1. Kathryn Hall

    The fitness mistakes I need to change are not eating enough and not drinking enough water. I do really well with recording my progress and am working on sticking to a consistant exercise routine. But if I am in a hurry, which is 90% of the time I do not eat meals, or eat enough healthy snacks. I know that is why I havent seen any progress but weight gain. My wedding is June 23rd and it is very important for me to get my pre pregnancy body back to fit into my wedding dress! These changes are crutial to my success!

  2. Shar

    Fitness mistakes I’m currently working on fixing: drink more water and eat the correct balance (not too much, not too little – i fluctuate and need to be more consistent). Your plan sounds so amazing. Happy Mother’s Day and thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  3. Gina

    I need to fix my eating. Some days I give in to a craving. Some days I don’t eat enough because I am just too busy and lose track of time.

  4. Stephanie Crisco

    What fitness mistakes will I fix? Good lord where to start!!! I will need to fix my diet first and foremost. I would then need to fix my mental state. I need to motivate positively and quit kicking myself when I’m down. I am the most unhealthy and overweight that I have ever been. If I can fix those two major things, I know that I can be well on my way to a healthy and happy body!

  5. Kyla

    I learned that I truly need to fix my eating! I’m either eating too little or too much. It has a massive impact on your weight change. my workouts aren’t balancing. My only wish is to have a healthy lean body!

  6. Maggie Elliott

    I constantly am in this web where I start the week with barely any calories and eat so well and then by the weekend I eat everything. Literally 😐
    I know that I need to focus more on clean eating and increasing those calories.

  7. Lauren Cobb

    I would say that my fitness mistake is eating too much, but I’ve noticed that eating too much, for me, is generally a symptom of otherwise not taking care of myself — either eating sugary foods, causing a spike and dip in insulin, or not getting enough sleep, or having a few alcoholic beverages. If I avoid these things, I’m better able to give my body the right amount of nutrition it needs 🙂

  8. Corrine Frenier

    I would love to do this challenge as I don’t seem to eat enough on my own with to many carbs and not enough protein. Would love to get my body more lean

  9. joanna waddoups

    I have got to find a fitness squad! I have such a hard time motivating just myself to work out.

  10. Tonyia Stewart

    I will fix my eating and my exercise – I am doing great with drinking my water! But I struggle with eating and exercising. I don’t like doing it alone – and can’t seem to find a buddy – but with a program – it might make it easier!

  11. Christiena Smith

    I have learned how much of an important piece proper nutrition plays in weight loss so I plan to watch my nutrition more and get the right amount of exercise in especially strength training

  12. Nicole S

    The mistakes I will fix are trying to not be so hard on myself when I don’t see the results I want right away. I know it takes time and patience and I need to work on that, I also need to not compare my results with others. Everyone is different and comparing myself to others will not get me very far.

  13. Jessica King

    So I’m one that is all about weights when I work out and actually don’t get the right amount of cardio in…I grew up playing every sport I was allowed, but now that I’m a little older I find it hard to motivate myself to run…the only way I do it is if I’m on a field running after a ball! So…need to add more cardio in!

  14. Ruth Lehenbauer

    If I won the 6 week challenge, the mistakes I would definitely need to/would fix would be 1. Drinking more water. I would probably write out a schedule on my calendar on my desk at work and make sure I drank “x” amount of water by such and such time, etc. and broke my day up that way.
    2. I’d track my progress. I need to do this so that I can see that improvement and stop giving up so quickly.
    3. Find that workout buddy and support team to hold me accountable to all these changes I want to fix, and to keep working out! 🙂

  15. Mia

    I am super excited about this workout plan. I was doing a lot wrong…eating too little, doing too much cardio, too much exercise overall and not enough protein. I am amazed at the progress doing the 15 day challenge and I am looking forward to learning more!

  16. Paulina Pham

    My biggest fitness mistake is not resting properly or working out too much. I tend to get scared of losing my progress and refuse to take a rest day. I’ve really been working on that and instead of just having a rest day doing nothing, I’d stretch or do some yoga to feel like I’m still being active. It’s nice to let my muscles take a break and hopefully I’ll see more results as my muscles heal and grow stronger:)

  17. Julie Ballanes

    My mistake has been not eating enough food to build muscle, probably the reason I am not seeing much results.

  18. Lacey Hemman

    I need to work on tracking my progress! And eating too much at once, I should spread it out more.

  19. Jodie

    The fitness mistake I will fix due to reading this blog is to not over exercise. I currently work out 6 days a week and for about 2 hours each day. Most of the exercise is also high intensity. I’ve learned that my body needs time to recover in order to build muscle.

  20. Mariah wood

    I learned that im missing the tracking and support. If i track my progress and surrond myself with ppl with similar goals i will be able to reach my goals

  21. christy dessart

    My biggest mistakes are motivation (solo), not drinking enough water, and too many cheat meals….. need to be more consistent! Thanks for this great read!

  22. Grace

    Really wanting to do this challenge!! Been looking for a program andthis is perfect! Looking to learn how and when to eat.

  23. Karen Spotts

    My mistake I think its eating too little. That’s what I will fix.

  24. Teri Fernlund

    There are so many no-no’s that I am guilty of on this list– time to make some corrections!

  25. Cynthia Blair

    I tend to not drink enough water or always eat enough in my diet. Would love to win the 6 week challenge. I have done your 15 day challenge as well as the 12 week challenge, 15 day fight the Fat, and 15 day challenge by Zac and Kami.

  26. Moriah

    I learned that working out alone can really affect how your workout and to not eat too little.

  27. Tiffany

    This made me realize that I underestimate my calorie intake and that is probably why I am not seeing results. So I will definitely eat protein and keep my calories in check, and also to drink more water!

  28. Sharri Calderon

    My main two fitness mistakes are eating too little and over exercising. I have a half marathon next month and a full marathon in November so I can’t really slow down exercising so I definitely need to not skip meals no matter how busy I am.

  29. Elizabeth Kelly

    Eating too much or more specifically, rewarding myself with food!

  30. Erin

    Didn’t realize that doing too much cardio was hindering my weight loss and toning! Thanks for the blog post.

  31. Nicole

    Great info! I learned I need to eat more and drink more water!!

  32. Rhonda Hafner

    Eating the wrong things and not drinking water are big ones, but trying to do it on my own is where I think I fall apart. Winning this 6 week challenge would definitely make me feel like I was doing this with others and give me the guidance I need.

  33. Bre

    Oh my BLT!!!! As a young mom it’s SO hard to stop this habit. I did the 15 day challenge and one of the biggest things I learned for it is that when your giving your body the nutrients it needs it’s a lot easier so stay away a from a fishy cracker there and a gummy worm there. I’m trying to find budget friendly way to keep adding more proteins into my diet…

  34. Nikole

    I knew most of this but it’s good to be reminded! I need to start recording my results because I’m losing track of how far Ive come! Great advice!!

  35. Jenni

    I often forget how important it is to make sure I am getting the right amount of protein! This is definitely something I need to work on.

  36. Carla Johnson

    I love this post. As a fitness instructor I see so many of these mistakes (especially the overexercising,,,,,more is better, right?) My big downfall is water, I KNOW I need to drink more but really struggle with doing it. I’ve now set myself a small goal to gradually increase over time so that it become a habit for me.

  37. Samisha

    I need to lift more in addition to cardio workouts. I tend to focus more on movement to lose weight but forget the strength training. I will definitely work on this to get to my fitness goal.

