1. June

    Okay, so I have been using ideal lean off/on (non mrs), I usually exercise 3-4x /wk, which is usually a 30 min workout or a 3m run. I really haven’t noticed weight loss, but have noticed some toning. I am waiting to lose 10-15lbs and tone as well. Should I try the MRS ideal lean, or the ideal shape shake?? And any ideas to help with craving sweets after dinner 😁 thank you

    1. Devin Olsen

      One of the main factors for weight loss is calories consumed vs calories burned. It’s also important to get enough protein in your diet, especially right after a workout when your muscles need a quick protein source to help kickstart your post-workout recovery. IdealLean Protein is the perfect post-workout option, while the MRS is a great way to help you reach your daily calorie goal when you don’t have time to eat a meal. As far as helping with sugar cravings, eating more vegetables can help with that 🙂

  2. EPalmer14

    I’m still a bit confused. I had my second child about 8 months ago, most of the weight fell off, but since I’ve stopped nursing I’ve gained 10lbs in a quick time period. (maybe it’s because I have no self control when it comes to sweets) I’m currently sitting at 20lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. I would like to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight but I would also like to tone the muscle that is hiding under all my cushion. What would you recommend??

    1. Devin Olsen

      Good question! When trying to achieve lasting weight loss, the two primary factors that will determine success are what you eat and how you workout. It’s important to get enough protein without eating too many overall calories, and both a meal replacement shake and a protein shake can help to accomplish this 🙂 A protein shake is perfect for right after your workouts, while a meal replacement shake can help to replace one of your daily meals!

  3. Katelyn

    I am breastfeeding and plan to do so until baby is at least two. This is my third and I’m having a little bit harder time losing the baby weight. My baby is 2 months old now so now that my milk supply is established I can work on exercising and losing weight. (No dieting, just healthier food choices) Breastfeeding is the most important thing to me so I’m making sure to have at least 1800 calories a day. Im 5’9 and 210 lbs. Which shake would you recommend? I’m not super active (besides chasing two toddler around). I would want to use the shake as my snack replacement or dessert and occasionally a meal replacement.

    1. Devin Olsen

      Hey Katelyn! We always recommend that those who are pregnant or nursing speak to a doctor prior to use of our products. Once cleared by your doctor however, the meal replacement shakes would be better suited to substitute a meal, whereas IdealLean protein shakes are great for a post-workout shake or to help you consume enough protein when cutting calories 🙂

  4. Tracy Livesay

    I want to lose about 20 to 25 lbs and I want to billed muscle so should I use Idealshake and Ideal protein?

    1. Christine Sanelli

      Based on your goals, we recommend you use our protein! It will help with recovering from your workouts so that you can build lean muscle!

  5. Sarah

    Hi! I’m only 5’2 but I weigh 160lbs, alot of which i understand is muscle (I like an 8 if that helps figure sizes) so although I do wish to lose the last of my fat I’m not certain an actual lb amount. So in the mornings I usually drink an Idealshape Shake (I usually don’t have time for breakfast since I prefer to sleep alittle extra). I work out everyday from 20 min to 2hr with a mixture of weight and cardio. After workouts I usually drink my Idealfit protein shake. However, I recently saw that Idealfit also has a Meal Replacement Shake. I was debating on whether or not to add this to my diet (say as dinner) and have a normal lunch. Would this be okay or should I just stick to Idealshape or switch over all together?

    1. Christine Sanelli

      Since your goal is to lose weight, I would suggest staying with IdealShape as it’s formulated for weight loss. The Fit meal replacement shake is not necessarily formulated for weight loss, but to help you get in a meal with sufficient macros when you’re short on time.

  6. Nancy

    Can i used both? Ideal shape mrs for breakfast and ideal lean mrs after my workout?

  7. Jocelin

    Hello all, I was wondering if there is a meal plan that incorporates the meal replacement shakes? I purchased the MRS but would like some guidance… Thanks!

    1. Christine Sanelli

      Yes there are! If you purchased the IdealLean meal replacement shake then take a look at the free 15 day challenges! If you are doing IdealShape then there is the IdealPlan (which has the full meal plan). There is also a free 15 day challenge for IdealShape!
      Free challenge for IdealShape:
      E-book Meal Plan IdealShape:
      Free Challenges Idealfit:

  8. Amy

    I am doing weight watchers and I am down 46 lbs. I am noticing the more weight I lose I am deflating. I am a waitress so I am active the whole time I work. I usually get 10,000 steps 3-4 days a week. I was drinking another brand of shakes during the day when I needed to eat but didn’t have the time. Is lean or shape a better option for me?

    1. Alyson McDonald

      Hi Amy, congrats on your weight loss so far that is awesome!

      As for which type of MRS is better for you, it depends what exactly you are wanting to accomplish with them.

      IdealShape MRS are great for weight loss, and help to curb your cravings for up to three hours to help you stay feeling full and avoid snacking in between meals more than is necessary.

      IdealLean MRS are packed with a unique blend of complex carbohydrates and fiber to help support hunger control to help you feel full. IdealLean MRS also provides a whey protein blend to keep your body feeling happy and given the nutrition it needs to build strong, lean muscle!

      I hope this info helped, please let me know if you have any other questions!

  9. Amanda Heinrichs

    I just wanted to comment to possible win some goodies!

    The people who need IdealLean MRS are people who are moderately to intensely active, and those looking to tone up. This is because active people burn through their carbs and fats faster, and the MRS from IdealLean is an awesome replacement when you are on the go or forgot to meal prep 🙂

  10. Patricia

    Thanks for all the incredible information! I love working out and am always looking for more information to improve my workouts and nutrition plan. I would love to slim down just a touch so I can see the muscles I know are already there.

