info only includes the dip, not the fruits/nuts in the because we wanted to leave those food choices up to you.

  2. Jennifer Calleja

    What is the sugar-free substance? Aspartame, etc? as I some artificial sweeteners aren’t good for your bladder, etc.

  3. Deborah Jellett

    The avocado egg salad with rice cake would not have that much protein:
    1 egg = 6 grams
    1/4 avocado = ~1 gram
    Rice cake = ~1 gram
    So about 8 grams rather than 15 grams

    1. Alyson McDonald

      Hi Deborah, thanks for catching that! I will get the right amounts updated on there!

  4. Jean McDowell

    Where do you get the Chocolate IdealLean Protein and the PB powder? Thank you.

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