  38. Marina Conklin

    I’ve struggled with toning and gaining muscle, especially after baby #2! 😩 I’d love to try your 6 week challenge so that I can better educate myself on the do’s and dont’s of getting fit. Thank you for the article. For starters, I need to start drinking more water and increase my protein intake. I can do this! 💪🏾

  39. Erin Donahoe

    I would love to win a chance to change my habits! I need to learn proper nutrition and what is more healthy aposed to just eating in portions. Im 35 and slightly overweight and need to get fit.

  40. Tammy Kocken

    I will track my food intake more closely, that is probably the biggest thing I don’t currently do.

  41. Andrea

    I want to fix not drinking enough water and not getting enough protein!

  42. Whitney

    Eating enough protein and staying consistent is my problem. I either don’t eat enough or too much of the wrong things. I’ve struggled with eating disorders all through high and college. I’m barely getting myself on the right track. Now I need to help myself move forward and get healthier. For one, I feel a hell of alot stronger then I used to be.

  43. Debbie alexander

    I never seem to lose unless I drastically cut my calories extremely low. I know that’s not good but I probably am either too low or too much exercise

  44. Karen Ratliff

    I learned that I definitely don’t eat enough protein and I don’t drink enough water. On the flip side, I’ve lapsed back into too many BLTs. No wonder my weight loss has stopped for the last month!

  45. Matty

    I think the biggest mistake I need to fix is my food intake. I definitely probably intake more then I need to. I blame my kids the have a snack mentality and I snack with them lol.

  46. Natalie Knotts

    My biggest fitness mistake I make is TOO MUCH CARDIO! I really need to lift more weights to make the changes I want to see in my body.

  47. kk

    Getting a partner and tracking my progress are two things I haven’t tried yet to keep me consistent. It’s definitely a challenge to remain accountable to myself when Im the only person Im letting down.

  48. Robin l Lovejoy

    My biggest mistake is not on your list. I have a difficult time finding/making the time to prep food. I do good starting out, then my 2 jobs, kids and busy life get in the way. Then of course when I am not prepared..I make bad choices. Thats my biggest mistake that I am going to work on changing =)

  49. Abby

    Staying on track with my macros and making sure I’m eating enough!

  50. Candi L Morgan

    Not eating enough is what I want to fix. Starving my body isn’t healthy & eating 5 to 6 small meals will keep my metabolism working.

  51. beth poulin

    need to work on drinking water. drink more than I did but still need more

  52. Lizzy

    I always struggle with getting enough water, but I was surprised about recording results

  53. Saehee chon

    I definitely do not drink enough water, so I have to push myself on that!! I will try to drink at least 4 nalgenes a day!!

  54. amanda

    “What Fitness Mistakes Will You Fix?” I need to up my water intake!! I knew about not eating enough and eating too much and that too much exercise was not good and your body needs recovery time but I just can’t seem to remember to drink enough water! And now that the weather is warming up, this becomes even more important to not get dehydrated. I also, I do not really take progress measurements or pictures. I feel like I will know things are working when my clothes fit better and I can look in the mirror and not pick at what I am seeing.

  55. Stephanie Combs

    Very informative. I definitely think eating too little may be a problem for me. I would love to do this challenge!

  56. Ashley

    I hope I can learn to balance all these- too many times I have “started” and given up because life, time, money, job, etc. got in the way! I hope to learn not only the discipline to try harder but the correct way to make this a life style change!

  57. Samantha Dinse

    I would love to do this challenge. My fitness mistake is not drinking enough water. I go through phases where I drink enrich bit then won’t drink much at all the next day. I workout almost everyday but if I take a rest day, sometimes it turns into two rest days .

  58. Rebekah Bevill

    I would love to do this challenge! I I need to have a support group because I am guilty of going solo too much and end up eating too much!

  59. Tracy Freeman

    Hello- I have followed your programs on the computer and love them. I NEVER win anything and will try to do more cardio and drink more water.

  60. Jennifer Wooderson

    The biggest mistake I make is not tracking my progress. I only use the scale, I don’t take pictures or measurements! I’m snapping a pic and measuring today. The last few pounds are the hardest to lose!😤

  61. Bella

    I never knew that the muscle was built during recovery time 😧. What I need to fix is to incorporate more rest time into my week and not over working my body thinking I will get more results the more workouts I do 😬 X

  62. Julie

    #1, 6, 7, & 8 are all good reminders for me. As for going solo…I can’t get anyone to commit to even being my accountability partner let alone exercise with me. 🙁 But that’s why I’m thankful for the online groups.

  63. Aleshia Loftis

    One fitness mistake I’m gonna fix is that I’m eating too little, trrrified that eating more will mean weighing more but gotta get over that!

  64. Haley

    I learned that I need to start writing down what I eat. An extra 300 calories by “guestimating” a day sure adds up!! I don’t want to be toned and still fluffy!!!

  65. Ritoparna

    What Fitness Mistakes Will You Fix?
    1. Less protein in food.
    2. Eating More than required by body
    I am a 32 year old mom of 1 and trying to loose weight by changing lifestyle – including workouts, selecting what to eat and reducing quantity of food at one time. Still a long way to go. I reduced from 210 lb to 200 lb, still have to loose a lot of lbs. So, diet needs to be more of protein and eating just the right amount. Change is what I am looking for.

  66. Darlene

    I learned that I really do needs that support system. It helps so much knowing others want me to be a better healthier me & the encouragement they give helps me to strive to do better.

  67. Victoria

    I always think that drinking a gallon of water a day is crazy, impossible even, yet to see proper results, is necessary! It flushes out those toxins and it’s the number one needed food anyways so I should be drinking much more than I am! This article was definitively a much needed reminder!

  68. Anny

    I think the two too things from this list is 1) eating too little and 2) not enough water. I LOVE LOVE meal prepping, but I always forget to which results in me not eating much during the day until dinner. One of my goals was to drink the recommended amount of water every day, and I was pretty good for two or three days, but I lost focus and havent started. I think to fix this I will be more accountable for myself and have constant reminders to drink water and have someone help me cook in the kitchen. With these two things, I’m hopeful I’ll start to see results!

  69. Rachael Kimball

    I plan to fix several of these!! The first one is over-eating/mindless eating. With the 15 day challenge, I came to realize how many bites, licks, and tastes (BLT’s) I take without even thinking about it. Also, my water intake. I definitely had to make a conscience effort on this one, but I am definitely feeling the positive effects of increasing my water and loving it!

  70. Aviva

    My fitness mistakes- consistency in workout schedule and rest days. And maybe working out too long. It’s really important to me to find the right mix of workouts, and using a schedule to meet my goals so I’m getting the most out of my time and commitment. Plus, of course eating right in order to make the most of my effort. Love ideal fit!

  71. Debbie Tidwell

    I’ve always thought cardio was the number one answer to weightless, that is aside from watching my calorie intake. However, I want to correct these mistakes and add in more weightlifting workouts and increasing my protein intake. I’ve already exceeded my goal in drinking plenty of water.

  72. Angie

    To enter the challenge, I learned that eating too much is just as damaging as eating too little. I fall prey to BLT’s far too often. It was good to be reminded of this habit. I never realized we could easily consume hundreds of calories from this seemingly harmless habit.

  73. Vanessa Daugherty

    Well, I’m guilty of all the above! When you have a low wbc it’s extremely hard to push yourself. I don’t like meat and I know that’s protein. I dont eat 3 meals a day, I might eat 1. I’m open for any help!

  74. Anh

    Obviously, I need to drink more water and eat more protein food.

  75. Alysa Raymond

    A fitness mistake I will fix is to eat more food but especially protein.

  76. Michelle

    Great article! The fitness mistakes I will fix are to remember and push myself to drink more water throughout the day. In addition finding the right amount of exercising, protein and food to eat for my body to be less fatigued, build strength, leaner and overall healthier. Working in healthcare you are faced with many challenges for maintaining and living a healthy lifestyle but having the structured plans has and will continue to help me to reach my goals.