  11. amanda prata

    I need this as someone who needs to lose 85 pounds but also as someone who needs enough fuel to continue to train for 1/2 marathons. 🙂

  12. Debbie Tidwell

    This was very informative. It’s good to know that as soon as I hit my goal of losing 25 lbs that I can then start on the Ideal Lean MRS. Right now though, I’m totally enjoying my Ideal shakes. Thank you for explaining the differences to us all.

  13. Stephany Mulero

    I already knew the difference for each ideal line. But what impressed me the most and I’ve learned from it, is having a high-fat, high-carb diet, the gut struggles creating insulin resistance and having issues breaking down the food thus slowing the metabolism. Also how nutrients can be taken from muscle supply if the body is not maintained according to activity level.

  14. Charlene Rice

    I learned that in order to order the right product you need to know what your goal is. If you want to lose weight then you need a mesl replacement shake not just a protein shake.

  15. Rachael Lee Wright

    Give away entry –

    I learned I was consuming way too much protein ( currently on a low carb / keto diet) and not exercising nearly enough for fat loss. I ordered ideal fit protein a few days ago and am still waiting for my order to try it, so excited!

  16. Libby

    I wish I would’ve had this when I started my weight loss journey. I went straight for the protein but also tracked my macros. Thanks to Ideal lean products I have now lost 87lbs and am now grinding for my dream of abs. I am using the ideal protein, bcaas, pre workout, and fat burner to reach them! Thank you for the info and the inspiration 1.5 years ago I am a healthier happier mom, wife, and soon to be nurse.

  17. Kimberly vander meulen

    I love to try idealFit
    I learned it’s low fat high protein to lose weight

  18. Stephanie Finn

    I learned that your body uses macros differently if your body is active or inactive

  19. Maggie

    Ideal Lean MRS shakes are for those who are active or weight lifting. They are best for those people because they are higher in protein carbs and fat so that the body does not take from the muscles that are being created. I actually was wondering which one was best for me before reading this article I see I may need the Ideal Shape MRS.

  20. Lisa

    I am still a little confused. I have and still do workout 5 times a week pretty intensely. However I still have 100 lbs to lose so it seems the meal replacement is still my best bet but not sure.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Yes, Meal Replacement Shakes are super beneficial! Since you workout so much, you could take either IdealLean MRS or IdealShake, but because IdealShake is lower in calories, carbs, fat, etc. you might want to take that one!

  21. Gabby

    Hi, I am trying to loose 10 pounds from my stomach I wanted to know what product is better for me. I currently go to the gym 4 times a week for about an hr-1.5hrs, sometimes I do weights, sometimes I do cardio, what would be recommended.

  22. Jennifer S

    Give away

    The Idealshape MRS is for those wanting to loose 25+ pounds and the ideallean MRS is for those looking to tone.

  23. Kathleen Cellery

    Thank you for posting this article, I myself wasn’t sure the difference! Ideal shape is for woman who need to loose weight 25 pounds of more.ideal fit is for woman who do not need to loose a lot of weight but good protein to help lean up and build a stronger you.Thank you so much for explaining!

  24. Nelfa Bice

    Thank you for the information. Here’s what I learned: The Idealshake was created for individuals who are wanting to become active, or just starting a workout regimen and typically need to lose more than 25 pounds. Those who are less active generally require less protein, as their body fat to muscle ratio is skewed in favor of body fat. It has lower in fat (2.5g), lower in carbs (10g) and, lower in protein (11g).

    While the IdealLean Whey Protein Powder is specifically a performance supplement. This means it should be used as a pre and post-workout snack to replenish your muscles in order to build them. Because it is strictly a protein supplement, it lacks the carbs and fats needed to make it a complete meal.

    The IdeaLean Whey Protein is: Low in fat (0g), low in carbs (0g) and, high in protein (20g) which I like so much compared to other brands. So, so good!

    My first two weeks of the 15 day BFC, I lost 9 lbs; yes, Lindsey did this to me! Good thing! My son is buying me two tubs of Ideallean protein and I’m getting the Idealshake replacement meal! Ha! So thankful!

  25. Carrie Loar

    I appreciate the informative breakdown of your products. After reading, I should be using the protein shake as a pre & post workout option. That’s definitely good to know! I think I may be checking out the Ideallean MRS as well to aide in supplementing.

  26. Julie

    Excellent! Thanks for clarifying the whole thing… I was hoping you’d offer this detailed explanation & boom 💥, you did!
    Now I realize that my major weight loss that I began concentrating on last year with Ideal slake meal replacement that then lead me to switch in the fall to IdealLean whey protein was the exact fit for me& knowing more now in this toning stage, is exactly what I needed.
    Thanks again… what a great, delicious way for me to keep weight off & help this 50 year old Hot- body, toned, fit & healthier

  27. Cory Coleman

    I understand the difference in shakes. Protein as a supplement, idealshape for losing 25+, and ideallean MRS for a meal if I’m working on keeping my strong lean body. My question is what is “active” ? I have been using the 15 day challenge workouts daily, and I’ve done 6weeks of the 12 week program. But previously I did crossfit, so these workouts are not as long or intense. Do you consider doing ONLY the ~20 min workouts 6 days a week “active” enough that I should use idealean MRS? ( I could totally still lose 25 pounds- but my heart is more into focusing on my health and strength than the number)

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Yes, that is active enough to use IdealLean MRS, since your focus is more on your health and strength we definitely recommend using IdealLean products!

  28. Ashley Orcutt

    Great read. Learned the difference between the two and that ideallean is more for those wanting to stay active and add healthy choices to their diet.

  29. Tina Bradford

    Ideal shake for me…. I want less carbs due to diabetes… idea lean has the higher carbs, 20g… although I don’t need to loose 25 or more pounds…. I do need to tone up, I might try ideal lean for morning or afternoon shakes… thanks for the information…

  30. Elizabeth Rowe

    Wow! I learned that Ideal Lean MRS is for me as I am actively lifting and have less than 25 pounds I’d like to shed. Having some on hand for when on the go or caught unprepared!

  31. Rachel Rinderknecht

    What an awesome giveaway! Ideallean would be the best for me because my focus is in building muscle. 🙂

  32. Maegan Williamson

    It’s great to know the difference now. I need to purchase IdealShake. I’ve struggled so bad losing the last 20lbs. I’m excited to start my new healthy journey with Lindsay’s guidance. 🙂

  33. karen

    I own all 3 ( idealshake, mrs and whey protein) . My lifestyle is not consistent and finding time to work out varies each week. I have started and stopped or rather got off track a couple of times. However, I have lost 15 lbs with 20 to go. On a slower week when I workout 2 ( maybe 3) times , I use IS for breakfast and whey protein after workouts including “sensible” meals between. On more discipline weeks (workout 5-6 times), I use MRS and whey protein after workouts with more protein snacks and sensible meals. All the products taste good and are convenient. Any suggestions for improvement?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Sounds like you are doing great! Yes definitely! I recommend signing up for a 15 Day Challenge! They are free and include meals plans, workouts, and support! They are designed for quick fat loss, and lean muscle growth, and so many women have seen great results with them! You can check them all out here: https://www.idealfit.com/idealfit-challenges.list

  34. Jess

    I didn’t realize that you had 3 unique protein that drink products and what benefits each have.

  35. Veronica

    I am so eager to get srtaed!
    Please pick me to win my first ideal lean meal replacement !!!

  36. Cindy

    Thanks for the explanations, I’m still not really sure which product to use??? I’ve been using the ideallean, but my goal is to lose about 20 pounds. I’m pretty active. I run at least 4 days a week totally 25-40 miles per week and do 4 marathons and a couple ultra marathons a year as a recreational runner. I usually do light weights and flexibility workouts 2x per week. Also, I’m 54 years old, not sure if there’s a shift in needs as we age?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      It sounds like you are doing great Cindy! I recommend sticking with IdealLean because of your goals! But if you feel like you need more guidance, I recommend talking to your doctor as he will know better which will work for you!

  37. Tammy Key

    Give away entry-
    Thanks! I have often wondered the difference in the 2 products.
    I have been using the IdealFit Protein powder and have hit my goal weight but now I would like to tone. I was debating about the meal replacement shakes. They just seemed to have so much more carbs and I wasn’t sure why…now I understand better.

  38. Colette

    I didn’t realize the differences between the two shakes…. that IdealShape meal replacement shakes are better for those wanting to lose 25+ pounds, while IdealLean meal replacement shakes are for those who are already active and want to tone.

  39. Maxine Dewey

    This was very imformative and I learned alot reading your blog. Thanks for the information.

  40. Michelle Siwert

    This was very helpful to learn the difference between these supplements. I use IdealLean’s whey isolate and absolutely love it. I would be interested to try the meal replacement shake, but I’m a little hesitant because I typically don’t like shakes with whey concentrate.

  41. Jess

    Great article. I wish I would have known all of this before I just ordered though. Sounds like the idealshake is what I need at this moment. Not the lean like I have. I thought I had done my research.

  42. Mary Anne

    Thank you so much for this article that explained the difference. It can be so confusing. I love the idealfit meal replacement shake and that’s what I needed to be taking! Thank you so much!!

  43. Cindy edwards

    I have been using ideal shape for over a year now and also use ideal lean protein. I love both products but I am down to having 20 pounds to loose. I need the ideal lean MRS .
    I think it would help me get to my ideal weight.

  44. Chelon Colquitt

    This article was so informative. I ordered the Idealfit protein and am waiting to receive it. I am so excited to try it…but after reading this article, I might need to try the MRS too. Thanks so much for sharing!

  45. Carley Overman

    I learned that when you have a slow metabolism and a lot of fat and carbs in your diet, your gut has a hard time breaking down and utilizing foods. This is when the Idealshakes can be helpful.

  46. Carley Overman

    I learned that when you have a slow metabolism and a lot of fat and carbs in your diet, your gut has a hard time breaking down and utilizing foods. This is when the Idealshakes can be helpful.

  47. jennifer Sepull

    People who are not very active and trying to lose more than 25 lbs should use ideal shake Mrs
    And people who are more active should use the idealfit Mrs to help with building lean muscle.

  48. Lori

    This article is amazing. I’d been wondering the difference. Thank you. If I was already a healthy eater & wanting to start toning I would use IdealLean MRS.

  49. Jodi Flick

    Thank you for clearing up the difference between each shake. I have been drinking the idealshake for sometime thinking that lower fat, carbs, ect….would help me lose weight. I do not need to lose 25 pounds, I technically should be using the ideallean meal replacement shakes and the whey powder. I am actually waiting on my shipment from idealshape for meal replacement shakes, ugh, I would love to win this prize to switch over to ideallean. Especially now that I know I should be using ideallean instead of idealshape……moneywise I can’t afford to order now since I just ordered from idealshape. Please pick me!!!!

  50. Caite

    Very helpful! Glad to know the difference and that those who are already very active should be using the ideallean me a option.

  51. Sharri Calderon

    The IdealLean MRS is for people who are active and looking for healthy food options to add to their diet. People who are more active require more carbs, protein, and fats to help with building lean muscle mass. IdealShape is for people who are just starting to get active who don’t need as much protein and have 25+lbs to lose.

  52. Marcia Beck

    This article was awesome! Thank you so much for explaining the differences I was wondering about! I am going to stick with IdealShake for now until I get these 25lbs off and then once I get more active I will switch to the IdealLean MRS to really tone up!

  53. Claudia

    I was confused on which product to buy. I wasn’t sure if the ideal lean or ideal shape was what is missing from my exercise regimen. Thanks for posting this article!

  54. Tawny

    Great article! Great info on comparing the different products and which ones you need for a active lifestyle vs starting out in fitness. Look forward to trying the idealean to tone!