  77. A. Teague

    I definitely have to get beyond the thoughts of eating too much and also keeping a log of my progress.
    Would love to win your free 6 week challenge offer. It would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift to me! Loved your 15 day challenge!

  78. Kathleen Cellery

    Eating too little and need more water. I have to eat very small meals and enough!

  79. Charlene R Rice

    I need to eat more protein. I am learning that to achieve the results I want I need to eat more not less.

  80. Stef B

    Thanks for the post. I need to start eating more protein, I Did not realize that I was very short on my protein grams.

  81. Leah brown

    The BLTs are what really get me. I eat fairly well and I train at a high intensity, but I snack without realizing it. Oops!

  82. Michelle Sevy

    All of your information is always so right on for getting in shape and staying healthy. Thank you!

  83. megan hemmeger

    I’m going to fix the eating. I often eat too little protein so I’ll have to up that while lessening the fats and carbs. Macaroni and cheese is one of my downfalls.

  84. Laura Curle

    The fitness mistake i woukd lime to fix is not eating enough and not eating enough protein. I also don’t do enough weight training

  85. G Garey

    My challenge is to try to eat the correct amount. And to be cautious of the BLTs. Something that I need to continue to work on.

  86. celeste

    skipping meal like breakfast I definitely need to remind myself that breakfast is the most important meal of the day

  87. Kylie

    All of these are great things to keep in mind when working out. The one that I can work on is having a support team. It always makes things more fun to have others working with you

  88. Sandra Waring

    The fitness mistakes that I make and will fix is eating enough protein and sometimes find myself not drinking enough water! (Even though I know I need to!)

  89. Lori

    I don’t eat enough during the week & I eat too much on the weekend. I also don’t drink enough water.

  90. Kenzie

    I definitely will fix eating too much and not drinking enough water! I know with this workout and doing those things I will see results. Just got to stick to it!

  91. Brianna

    A fitness mistake I need to fix is I don’t use enough protein so that my muscle can repair better after the gym.

  92. Deanna

    I’ll eat more. I work two jobs, so it can be so hard to find time to eat even just 3 meals a day, let alone anything else.

  93. Kim Bathurst

    My fitness mistake I stress eat and not keep a log book. I’m trying to do better. Need a check in with someone maybe to help. I like to be challenged.


    This has been really helpful. I learned doing only cardio will not help me build anything. I will need to incorporate some weights if i want to see any progress. I also need to take in more water than what I’m just consuming.

  95. Carly

    BLTs are my worst enemy! When I’m starting to get hungry and I have maxed out my snack limit especially before dinner I don’t know what to do to curb my hunger.

  96. Jeniffer

    I want to fix my body. I think my problems are few. I don’t eat enough. There are times I will drink a protein shake in the morning and then not eat again till around 3 or 4. Then I will workout good for a week and then life will get in the way and I won’t be able to workout for a week. I don’t get good enough sleep either. I try to eat healthy when I do eat, but at times I do have my weaknesses. I want so bad to have a nice body. I want nice abs, nice legs, nice arms and nice butt.

  97. Angelique

    I’ve learned that not eating enough under 1200 calories isn’t going to help me achieve my goal. The other mistake I make is over exercising.

  98. Alexis Johnson

    I need to work on eating more. I am busy with 2 kids and tend to forget to stop and eat.

  99. April Pulley

    What fitness mistake would I fix? Drinking enough water and eating enough protein would be easier to correct having the six week program to follow.

  100. Jacqueline Pencek

    I will eat more protein and drink. More water on a consistent basis.

  101. Sheri

    I want to try the Ideal Lean shakes to help me to reach my protein goals because I don’t usually meet then. Plus I know I need to drink more water because drinking water is my challenge. Also, I will need to do better logging in my meals to get a more accurate calorie count. Sure hope I can do this soon. Love your encouragement.

  102. Sophia W.

    I’ve been struggling so so much with weight… first binge eating then not eating anything. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m wanting to ignore weight and focus on being fit so this challenge would be incredible. I honestly had no clue how important water was (always thought I’d bloat and look fat) so I’ll definitely keep a water bottle at hand. I also go to the gym everyday for 2 hours so maybe I should cut it down to 1 for 5 days per week… and maybe gym with Mum every now and then.

  103. M Lee

    For me it’s the eating too little and not drinking enough water. 🙄 I’m a caffeine-aholic and that usually takes over my water intake. Also to be honest not recording my progress. I feel that would help a ton with accountability.

  104. Nikki Barbara

    I would love the chance to do this challenge for free. The fitness mistake I would fix is the absent-minded eating leading to eating too much. I need guidance and support and would love to try the protein. Pick me to help me shape up!!

  105. Amanda

    I would love to do the six week challenge!! I know I do vest when I up my water intake. I need to commit so that I can see results

  106. Tammy Rosenthal

    I would love to win this package. I need to drink more water, eat less sugar and record what I eat.

  107. Dana

    Meal skipping is a big problem for me. I would focus on correcting this.

  108. Hannah Belton

    My biggest mistakes are eating too little and not eating enough protein…and actually I probably do too much cardio. I need to fix all of these! I hope that working through these challenges you offer will help me out significantly! Needed to read this!

  109. Monique McCarthy

    The fitness mistake I would fix would be the eating portion! I know I need to get better at eating and I much prefer someone telling me what to eat instead of me trying to figure it out. Learning about food would be awesome.

  110. Jackie Komjati

    From the 15 day challenge, I’ve established a habit of drinking a gallon of water a day, given up soda, and become aware of BLT’s, which was a huge thing for me – always picking while cooking. Thanks Lindsey!!

  111. Michele

    This was really helpful because I have a tendency to really restrict my diet and overdo it on cardio. Then I get frustrated when I don’t see results. I think the challenge would be just what I need to teach me how to eat and work out properly to be more fit.

  112. Elisha

    I have learned to keep track of what I am doing and to drink enough water

  113. Nicole burget

    What I learned was you need 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight!!!

  114. M M

    I would fix the mistake of not eating, resting or getting enough water. I feel that missing a few meals doesn’t hurt and it’s water in everything you eat and drink. After reading this post I’m so wrong and clearly need help.

  115. Kelsey

    I definitely need to change how much I eat and increase my water intake!

  116. Abby McInnis

    I think the fitness mistake that I need to make is eating more balanced meals and drinking more water instead of coffee!

  117. Andrea Rankin

    The fitness mistake I’m going to fix is to be better about taking big rest days!

  118. Tamara

    What fitness mistakes will I fix? Not drinking enough water and not recording my progress. And my biggest flaw of all: consistency!!! I need the accountability of a program to keep myself in line! The six-week challenge sounds perfect!

  119. Andrea Boyle

    I loved the 15 day challenge and I’m ready for the next step. I plan on making sure I eat more protein and stopping the blt’s :).

  120. Jennifer Lind

    My mistakes are eating to much on the weekends, and not getting enough protein. I plan to be better at tracking what I eat, and making sure it is nutritious. I’m still working on getting enough protein everyday.

  121. Kerry Orsingher

    I definitely need to journal my eating to make sure not eating too little or much, increase my protein, drink my water and have a workout partner for accountability. I work 2 part time jobs and have 5 year old triplets so I’m always in demand for everyone else and I don’t make me a priority–that’s the thing I need to change most of all. I need to take time for me!

  122. Lena

    I am learning to rest, and will make that a priority between workouts and proper nutrition. Sometimes I don’t get enough sleep or don’t leave enough time between workouts. That’s a mistake I need to work on.

  123. Rebekah Waldo

    I would like to fix my mistakes of not drinking enough water and eating too little. 😊

  124. Jessica

    The fitness mistake that I want to fix is to stop eating too much! I am definitely a BLT offender and I need to stop!

  125. Jean Viotto

    I don’t want to go solo. I want accountability. And camaraderie.

  126. Heather Du Toit

    Thank you for dedicating your time to help us ladies be more educated on taking care of our bodies. 💗

  127. Amy

    I definitely need to try to eat more. I am having trouble with eating as much from where I work so much! I also need to work on recording my results more often and Jeeping up with NY progress. 🙂

  128. Carman Duerr

    I need to just get started, I’m going to not make the mistake of stopping again. I neRd to be healthy for my little man. He deserves that. I feed him good, I don’t always feedd myself well.

  129. Bree

    I’ve been working on increasing my water intake, but I’m a social worker and I’m with clients alll day long, so it’s hard to get the amount I need. Also, I’m a vegetarian, any tips on good protein sources? I already do a lot of eggs and Greek yogurt.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      I love cottage cheese, IdealLean Protein, tofu, black beans, chickpeas, some nut butters, oats, etc.

  130. Nikki

    I am doing a 30 day challenge and 15 day challenge right now and alternating days for each! I am really enjoying it and loving the energy I am feeling! Would love to try to 6 week fit body challenge 🙂

  131. Ginny M

    I have made a lot of these mistakes. The one I really need to work on is tracking my progress. I always tend to look at how much more I have to do to get to my goal instead of how much I have already accomplished !

  132. Jaimie M Hoffman

    I want to do this challenge because I am now almost 11 weeks post back fusion and feeling okay. It has been rough for the past few decades with chronic pain and now I am almost pain-free. I want.to look and feel good about myself. I want the encouragement of someone along the way. I want this challenge!

  133. Jody

    I didn’t realize eating too little can prevent you from losing weight! I’ve noticed though that when I cut calories it feels like my body goes into starvation mode and hold onto everything. I never lose weight!

  134. Michelle Siwert

    I’ve been guilty of not eating enough to fuel myself properly and also not allowing for proper recovery. This article reiterates the importance of that healthy balance. Thanks!

  135. Lorene Drake

    By doing this challenge it would fix a few things for me. One thing is it would get me back on track with eating the right foods and right amounts. It will help me tone up and slim down by adding those types of workouts to my cardio. By documenting with pictures and measurements it will fix my fixation on the number on the scale. Most of all doing this challenge and losing the weight and strengthening, it will help to fix the pain and pressure on my joints that I currently have due to my rheumatoid arthritis and allow me to be more active with my grandchildren.

  136. Vanisa Street

    The Biggest mistakes i made was not drinking enough water and going solo.

  137. Ashley

    There were so many great things in this article. I definitely know i need to drink more water some days i get enough and other days i barely drink any. Also increasing my protein will be vital but oh my that will be a lot of protein i have no idea how im going to get that done every day. But if it will help shed the fat from on top of all the muscle i have built up that will be awesome !

  138. Sophie Felicia

    Two of the fitness mistakes I plan to fix are my intake of water, and the going solo part. I don’t really know why, but I have always had a hard time drinking a lot of water. I’ve already been trying to work on upping the amount I drink, and so far it is working. I think I am up to almost 7 glasses a day. Of course I plan on being able to drink more. Going solo is definitely hard when it comes to working out and keeping up healthy eating habits. I’ve always wondered why I can’t find the motivation or focus to continue my workouts and eating habits. Now I realize it’s because no one else around me is on that same page! Fortunately, my sister is also wanting to get in better shape, so her and I will probably team up. I loved this blog. It was so helpful! They are all things I need to work on, but I am going to tackle the water and going solo things first!

  139. Amanda

    The mistake I keep making is eating too much. I feel like I exercised and therefore burned calories but I don’t balance the calories I am consuming. I always overestimate the calories burned and underestimate the calories I am consuming.

  140. Roberta

    I plan to start eating more protein and upping my water intake.

  141. Mary Rackers

    My fitness mistake I would fix is to not discount the rest and relaxation part. It’s very important for your well being.

  142. Lisa Crawford

    I tend to have problems when my kids get home from school. They want a snack and I will get one with them. Not always a good choice. Or I will finish what they start because I don’t want it to go to waste.

  143. Sara Wilcox

    I need to be more mindful of my portion sizes-there is such a thing as too much of a good thing!

  144. Heather

    I want to try all of your products i hear great reviews from everyone. I would like to lose weight. I want to set a goal and stick with it! I’ve had three kids and haven’t been able to take the weight off. Can’t wait to start!

  145. Darlene

    I just finished the 15 day challenge and it is the first time I have come close to sticking to any kind of schedule. I really liked the workouts and I am so keen on the meals that you had laid out for us. I have picked up so many tips on eating and the main areas I had problems, not enough water and bad diet with way overload on carbs. I am trying to instill my new found ideas into my lifestyle now. Was awesome .

  146. Sam

    One over really thought about my muscles needing time to repair. I always just thought the more I worked out the better. Definitely will have to make sure I get rest days in regularly. Also need to work on drinking more water! Love all the info I’m getting from your articles and love all the 15 day challenges I’ve done them will many times now thanks 🙂

  147. Liz

    This blog is great! Really good things to think about!

    I tend to struggle with over eating. Not by enough to gain weight but enough to keep me from loosing weight. I am home with two little kids and I eat a quick snack while I do the dishes and when I make lunch and dinner. They are not usually big or high calorie snacks but they add up.

  148. Leah Burgess

    Would love to win this! I think it could help me get past my plateau. I started at 230lbs, now down to 203, but haven’t been able to reach wonderland. My biggest mistake is not eating enough, I try so hard but I think the recipes and shopping list would help me reach a healthy caloric intake.

  149. Angela

    Wow. Too much cardio, not enough protein, and definitely not enough water! Since I sit at a desk most of the day, I’m going to say I should probably add eat too much to the list of mistakes that I need to fix! Good article. I recently joined a couple of women on the same fitness journey. I like having an eating plan and workout that I can follow.

  150. Michelle

    I am working on drinking more water and remembering to eat!

  151. Emma O'Halloran

    I’m guilty of over eating by snacking too much and also not getting enough rest. I’m going to fix these issues!

  152. Cheryl

    While I’m aware of these fun facts, it’s great to be reminded over and over. I fall down on several of these, especially if I’m not paying attention. The biggie for me is accountability–I just can’t seem to find a person or group who will actually push and encourage. So instead, I sign up for challenges and anything “at home” and challenge myself. Thank you for your challenges, opportunities, resources…and this blog!! 🙂

  153. Kelly

    I did know these eight things but now it’s time to follow them ALL! Especially the tracking of food. Especially when I’m not following a meal plan. So easy to go off track and eat WAY TOO MUCH!!

  154. Andree

    My BIGGEST fitness mistake is not enough water! I drink when I workout but not any other time during the day. I need to start recording my intake, and start keeping water by my bed for when I wake up. I should invest in a reusable water bottle.

  155. Kelly Keener

    I have learned that it is important to record progress. It’s hard to see yourself everyday and see how much change is going on.