  55. Breezy

    It sounds like I should try to use ideal lean since I workout 5-6 times a week with hiit workouts and weights. Most of the time I struggle trying to eat enough and so it might slow down my metabolism.

  56. Karen Stephens

    Thank you for clearing that up…hope I win something

  57. Mel O

    IdealLean MRS is a great alternative for individuals that are active and looking for healthy food options to add into their diet, since they need more carbs, protein, and fats. It helps with building lean muscle mass; especially those who weight train.

  58. Teressa

    So the Ideal Lean Mrs is more for those who are already exercising regularly and shouldn’t be used as a meal replacement if I am understanding it correctly? I am currently following a macro based diet given to me by a personal trainer and am doing some weight training and cardio. I lost 4 lbs the first week and have gained 1 lb back in the 3 weeks following. I’m not sure which product would be best for me. I feel like I need something to give me a jumpstart.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      So the IdealLean Meal Replacement Shake CAN be used as a meal replacement! IdealLean Products would be the best for you, and you can try one of our free challenges which is perfect for jumpstarting your fat loss and lean muscle goals! Check them out here: https://www.idealfit.com/idealfit-challenges.list

  59. Erica Liggins

    I need idealshape meal replacement but I hope to one day get to the point where I switch to ideallean! Idealshape is to aid in losing weight like 25+ pounds. Ideallean aids in toning muscle and maintaining. Both still require a healthy diet and exercise in the combination though.

  60. AW Hendrix

    Great information on how each product works for specific needs. Most people just assume less calories/more exercise means weight loss and don’t expect to need more protein later on as muscle starts building.

  61. Caitlyn

    So grateful for this article! Since I’m active and eat healthy, I should probably make the switch to this MRS instead of Ideal Shake, since I’m using up more fat and carbs than I realized. (And this could explain why I’ve hit a plateau recently. Not getting the right amount of macros!)

  62. Elsy Hernandez

    This is great information! I am working to lose 20-30 lbs so can I use either? It was good to get informed of the difference and what we need to reach our weight goals. I do workout 4-5 days a week for at least 45 min. Would love to enter the sweeps.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      You could use either! But IdealLean products may be the way to go for you since you are so active, and the more active you are the more protein you need!

  63. Rebecca Rowell

    Idealshape is for some one who has 25 lbs or more to loose who is not active, ideal leans is for some who what to get in shape works out moderately to intensive with weights. I deal lean MRS is for muscle recovery can be taken before or after a workout .
    I do take another product at this time. It had worked for me, I have currently lost 66 lbs on it, I have increased my protein intake as I do work out about 5-6 days a week with weights. I love your Green Apple BCAA I drink it during and after my workout. I also take Idaellean fat burner teice a day.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Congrats Rebecca! That is amazing. Keep up the good work.

  64. Karla

    Meal Replacement shakes are for individuals who need to loose 25 + pounds . Less carbs less sugar. Ideal lean is for active individuals who need more carbs and sugar while working out .

  65. Tammy steele

    I live your programs and blog very informative I have done MRS before but yours are healthier thanks for showing the difference

  66. Belinda Chappell

    Very informational. I use the idealfit protein for my recovery and meal replacement for meals or snack

  67. Kelsey

    Thanks so much for this article! I believe the article breaks it down as people looking to lose more than 25 pounds, are just becoming active or starting a workout program should be choosing idealshape meal replacement shakes. And those who are already active, and looking to build lean muscle mass and add more options into their diet should choose ideallean meal replacement shakes.

    Thanks again for the clarification!

  68. Diana Pontes-washtock

    Ideal lean helps to do exactly that lean out. Which is what I am trying to achieve and it will supply the correct amount of data, carbs and proteins to support my body.

  69. Jacqueline

    IdealLean would be perfect for me since I only want to tone up and not lose more weight. It would be great for days that I’m in a rush and don’t have any meals prepared! Would love to win a sample and try it out! Thanks!


    This article was really helpful. I didn’t know the difference. The MRS shake is for those of us (ME!) who need to lose 25 pounds or more. The protein powder is for those who are active.

  71. Kimberly

    I’m so glad I read this article as it cleared up so much! I’m sort of in the middle of using both of these, as I have a significant amount of weight to lose but am rather active – lots of walking and exercise. I feel like the IdealLean MRS would be a nice thing to try as I’m doing a lot more weight training. I truly love these products as they have made such a world of difference for me!

  72. Carina Woykin

    What a great article. I am definitely bookmarking this. Can men use ideal lean? Right now we both use ideal shape but sounds like we both would benefit with ideal lean. Thoughts?

  73. Vanessa

    You need ideallean meal replacement if you workout a lot. Because of this you need more protein and carbs, which makes ideallean meal replacement the one for you!!

  74. Jen

    Because i workout regularly and hate cooking, the MRS is best for me and my body because macros are used differently when you’re active. Moderate to high-intensity exercise actually changes the form of the molecules that make up your healthy foods when they are broken down in your gut. Love this product and even more, the brand!

  75. Kris Braun

    I’ve ordered several flavors of the shakes and absolutely LOVE them! Great flavor and they keep you feeling full. I like tge flavored drink packets too, especially when i need that little boost to get me through the afternoon.

  76. Angie

    This article is great! It’s so informative and breaks everything down – I’ve shared it with friends who ask why I use what I do.
    Re reading this again, I’m almost ready to switch as I’ve lost 20lbs and have less than 25 to get to my goal 😀

  77. Peggy Bigoness

    Good to know. I workout Everyday so just use the ideallean.