  156. Brandy Donald

    I am very into eating healthy and staying fit! But sometimes I find myself struggling because life gets really busy. After reading this article, I think I’ve figured out what I need to fix….and that’s maybe a little bit of everything. As a working mom, I am always on-the-go. I wake up in the morning and drink a protein shake on my way out the door. I typically eat a protein bar for lunch because they are easy to stick in my purse. I like preparing quick, healthy dinners for my family after I get home from work. We eat lots of fresh veggies, good protein, and very little carbs or sugar. I workout every night after my kids go to sleep. On the outside it seems like I should have diet and exercise figured out….right? But something’s wrong….something is standing in the way of my fitness goals. Am I eating too little during the day? Am I only doing cardio because that’s what I like best? What is it going to take to get the results that I want? Like I said previously, after reading this article I think it might be a little bit of everything. But just so I don’t feel overwhelmed….I am going to start with #1. I need to fuel my body for the day….not just grab what’s easy.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      That’s great Brandy! I recommend trying to meal prep! That way you have foods ready for your whole day! Lindsey’s challenge is great because it is designed to help you fuel your body for results!

  157. Ann Bewley

    Fitness mistakes (opportunities ☺) for me to work on is definitely eating too much/little, and logging my workouts.

    I’m never sure of amounts so I either under or over eat. And, until, recently, never put much stock in recording workouts. But lately I’ve been thinking trackable successes and challenges would be good to see.

  158. Sharron Hayes

    I definitely need to drink more water. I have a huge weakness for soda and apparently I have been dehydrated for a while. I just started drinking more water and cutting out soda yesterday.

  159. Shelby

    The fitness mistake I want to fix is not eating enough then snacking on not healthy options.

  160. Mary

    I think doing this program would help correct my problems of only doing cardio and eating you many calories.

  161. Kayla Keeton

    This is a great article ! A lot learned. My fitness mistakes are eating too much, not recording all my progress and thinking cardio is the most important. Now I know what I need to do less or and more of 😃 Happy Mother’s Day

  162. Carissa

    I know for certain I do not get enough protein, especially knowing how much I should have from a macros standpoint. I will make a conscious effort to consume more protein!

    I will try to drink more water, too. I also tend to slack with tracking my progress and will be more attentive to that!

  163. Becky Zimmerman

    I need to fix my portions into smaller meals and see if that will assist with revving my older metabolism. Instead of a larger lunch, I will divide into two meals to make this work.

  164. Tisha

    Loved the article. I’ve done your 15. Day challenge and it was good. I struggle with the food aspect so the fit challenge I think would do me some good. I think I need a very detailed meal plan. Thanks for the motivation.

  165. Danielle

    The fitness mistake I need to fix is not eating enough. I definitely don’t eat enough to fuel my activity level. It’s hard.

  166. Michelle Trask

    Something very hard for me is getting my water intake. I need to fix this mistake in order to be successful.

  167. Shalie

    Being skinny and being fit are two different things. I graduated nursing school this Friday and I have gained 51 pounds in the course. I started Ideal lean a few months ago with protein powered vitamins, fat burner, and probiotics. I started feeling much better even though I have only lost 9 pounds. I learned how being fit really helps your body every part every system it prolongs life it relieves depression and lowers stress all of which I need after that journey. Being fit will fix me by keeping me healthy and allowing me to continue my journey in life with my kids and career. Being fit fixes so many things in life if people would just see it isn’t about skinny it is about fit. When you are fit though the benefits will follow allowing you to achieve your dream body no matter the size of you fit ur in 😉

  168. Meghan

    I need to learn how to eat more. As a busy mom working full time night shift I often go without meals either because I forget or because I’m just so busy. I definitely under eat and if is probably hurting my losing the baby weight.

  169. Payton

    I loved this article. It points out some of the mistakes I’m making through out my fitness journey. I need to get more protein intake and calorie intake. I learned that calories in do not equal calories out. I have to feed my body the good carbs and calories if I want to see results 🙂

  170. Kylie Miller

    I know that I need to be drinking more water and be more intentional about increasing my weights each workout. There are some workouts where I think “yeah I can totally go up!” While some are more difficult. I think pushing myself to go heavier and increase my water intake will really help! I’m so thankful for this community, tips and ideas! I’m loving the results I’m seeing!

  171. TomiJo

    Mistakes I need to correct = eating too little and not enough water.

  172. Andrea

    BLTs are a big thing for me. Thank you, I’ll work on it 🙂

  173. Isabelle

    This article explains very well the importance of a well balance healthy lifestyle. Too little or too much of something can easy throw one of there fitness journey or challenge. The importance of drinking plenty of water and not going solo, are key points for that I can definitely improve on. These along with all other tips are what will help me with my new lifestyle instead of it being just another one of those diets! My 17 year old daughter and I are going to start the 15 day challenge this Monday, looking forward to it, being accountable to her, makes her a great partner as I do not want to disappoint her. She only wants to do this together if I can commit to the plan, she’s such a source of encouragement to me. Thank you Lindsey for this opportunity to win this great Mother’s Day prize!

  174. Niki

    The fitness mistake I will fix would have to be eating too much. I do really well during the week at work, but on the weekends when I’m home with the family, it’s more difficult to not over eat. I also need to make time to workout.

  175. Jennifer Greene

    I loved this article! I learned so much about how to best meet my goal of becoming toned and lean. For a skinny girl I have some work to do! I always thought cardio was best, but I was wrong. I need to do some weightlifting and resistance training! I am so glad I found this site! It has changed the way I workout and now I am on my way to my goals!

  176. Joyce

    I certainly need to eat more protein, drink more water and very my exercise!

  177. Lyn

    I healthy but I eat too much. I also do not consistently record my food for the day. I am trying to improve taking one day at a time. 😀

  178. Swiss

    I have never taken progress pictures before and my weight never really changed much. But I learned that recording my progress is important. Small changes in body composition are not obvious in the mirror but will be visible in pictures.

  179. Beth

    I’ve learned a few things in this article! The one I think everyone should hear is that eating too little can hinder your fitness progress. So often we hear that 1200 calories is the magic number for weight loss, but as this article stated it can have a negative effect on burning fat and losing muscle.

  180. Taylor Peterson

    The thing I have the hardest time with getting enough protein! I have started doing the protein shakes. I just need to keep improving my food choices!

  181. Fanny McPhie

    The biggest mistake I make is not drinking enough water. I hate water, I never crave it or want it. I need to MAKE myself drink more… yuck

  182. Ashley Paisley

    My fitness mistakes that I want to fix are my protein intake and water intake. It’s hard to manage getting enough protein and water when I’m a mom, wife, and work full time on the night shift. My plan is have to have my water ready the day before and set alarms to remind me to drink my water. I plan on shopping smarter for the whole family. I think it will be easier if I don’t have to make extra meals that are not necessarily healthy. I really want to get on track and be better for myself and show my daughter the importance of being healthy. By winning the 6 week challenge packet, I can get the jump start I need to getting where I want to be!

  183. D

    All of the above – good reminders. I tend to need a poke to eat enough, eat protein, do resistance training, drink more water, and be patient. Thanks for reminding me to keep a journal.

  184. Heidi Loftus

    Lessons learned: It is okay to take time for yourself after becoming a Mommy! In fact, you are a better Mom for it. It is also okay to have an online workout team. As a parent there is always something happening in our day to day lives and being flexible about when you get that workout in is key as is sharing your progress and struggles with an online buddy, the feedback is invaluable!

  185. Aviva

    The mistakes I have made are not drinking enough water or eating enough protein. Working on both of those.

  186. Jackie Hopkins

    My biggest fitness mistake is not eating enough and not getting enough sleep. I eat and enjoy a lot of carbs since I am a vegetarian, so it can be hard at times to incorporate enough protein in my diet. Also, I am a full time college student, so it can be difficult to get enough sleep while going to the gym, working, and going to school. I want to get more sleep and put more protein into my diet. This is why I would be very fortunate if I were to win. Thankyou.