  78. Caitlin De Backer

    *Competition entry *
    I am astounded. Looking for the right protein shake for a woman who either is looking to lose weight or tone up is so difficult as most are high in carbs, calories and refined sugars. And most don’t help you achieve what you want. When you think of the term “protein shake” you don’t expect it to be unhealthy, right ? Well after extensive research trying to find the best protein shake for me, I came across Idealfit. In all honesty, I was hesitant and it sounded too good to be true but ladies this stuff is amazing and works so good !
    I learned from Idealfit that you need protein to sustain a good weight and to build muscle !
    Winning this would help me achieve my goals of losing weight that I have struggled with for years while knowing that I am fueling my body with a quality product that will assist me to achieve the body I am working so hard for before returing home to surprise my friends and family in South Africa ! Thank you thank you thank you for teaching us about nutrition and that it can be yummy while healthy !

  79. Amy

    Thank you for explaining each product! I’ve been trying to decide which product I need. Now I know!!

  80. Amber

    Thank you for this article. I would have went straight for shake, but since I’m active and wantIng to lose around 15lbs I’m going to try lean. It’s good to know how our body breaks down fat and carb intake, and definitely don’t want to pull from muscle we have already built! 🙂

  81. Sheena

    This is amazing. I would definitely chose the shake as its lower in fat, which if you are trying to lose weight, is best.
    I love these products. I believe they work especially since I am trying to lose ‘baby fat’.
    Perfect for after a workout at the gym

  82. Brittany Pekuri

    I love ideal for! The products taste great and Lindsey’s workouts are amazing.

    When your metabolism is slow and you eat a high carb high fat diet your gut has a harder time breaking down the fat.

  83. Bianca Juarez

    I learned the difference between Idealshake && Idealean. I now know what I need in order for me to tone up. I can use this product and it will help me out while being active. It won’t be a replacement meal but it could help me when I can not make a meal.

    I also learned that Idealwhey will work with Ideallean because it helps replenish my muscles as in it will help my muscles relax and become less tense from a high intense workout. This will also help relive the tension of the muscles.

    This article did help me discover what I did need in order for me to help my body maintain the progress I accomplish.

    Thank you.

  84. Bianca Juarez

    I learned the difference between Idealshake && Idealean. I now know what I need in order for me to tone up. I can use this product and it will help me out while being active. It won’t be a replacement meal but it could help me when I can not make a meal.

    I also learned that Idealwhey will work with Ideallean because it helps replenish my muscles as in it will help my muscles relax and become less tense from a high intense workout. This will also help relive the tension of the muscles.

    This article did help me discover what I did need in order for me to help my body maintain the progress I accomplish.

    Thank you.

  85. Shelly Harris

    This was very helpful! I learned that for myself being a beginner and needing to lose a significant amount of weight that the Idealshape shake is best for me right now. I’m going to set a goal to graduate to the Ideallean in future!❤

  86. Rachael

    I have never been over weight, just always had those few pounds to get rid of. Something many of us call, “skinny fat”.
    My main goal is to tone my body. There are so many products out there and it can be overwhelming especially for someone like me who has no idea what it all does. I love that IdealFit has so many products that cater to all types of women. I just ordered some BCAAS and I’m so excited to try them out!!

  87. Monica

    This article is great. Didn’t know the difference between all the proteins. So glad that it sounds like I picked the correct ones to use for myself. Love these amazing products to make me the athlete I am.

  88. Jessica Pace

    I learned that your body uses macros differently when you’re more active. High intensity exercise changes the form of the molecules that make up your healthy foods when they are broken down in your gut. So interesting!!

  89. Jen

    I hope I win because I learned that I need the meal replacement shakes to shed a few pounds and that the 3 macros are key…which is where I’ve been screwing up. These shakes would help me get to the place where all the protein I’ve got will start to work better–or be more visible😉

  90. Victoria Velazquez

    I learned that to lose this stubborn fat I need to do two replacement shakes and a sensible meal… exercise would also help Thank You 😊

  91. Laura tryon

    I didn’t realize we exhaust our carb and fat supply everyday. I want to try the MRS now! Thank you so much for all this information!

  92. Jessica Garcia

    Hi ! I learned that it is important to know and recognize if you’re an athletic person vs someone who is semi or less active because that can vary on the type of diet you need to be on. This is important to make sure you get the right amount of protein, carbs, fats etc to meet your goal! Great article.

  93. Shawna Cooley

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  100. Ramona Holley

    Thank you. I always struggle with what protein powder to use. I think I need to add the mrs to my diet since I am very active. I do have a question too-I have to stay away from lactose-sod whey proteins always have lactose in them?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      IdealLean Protein contains approximately 0.375g of lactose per serving. If you are lactose intolerant or have any dairy-associated medical condition, please consult a physician before use. You can also try IdealRaw protein because it is plant based! https://www.idealraw.com/home.dept

  101. Jeni allen

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  102. Tomi Jo

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  103. Courtney

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  104. Carol Noll Reynolds

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    I have lost a total of 50 lbs with the help of your products! Now that I’m at the point of toning my body the ideal lean products are great!! So I learned from reading this blog that if you exercise moderately to intensely you exhaust all your carbs and fat supply daily!! And that if your not getting the proper nutrients to replenish those through your diet your body will actually take the nutrients from your muscles!! 😳
    This is something I did not know until now!! Thanks for all your help to achieve my goals!! 💪🏻💪🏻

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    I recently ordered the ideal lean meal replacement and I am loving it. I have a busy schedule during the day and this is an excellent go to for those hectic days. I have recently started counting my macros and this is defined helping me reach my fitness goals as I didn’t realize how much protein is needed. I have really enjoyed this blog of being able to tell the difference in which one you need and I am working on toning up and this seems to be a great fit for me.

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    Giveaway Entry:

    I use both idealshake and idealfit meal replacement shakes. Definitely good to know the difference. I learned that the idealfit MRS is intended for more active women who do not have as much weight to loose. It has higher fat, carbs, and protein. Definitely what I personally need because I have reached my weight loss goal and need to build muscle too

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    1. Caitlin Peterson

      You also need less protein if you are less active. An active woman needs around 1 g of protein per pound of body weight daily, but if you aren’t as active you don’t need quite as much. Do you still have more than 25 pounds you want to lose? If so, you could move back to IdealShape!

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    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hey Misty, it will also depend on how active you are. If you are really active you should be getting around .9 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight daily, but finding out what your macros should be specifically depending on your goals will be the best bet to help you reach your ideal weight. Here is a link to learn more about counting your macros: https://www.idealfit.com/ultimate-guide-to-macros.list?widget_id=509755

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    1. Caitlin Peterson

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  131. Laura

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  132. Kendall Szczerba

    Ideal lean whey protein is lower in fat carbs and protein in comparison to Ideal Lean MRS so it should be consumed right before or right after a workout to help rebuild muscles worked and then a full meal should be consumed 2-3 hours later. This type of protein is for those who want to tone and build muscle, not to lose 25 pounds like the Ideal Shape shakes.

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  137. Johanna Messer

    This is awesome! So I just placed an order yesterday and added both protein powder and meal replacement shakes into my cart. Well low and behold I took one out of my cart because I thought there was no way that I needed both! After reading this article I now know I should have read this first haha. I thought they were sort of interchangeable and ether one could be used in place of the other. Now knowing the difference between the both, and knowing the difference between ideal lean shakes and ideal shape shakes, I think I know what I need to go REadd to my cart.

  138. Amber

    I didn’t realize that if you have a higher body fat percentage, you require less protein. I have always been told the opposite. Great information!

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Amber, it depends on how active you are. If you are more active you need more protein, and if you aren’t as active you won’t generally need as much (in relation to your body weight)

  139. Jamie

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  141. Leann

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  144. Patty Wallace

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  151. Tammy Arreola

    This blog is very informative and I appreciate how you’ve broken it down and made it understandable for anyone. I am a personal trainer/group fitness instructor and I’m getting ready to host a nutrition seminar for my clients so I’ve been brushing up on insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome which seem to be playing a huge role in the obesity factor these days.

    What is exceptionally valuable about this blog is the fact that you’ve distinguished between the two products based on goals. Knowing the macronutrient breakdown of each product and your explanation of when/why you should be utilizing the product is super helpful.

  152. Monique Williams

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  154. Marissa Elizabeth

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  182. Lisa Petersen

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  183. Laura

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  184. Cecilia Ferreira

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    You guys make everything so fun and delicious shakes.
    Thank you so much, you guys change my live, and learn to enjoy the way to eat healthy and have fun working out 🏋

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  187. Ashley Kees

    So informative! I had no clue that having more than 25lbs to lose I may be consuming too much protein! 😳

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Ashley, it will also depend on how active you are. If you are more active you generally want more protein, and if you aren’t as active you won’t need quite as much in relation to body weight. So if you are active you want around .9-1 g of protein per lb and if you are less active you may want around .6 g of protein per pound of body weight daily. Tracking your macros is the perfect way to make sure you have a balanced diet to help you reach your goals! Learn more here: https://www.idealfit.com/ultimate-guide-to-macros.list?widget_id=509755

  188. Diana Robeson

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  191. Christine

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  192. Kristie Roxburgh

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  195. Elizabeth Eidenschink

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  196. Leonora costello

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  197. Katlyn Hardecopf

    Wow, I never realized that with regular exercise, you need to replace your carbs more! I had always been under the impression that most carbs are bad and you should stay away from them. Now that I know that with my workout regimen of trying to work out 6 days per week (and wanting to lose less than 25 pounds), I have been making the correct decision by purchasing IdealFit products!! THANK YOU for always clarifying and making sure we understand why these products are benefitting us 😊😊 I’m so happy that I found the Ideal program last year!

  198. Britni Stowell

    Been on my fitness journey for a little over a year now. I really had no idea how important it is to have these necessary components in my diet. I was able to lose about 30 pounds on my own, with watching what I ate and taking exercise classes, but now I need to build muscle and tone. For the last couple months I had been trying so hard, but nothing seemed to change. Now after finding these products and learning about the different macro ratios I feel so much stronger and can definitely notice a difference. The other day someone took a picture of me doing some exercises and my triceps were so noticeable! Love being able to see some change and I’ve finally been able to start increasing my weight lifting limits without feeling so exhausted. I’ve been using the ideal lean protein and BCAAs!

  199. AImee Stowers

    I learned the regular shakes are for those starting out and the MRS are the ones you should should use if you’re already active.

  200. Stephanie Haymore

    I have always wondered what the difference between the ideal shake and ideal lean line was! Thanks for posting this and explaining!

  201. Misty Hess

    This article was very helpful in educating us on which product is to be used for specific goals and exactly how to use them.

  202. Carolyn Moore

    These meal replacement shakes are made from all whole foods and have the right macros to sub for any meal! Such a great product!

  203. Ashley Avalos

    Love all this info, but still a little confused. I workout 6 days a week for 30-60 min doing a variety of weights and cardio based workouts. I do need to lose 20-25lbs. I like doing a shake post workout that fills me up so I’m not starving again in an hour. Is it best to use just protein or would the lean MRS be a good option?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Right after you workout you should take IdealLean Protein, because post-workout you don’t want a meal with much fat or fiber. Stick with protein and carbs post-workout, then you can take your Meal Replacement a little later when you need a quick/nutritious meal.

  204. Jenny Williamson

    The Idealshape MRS is for those wanting to loose 25+ pounds and the ideallean MRS is for those looking to tone.

  205. Sandi Hemann

    This is great. I need a full meal replacement shake for on the go! I learned that this has the carbs and fat I need to replace my meal! Great option. Thanks!

  206. Amy Auger

    Ideal lean is a protein replacement, and cannot replace a meal because it lacks fat and carbs

  207. Jennifer Wooderson

    I learned ideal lean meal replacement is the better choice for me because I’m active and I weight train. Thanks for the info!