  187. Melissa

    I will stop late night snacking on chips and nuts, cut down on drinking alcohol and coffee and I promise to get more sleep!!!

  188. Yesenia Galvan

    I tend to not eat enough in the morning and afternoon. Once dinner comes around I eat too much.

  189. Kourtney

    I need more cardio! I lift 3x a week and usually some ab work on my days off but I have to amp up my cardio, I know I don’t get enough of that!

  190. Carrie

    I need to hydrate! I was doing really well for a couple months and then life happened. Working in health care is the hardest place to make sure you get enough water: 12 hour shifts with just enough time for one bathroom break…

  191. Amanda

    I usually eat too little, and I already know this (although I always eat when I’m hungry). I have trouble finding meal plans that work for me, though, because I’m a single mom with two boys. I don’t have the time or money to make separate meals, and although they eat vegetables, they never like the recipes included with fitness plans (or any meal plans; the recipes are usually kind of weird, honestly).

  192. Stephanie Miller

    I’ve had an ongoing problem with all of these! I think my biggest ones though are not eating enough and not drinking enough. The 15 day challenge is teaching me how much I should be eating and drinking, but there’s still a lot of work to do to learn to do that for the rest of my life.

  193. JH

    I want to exercise enough….and fear if I don’t exercise, it’s not enough. So that might be what I will focus on…..to get enough but not too much…

  194. Tana Sanchez

    I learned that I need to drink more water and not over eat.

  195. Raquel Mejia

    I would love to win this challenge right in time for Mother’s Day! As a mother my biggest mistake is “not having enough time” which leads me to doubling up on exercises. If I win this I would find and make the time. I will also better manage my water intake. I get so dehydrated and it takes a toll on my muscles and energy! Hoping to win! I did the 15 day challenge and found a New interest in fitness. I couldn’t even do a squat on day one; no really my boyfriend had to hold me the whole time. By day 15 I was on my own, killing it! I’m excited to go further in my fitness journey 😉

  196. Joy Stokes

    Definitely eating too little! Need to work on getting in more protein and water as well!

  197. Erika

    A huge fitness mistake I make is not drinking enough water. I’m not often thirsty and don’t drink much of anything, which I know is terrible. I’ve gotten slightly better at forcing myself to drink water, but I’m still only drinking about 2 bottles a day. I’ve found drinking out of a container with a straw helps me, so I’m hopeful that will enable me to get closer to drinking a gallon a day!

  198. aubrey switzer

    hello! i would like to enter the giveaway for the free 6 month trial! it sounds so perfect and i really try to stay under a certain calorie intake but want to start counting macros so my calories are coming from a good place!

  199. Haley Lueck

    My biggest struggles are blts and not enough protein. I’ve always been more about working out but haven’t given my diet the change it needs. I know this 6 week challenge will give me that start I need to change my eating habits!

  200. Samantha Rodriguez

    This is a fantastic article, I’m really hoping to win your 6 week challenge for my mom… shes really motivated to get back in shape after 3 kids… and this would be the perfect gift for her to really follow through with the results shes been working for!!!

  201. Dena McTaggart

    What Fitness Mistakes will I fix?
    I will fix eating properly and working out more constantly. I have joined the gym at my college and I am going to take a friend and start lifting more weights I need to strengthen my upper body and tone my mid-section after having two beautiful babies. Im going to stop making excuses and get better fit and healthy for my family.

  202. barb bench

    I do everything wrong. Sometimes I eat too much and other times way too little. I do cardio and not weights. I have watched the weight creep on for years and diet and exercise to no avail. I do drink a lot of water – so I got one thing right. This challenge may be just what I need.

  203. Tracy

    I definitely do not drink enough water!! Also, it’s not on here, but I don’t exercise…I need to start, just not really sure what to do that isn’t cardio based. Going to look at a gym today, actually! I’ve been tracking macros, getting enough protein, but have hit a stall. Probably time to add some activity.

  204. ashley rickard

    My goal is to keep trying to make better food choices and make sure I’m meeting my protein each day. Would love to win this!!!

  205. Jyoti Minhas

    The fitness mistakes that I will correct are: not enough protein, not drinking enough water, and not recording my progress. I typically focus on calories more than what types of food my body truly needs. I also forget to document and measure progress, so these are things that I will work on.

  206. Kelly

    I am thankful I came across this article! I tend to make the mistake of not eating enough and not eating enough protein! But I am a very picky eater so it makes it hard for me to get the correct amounts daily. I love that I came across this article!!

  207. Jacqueline decker

    2 fitness mistakes I need to fix eat more and include more protein!!

  208. Samantha

    I need to work on getting more protein and more water into my diet! And find a buddy for accountability!

  209. Nicole

    Fitness mistake I need to correct is staying consistent with exercises. I do a challenge then take a break. I also need to eat more protein daily to balance and keep me fuller throughout the day.

  210. Tonya

    I would love to win this challenge. I need to not do too much exercise and not get enough protein and Bcaa to build muscle and recover.

  211. Tammi Thiemann

    Biggest mistake is not imagining a renewed you! first you need a goal one that is achievable and now I just have to add on the layers exercise eating sleep! imagine how you’ll overcome obstacles and now you can smash and surpas!! Then you will see results that picture you created in your mind will be you!!!!

  212. Eliana

    Thankyou so much! This is exactly what I needed. Summer is coming and the pressure about having a perfect summer body is really high. I definitely am going to fix working out to much, and fix eating to little. So far non of the programs seem to work so I hope that this might change it😊

  213. Anastasia Beebe

    I have been eating way to much recently since I’m home from college. I find myself eating a lot when I’m bored and have nothing to do. In college I was going to the gym regularly and was so busy I didn’t have time to just snack whenever I wanted and I was making a lot of progress with my body. Now I’m gaining weight and I can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror.

  214. Sierra Kahrau

    Fitness mistake I will fix: a combo between one and two. I’ll eat too little during the day, and then binge at night! I need to start healthy snacking, control portions, and eat throughout the day to increase metabolism! This will help! Thank you!

  215. Joni Fleck

    My two mistakes are exercising too much and not letting my body recover and not eating enough protein in my diet. Thanks for the tips! Hoping to win the Mother’s Day giveaway, fingers crossed

  216. Sarah McMurchie

    The Fitness mistake I would like to fix is realizing that my body need PROPER fuel in order to preform at its best. I thought I was giving my body premium fuel by just eating mainly vegetables.. when in reality I was starving my body of precious nutrition. I was so lost why haven’t seen results of my hard work in the gym. However, have come to the realization that I need to fix my work in the kitchen… protein is key! Along with carbs and dairy! Balance balence balence. Gotta fix it

  217. Candace bridges

    Stop exercising so much will change to you videos and then classes in afternoon

  218. Reed Williams

    I will fix going solo & not giving myself enough rest time!

  219. Deava

    So, my problem is definitely turning to not eating because it’s just easy! With a stressful schedule as a nurse: 12hr shifts 3xs/WK (days, nights, weekends, weekdays) that vary, it makes it difficult to stick with a workout routine and meal prep appropriately, especially while married. My goal is to get back on track and fix this. I also want my mom to have a guide on healthy eating. She had a gastric bypass years ago and now has problems keeping her sugar from dropping so she turns to unhealthy sugars and sweet tea constantly. Would love for us to do this as a team!

  220. Kimberly Malmborg

    The biggest fitness mistake I would fix is the idea that fat is bad for you. Healthy fat is so important, especially when it comes to longer distances. So if your doing 45-60 minutes of long slow distance (running, swimming, biking, etc) then your body is going to use fat as energy so it’s important to keep those readily available. The problem with low fat or fat free foods, that normally have higher fat content, is that when made low fat or fat free, there is a higher SUGAR content. The enemy is sugar. Sugar is what is making America fat– not fat. Going sugar free would substantially help with weightloss and help you get to where you want to be!

  221. Gabby

    I’ve actually been planning to go to the gym twice a day over the summer so I’m glad I read this! I think I make many of these mistakes! I definitely don’t consume the correct amount of grams of protein on a daily basis, I don’t ever record my progress, and I don’t ever drink enough water. When I work out I also only concentrate on the same body parts every time, so I think that could also count as “too much exercise.” And during the school year I work out alone, which is definitely not as encouraging and effective as going with a friend!!

    1. Gabby

      My mom also REPEATEDLY does your 15 day challenge at home. At the end of every phone call she’s like, okay time to do my Lindsay! And I just laugh. I think this would be an amazing gift for her; one which we’d both definitely benefit greatly from

  222. Katie Shiell

    The biggest mistake for me is not drinking enough water! Second, my next problem is having BLTs – bites, licks, and tastes. It’s so hard for me to resist temptation because I used to never have to worry about what I ate when I was a gymnast and then later played tennis. Most of my friends don’t care about dieting and eating healthy and like to eat delicious and unhealthy food. I have been doing so much better than I used to. I used to drink A LOT of sweet tea every day and almost no water! But now drinking that much sweet tea hurts my stomach and it’s too sweet for me. But I still need to be drinking more water and sticking to my goals. I am working on meal prepping for Trainer Lindsey’s 15 day fit body challenge and I’m so excited to start! Everyone has amazing results and I can’t wait to be back in shape and happy and healthy again!

  223. Dawn White

    I need to get accountable again. I was so much more consitent when I had an accountability partner that I checked in with every day.

  224. Nikki

    Great article! I often eat too little or too much depending on the day, could use to find that perfect balance to shed the extra fluff. Hoping this challenge might help me with getting the right macros and calories!

  225. Tara

    Can’t wait to start this challenge and see where it takes me! Just feel like I need a little more motivation, going solo is gonna hard!

  226. Alison Marona

    I have learned that I need to eat more and exercise more. I have not been eating the proper calories and I only work out about 3x a week. I have already cut out the bad stuff from my diet and am ready to change to a better me.

  227. Sara

    I am guilty of the BLT! I’ll eat mini candy bars from the receptionist desk at work and think no big deal it’s so small. Or I’ll be chopping things for dinner and popping every couple pieces into my mouth. This is one thing I really need to fix.

  228. Serena Wright

    Omgosh…I have made so many of these mistakes!! Too much cardio, not eating enough, not recording my progress, exercising too often, not drinking enough water!!! If I were to change just one thing, it would be balancing my workouts. Balancing cardio and weights, taking rest days.

  229. Shelley

    BLT reminder was good! I wasn’t aware of how much I do this when making kids breakfasts and lunches and all those extra calories! Love your challenges!

  230. Tooba Imran

    I have learned that water is the key. Not only does that help in burning fat faster, it aids in faster recovery and more efficient performance during high intensity workouts .

    Thank you!

  231. Heather

    I need to avoid going solo and work on recording my progress. Taking selfies of my “before” has always been intimidating so I’ve avoided it.

  232. Ashley Grijalva

    Eating more protein and recording my progress are 2 of the biggest things I need to fix. I get shaky if I wait too long between meals and I think it’s because I don’t consume enough protein. Tracking my progress will help me keep momentum for days I’m struggling and think I haven’t made any difference.

  233. L.M.

    My biggest mistake is not drinking enough water!! I work in a super busy environment (hospital) and I easily forget to hydrate. I’m not gonna lie– I carry a full water bottle back and forth to work sometimes! It’s bad. My solution recently has been trying to add lemon or other fruits to my infuser water bottle, so it doesn’t feel like a drag. Or adding my BCAAs!! It’s been making a difference, but I have a ways to go.

  234. Melissa

    So helpful! My biggest thing is the overeating the mindless grazing and not getting enough protein, it is hard when you don’t eat meat to get the right amount of protein and balance.

  235. Heidi Salas

    I am eating healthy, but working out or exercising at all is a struggle. I did the 15 day challenge & loved the workouts every day. I just need a plan to follow ☺️

  236. Camden

    This is a great blog post because it’s a great reminder to us all the many components we need to keep in mind while we are trying to lose weight. I’m the person who eats too many calories because I purposely won’t track my food intake on my calorie app, and just keep track in my head when I know I want to “cheat.” And because I don’t see results as fast as I want, I give up after a few weeks! I want to do this program and stick with it so I can have the energy and the health to keep up with my kids. As a working mom I NEED to do something to improve my health long term!! I hope I win this Mother’s Day giveaway for the 6 week challenge!!! Thanks Lindsay!!!

  237. Tiffany R

    More protein and goodbye BLT’s!!!!! I am not a big fan of meat, so I need to put more effort into other whole sources of protein. And I am terrible about bites, licks and snacks!

  238. BJ

    Planning, planning planning!!!! I am TERRIBLE at meal prep. This is my biggest downfall. Working out is the easy part!

  239. Maricela

    Thank you for this article. I did the 15 day challenge a couple weeks ago and I absolutely loved it! I definitely saw results and I felt happier and healthier. I did notice at the beginning of the challenge that I was NOT drinking nearly enough water. When I stepped up my game and started drinking more water I noticed within a few days my skin got clearer and I felt less bloated. I still fll off the bandwagon here and there and this article helped boost my motivation to drink more. thanks again!

  240. Hadassah

    What a great post! Over my fitness journey, I definitely feel like I have learned all of these. I think tracking my food was the biggest eye opener – I wasn’t eating enough protein and my portion sizes were way too big.
    I think another mistake people often make, and I struggle with this too, is to slack off on nutrition and workouts on weekends. It is so easy to sleep in, go out to eat too much, and not find time for the gym. However if you add up all of your Saturday and Sundays that you take off, that’s almost 2 weeks of not staying on track – which obviously can affect seeing results.

  241. Sarah

    This sounds great! One mistake I would like to fix is eating too little. I tend to become restrictive when trying to lose weight which then hinders my progress because it affects my mood, energy levels, or leads to a carb binge. This sounds like the perfect program to help keep me on track!

  242. B Jenkins

    I have baby twins so my schedule is hard to rely on most of the time, but I also want to try to schedule exercise with others so I don’t have to go solo all the time. Something I can control, regardless of my and others’ schedules, and I am going to improve on is recording my progress (have never done that, oops).

  243. Stephanie

    Eating more and drinking more water are two take aways from the article…. I need to do both.

  244. Kate Haines

    I would love to do the challenge! I’m doing the 15 day challenge and I’m on my 2nd round.
    My problem is not the motivation, I love to workout! I do the workouts 6 days a week and go to the gym 4 days a week (lifting weights, cardio just to warm up). My problem is the eating – I think I don’t eat enough and that’s why I don’t see the results I want to see.
    I hope that the 6 week challenge can help me to fix it!

  245. Sherry Daigle

    My biggest mistake the amount I eat. Need to downsize my portions.

  246. Cathy Jacoby

    My biggest fitness mistakes that I am working on fixing is eating too little and exercising too much. When the scale doesn’t move, I feel like eating less and moving more must be the only solution.

  247. Ellen kraft

    My biggest mistake I’d like to fix is not eating enough protein but also over eating thinking I can put work the extra calories I ate that day. It’s a vicious cycle but I’m determined to fix it. I just had baby number 4 and would love to use the challenge to get myself started off on the right foot. Thanks for the consideration!