  208. Marissa Scott

    I didn’t realize IdealLean protein should be consumed within 30 mins of your workout. I thought it could be used throughout the day. Glad I learned this info today!

  209. Jami Jones

    depending on eat our goals are i.e loosing 25 plus lbs or building muscle mass will determine which product to use. thanks for the great info!!

  210. Kelly

    Love this article! I learned so much! One important thing I learned is “when you have a slow metabolism and a high-fat, high-carb diet, your gut struggles breaking down and utilizing foods. This plays a role in insulin resistance and ultimately a slow metabolism.” This is so important to me because I never knew why I had a slow metabolism!

  211. Gigi

    I am excited to try the IdealShape then as I have been sedentary way too long and need to get myself motivated and moving. Taking my 25 year old daughter on this journey also. Looking forward to seeing our results in the coming future.

    Nice to know I need less protein, as body fat to muscle ratio is skewed in favor of body fat.
    Will have to be accountable for watching calories, fat and carb intake as well; and I certainly do not mind replacing breakfast and lunch with the IdealShake,

  212. Marie Coffman

    Great information! I’m active and trying to lose 5-10 pounds that has crept up. I didn’t realize I need different supplements for different goals and not all protein powders are the same. I’m on day 7 of the fifteen day challenge and have lost four pounds and am feeling great!

  213. Nicole stokes

    This article was very informative. I was wondering what the difference between the idealshake and ideallean shake were. I learned that the ideallean shake is more for if you are already working out and don’t have more that 25 pounds to lose. It is higher in carbs, protein and fat than the idealshape shake.
    Also the ideallean protein should not be used as a meal replacement but as a supplement to help refuel muscles after a workout.

  214. Vanessa

    Thank you for explaining the difference between the the idealshape and ideallean i have been using the ideallean protein and absolutely love it, now i learned the difference between the shake replacement and the protein shake .

  215. Sara Rogers

    Thank you for this article. I have been using IS MRS an think it it time to switch over. I am at goal weight, but not a breakfast person so I drink a shake, or get busy and forget to meal prep so I drink a shake. I think this would be the better option for me. Thanks!

  216. Krystal

    Wow! This clears up so much! I will definitely be sharing this info with my sister. We are on two different physical levels right now and I want to give her the best options for her. I love your products and they’ve helped me exceed my goals. I’d like to help her reach hers

  217. Heidi

    I learned that your products are awesome! And instead of like most brands with similar products, you focus on the education of your clients as well, not everything works for everything

  218. Nicole Teele

    Learning the difference regarding the fat, protein and carbs between Idealshape and IdealLean MRS has been extremely helpful.. As well as these other facts “The IdealLean MRS was created for those who are active and looking for healthy food options to add into their diet. Individuals who are regularly active require more carbs, protein, and fats to help with building lean muscle mass; especially those who weight train. Why? Because lifting weights creates stress on your body, and eating a proper amount of macros is important for your recovery process and your results.”

  219. Jade

    I fall in between…I certainly don’t have 25 lbs to lose, but I haven’t truly been active so my body fat percentage is high for my size and weight. I think from this article I could go with either because I need to curb my cravings and start eating healthier, but my goal is to tone.

  220. Robyn

    I have recently lost about 20 pounds through diet and exercise. I have also used the ideal shape meal replacement for breakfast (so once a day). I teach and typically get 10,000 plus steps most days of the week and go to the gym 3-5 days a week (or walk). Should I stick with the ideal shape meal replacement or switch to the ideal fit?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Robyn, so usually we say if you have 30+ pounds to lose stick with IdealShape, then if you have less than that to lose we recommend using IdealLean. If you are active though (and it sounds like you are) we recommend using IdealLean Protein to make sure that you are getting enough protein into your diet.

  221. Leann

    Do you have sample packs of IdealLean Meal Replacement shakes?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Not currently, but that would definitely be a good thing to get in the future. Thanks for the idea.

  222. Shannon

    I have about 35-40 pounds to lose. I want to lose and tone. I have just started working out 5/6 days a week doing cardio and weights. Should I use IdealLean or IdealShake?

    1. Stuart Oldroyd

      Hi Shannon, congrats sounds like you’re on your way! Normally I would recommend that anyone with more than 25 lbs. to lose start with IdealShape’s IdealShake, since the lower calories and signature hunger blocker will help jump-start your weight loss. But where you’re making fitness a regular part of your lifestyle, your body may need help getting all the protein it needs to tone up, and that’s where IdealLean Meal Replacement Shake could really help you out. With 20g, in addition to healthy carbs and fats, I’d recommend it as part of your plan. Keep us posted!

  223. Bri

    Can Ideal shake be used when preggo? I want to lose unhealthy fat. 22 weeks along

    1. Stuart Oldroyd

      Hi Bri, while many women do use IdealLean and/or IdealShake, I definitely recommend you consult with your doctor first. They’ll be able to determine what’s best for you and the little one, congrats!

  224. Lynda Moreno- Johnson

    OK. So this is me… I would like to lose 60 pounds. I workout 4x a week. Its called mixxedfit with has a set of low to high intensity. I then between days I do a challenge or take a zumba class.
    I recently lost 27.8lbs. With help of WW. I would like to know which program I should use? I’ve tried both products and like them not. Please help me decide.

    1. Stuart Oldroyd

      Hi Lynda, congratulations that’s inspiring! With how often you’re working out, I would definitely recommend IdealFit’s IdealLean products. They’ll help you continue to lose, while helping you build lean muscle. That lean muscle will really boost your results. You should check out Trainer Lindsey’s free 15-Day Challenge! it comes with free meal plans and workouts so you can mix up your routine. And be sure to check out IdealLean Meal Replacement Shake. Good luck!

  225. Tina

    I am currently trying to lose weight. I have alot to lose..I started walking, bike riding, and hiking regularly. Do I start with ideal shake only or should I add something else to help speed things up?

    1. Stuart Oldroyd

      Hi Tina, that’s great that you’ve started a more active lifestyle! With the demands of your exercise, I think IdealLean Meal Replacement Shake would be a great option. It has the protein your muscles will need to rebuild after exercise, along with the lean nutrition to continue to lose weight. I love the Chocolate!

      You can check it out a little bit more here: https://www.idealfit.com/meal-replacement-shakes.list

  226. Kathleen

    Can I useIdealshape mrs and Ideal lean protein at the same time?

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Yes you can, though the MRS has enough protein that you won’t need the Lean Protein exactly at the same time, but you can absolutely take them both in the same day.

  227. Kristin P

    I currently bought the 6 week challenge and I am starting soon. I can’t wait! My question is, can I incorporate my IS into this plan? I have a tons because for about a year I have been mixing IS and IF. I was using IF for before and after workout but the IS as a meal replacement. I want to order the new MRS but I want to use up my IS first. I read the article which said the IS doesnt have enough protein in it so would I just be able to add like 1/2 a scope of IF to it? Thanks so much!

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      That’s a great question. Your macros will be off from Lindsey’s meal plan, but I think if you were to do half a scoop of the IS MRS and half a scoop of the Protein, you’d get your protein in. Then going forward, stick with Lean products, but I think you’ll be okay in the mean time using up your IS 🙂

  228. Laura

    I’m not sure if my activity level is sufficient to classify as ” moderate”. I walk 10,000- 13,000 steps at least 5 days a week but only get to do a formal workout 1-2 times a week. I am looking to lose about 10lbs. Am I active enough to stop using idealshape and use the lean products?

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Hi Laura! I’d say you’re within the realm of moderate exercise. You would definitely benefit from using the Lean products, like the protein and the meal replacement. On the days you can get a strength training session in, make that your priority. Building lean muscle mass is essential for losing excess fat, and therefore weight. The Protein and Meal Replacement will help 🙂

  229. Evetta gray

    So if I am doing kick boxing three days a week its my first time doing this type of exercise. I been doing it for 2 weeks four days which ideal product should I take and I am diabetic but not takeing any medicine at all. Evettagray51@gmail.com

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Hi Evetta! As long as you continue an active lifestyle, the Fit products will be great for you. Now, make sure any changes in your diet are followed up with your physician, because diabetes is a tricky disease we don’t want to anger.

  230. Shay R

    I really purchased the IdealFit protein powder as well as the meal replacement. I work out 6 days a week and I’m looking to lose weight but after more research and finding that IdealFit and Idealshape are the same company, I think I may have purchased the wrong thing. So since I want to lose weight is the IdealFit meal replacement not the right product?

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Hi Shay! If you’re currently active 6 days a week, you’ll actually be just fine using the Fit products. Shape is more for people who aren’t very active, and it sounds like you are.

  231. Trisha Taylor

    Which which? 😊 I am looking to lose about 20-25lbs. I am an ER nurse so I walk about 10k steps 4x a week and I work out 4-5 times a week at Orangetheory. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Trying to work off baby weight #3.

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Hi Trish! So, you would be a great candidate for either Shape or Fit products. Because you’re active, I almost lean a bit more towards our IdealLean line, which will help you build up lean muscle mass to help you lose that excess weight. I would start with using our IdealLean Whey Protein and Meal Replacement. I think you’ll really enjoy them 🙂

  232. Christine

    you can still use the Ideal lean protein powder as a meal replacement as long as combined with a fat and carb, right? even if it’s not around workout time?

  233. margie

    so if i am understanding this article correctly, i have been on ideal shake for almost 3 yrs, lost and now maintaining but would like to loose alittle more. i go to weight and cardio classes for about an hr 4 days a week, as well as having an active lifestyle. so at this point is your article suggesting that i switch to ideal lean meal replacement to meet my goals

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Margie, if you’re consistently active, I think you’d really benefit from using the Fit line products. The increase in protein will help you build lean muscle mass, which will help you lose excess fat. I think it’s worth trying! If you’ve like the IdealShake, you’ll definitely love IdealLean 🙂

      1. margi

        so i have alot of idealshape to use, recently got an order. what do you suggest to ramp up the necessary components of my current shakes to use them up before i can order idealfit meal replacement shakes? can i add idealfit protein to my current shakes?

        1. McKenzie Pinckney

          Oh you’re fine to still use the IdealShake. If fact, Trainer Kami incorporates the Shake into her diet and uses Fit line products too. I would just use up what you have and either order when you’ve exhausted it, or go ahead and order some protein now.

    2. Angelina Velasquez

      I am trying to building’s lean muscle I do free weights and HIT what should I be taking please let me ..thanks

      1. Caitlin Peterson

        Hi! I recommend using IdealLean products since you are trying to build lean muscle! You should definitely use IdealLean Protein and IdealLean BCAAs, then if you need a quick meal on the go you can take IdealLean Meal Replacement Shakes.

  234. Jaclyn

    Thank you so much for this article. There are so many options and talk out there it’s hard to know what is the best for what I need. You make it so easy to understand and I’ve learned a lot from you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      That’s so great! I’m glad it was informative and helpful 🙂

    2. Valerie dreher

      Wow. Great read. I didn’t realize we exhaust our carb and fat supply everyday.

    3. Lara

      I am very active and yet I have very little muscle. I know now that I need Ideal Lean to help me achieve my goals!

    4. Shar

      Now I can finally understand the difference. The only problem is that I love, love, love the chocolate peanut butter meal replacement and would love to have it every time for every thing. Any chance you can add that flavor to your other lines?

      1. Caitlin Peterson

        That is a great suggestion! I love that flavor also. 🙂

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