  248. Tara Gonga

    I find my self not eating enough and not having a workout partner. I find motivation from group challenges. They keep me on track and hold me accountable!

  249. Ashley Norton

    I’ve learned so much from this blog. I have always eaten healthy and worked out regularly and I still do not have the results that I was hoping for. The two mistakes that I want to change the most are weightlifting and resistance training and a proper diet. I’ve always stuck to tons of cardio. I know know that to get the tone I want I need to get the amount of protein my body needs and incorporate weightlifting into my workout routine and use cardio in between. I also need to have meals and snacks prepared that are going to burn more fat during my workout and throughout the day instead of burning muscle. It is not all about calories either. I’m so excited to make these changes to complete my ultimate fitness goal.

  250. Yoko Nicholas

    My fitness mistake… It is always treating myself too much. I will train myself to have a strong will to achieve what I want. I think this program is total fit for my thoughts and achieve my goal!!!

  251. Laura

    Love all the info!! I need to fix not eating enough and recording my progress. I never seem to be able to fit in all the food you should eat. I know it’s important but some days it’s just hard. I also rely on the scale too much. I definitely need to stop that!!!

  252. Kristin

    I would love to do this challenge. I need to fix my nutrition and really need the guidance and support.

  253. Kelsey Johnson

    My name is Kelsey Johnson, I started ordering ideallean protein and pre -workout and it is a game changer!!!
    I now look forward to my protein shakes and getting pumped for a work out. I love what this company is all about and look forward to reading the emails and Instagram posts to help keep stay motivated. I have been on a clean eating plan for 3 months and this past email reminded me to keep eating more protein and stay hydrated.
    I have stopped eating as much protein due to a busy life and not enough time to prepare meals. But I will keep trying and increase my protein!
    Thanks idealfit 👍🏽💪🏽

  254. Shanise

    Great article and all sooo true. I need to fix my eater habits and recirdung my measurements. It would so help me see my progress better.

  255. Emma

    I would fix the mistake of eating the wrong foods and not exercising enough by eating more protein and doing this with a friend.

  256. Jennifer

    The fitness mistake I will fix is eating too much or too little. I think that’s my biggest challenge!!!! Thanks for this great article

  257. erin

    There are couple fitness mistakes i need to fix! it is so hard for me to drink enough water (mostly because i get tired of having to pee all the time) i used to be able to drink a gallon a day but have gotten out of that habit. I also need to fix eating too little. i never know how much i’m supposed to eat and what kinds kinds of things i’m supposed to eat. my mom and i have been talking for months about starting a workout plan together and i really hope this will get us the motivations we need! thank you!

  258. Noelle Perry

    I’m ready to start eating healthier always, the 15 day challenge was great, but I want a.new lifestyle!

  259. Michelle

    What Fitness Mistakes Will You Fix?

    My Mom and I are new to the IdealFit Program. We both love to walk and run for our exercise. When I was training for a 5k, I purchased one tub of the ideal lean protein powder and I loved it! It was a great pre workout drink!

    My mom and I want to take our exercise to the next level! I was reading this blog and I saw that one of the topics was ‘Too Much Cardio.’ We feel like we don’t get enough weightlifting and resistance in our weekly workouts. We want to fix this mistake, but we don’t know the proper way to train with the weights.

    I would love to be able to surprise her with the 6 week Fit Body Challenge Program for Mother’s Day! It would be so much fun to do these workouts with her before I leave for college!

  260. Stacey Just

    My biggest mistakes are not drinking enough water and snacking with my sons!

  261. Ali Toye

    The fitness mistakes I am going to fix are not drinking enough water and not getting enough protein. I am a full time college student, who works two jobs, and I don’t always have time to make 3 balanced meals a day so I know I’m not getting as much protein as I should. I’ve been using ideallean protein for a few months now, as well as the bcaas and I’ve been loving them! Starting this summer (now that my classes and internship are finished) I am going to focus on my nutrition and weight training more.

  262. Dorothy Nunley

    I have made a few mistakes; a win here would help to fix that,
    I need to fine tune my resolve 🙂

  263. Kelsey

    I learned that cardio is not the best way to slim down and get the body I want. cardio seems to burn more muscle than fat, and that’s why I was struggling to see change.

  264. Joy

    I know for sure I eat far too much, and normally it’s absolutely the wrong stuff 🙂 I need to find a way to stop the emotional eating. I just haven’t found what works for me yet.

  265. CV

    The mistake I will improve would be to not go solo; I need someone with me to provide me with encouragement. I tend to get frustrated at myself, either not being able to do something, or eating the wrong things and not seeing progress. Then I quit. But if I found a buddy to work with me, especially with my hooping, I believe I could stick with it and not feel like such a failure.

  266. Erin Owens

    I want to do this challenge with my mom! Over the past year we have lost a combined 125 lbs. I think this would be a great adventure for us to take together. I loved that the thing I struggle with was in this article. Too much exercise is bad. I have started to love working out and sometimes do too much. So that was a great reminder for me that I can get results in 30 minutes.

  267. Dallas Moreno

    Oh man, I need to eat more protein (just started tracking my macros) I almost always fall short. And water!! Need to up my water intake big time. I always start to get discouraged when I look at the scale and see little or no movement in numbers when I’ve been working hard that week. Measurements are huge and would keep me more motivated than stepping on the scale.

  268. Rachel

    Ive learned in this article just how bad not eating enough is harmful. I struggle with not eating enough and that is something i have to fix along with having an accountability partner, being consistent and taking progress pictures and measurements.

  269. Irmairis Torres

    I’m no expert at working out so I know I make a lot of mistakes. (Especially after reading this article) I’ve recently lost 13 pounds and my goal is to be 115. I’m now six pounds away from my goal weight. However, I have noticed that although I’ve accomplished to shed some weight, I’m not quite as toned as I hoped to be. One of my mistakes is eating too much. I’ve done a lot better in the past couple months. However, I still find myself cheating about once or twice a week. :/ I also need to increase my water intake. I’ve gotten a little better at this, however, (again) there are days (such as my day off work) where I slack on drinking water. And of course the buddy system! What greater way to workout than having a friend to encourage you and push you when you feel like giving up! 🙂

  270. Jennifer Lee

    The Fitness Mistake I will Fix: I think I often eat too little. It’s hard to judge how much food and in what amounts are needed. I realize that, in order to lose weight, I need a calorie deficit. That’s what I’m aiming to do. I use The My Fitness Pal app to track my meals, Macros, etc..and I’m very honest about what I consume (even on bad days). But there are many days where the app “reprimands me” for eating too little. I don’t include my exercise to increase my daily caloric needs, in order to achieve the deficit. I’m not sure if that’s the correct thing to do, having calculated my BMR for my activity level. These are things I’m learning, along with consulting an RN and seeking advice from inspiring and motivating ladies such as yourself. Thank you for all your help. Here’s to a chance to be selected as the 6 week chalenge winner. Unfortunately, I’m also a caregiver for my mother who is only 60 years old and has Stage 5 Frontal Temporal Dementia….having “lost” her in the past year is very devastating. I’ve lost my confidant and my friend. I know she’d be proud of me though…

    Thank you for taking the time to read my entry.

  271. Deb Garcia

    Hello, I really struggle with knowing how many calories I should get a day. I am III time thyroid cancer survivor and my metabolism is quite out of whack. I have gone in and had my RMR done and both times it said I’m at about 1200 calories per day which the doctors thought was a bit low but they said could be because I don’t have a thyroid. I would really love to build some muscle but I never know if I’m eating enough or not I work out fairly consistently and eat very clean I just don’t know how many calories I should get in to build muscle… I’m 48 and really enjoy my workouts but I’m just looking for some better results. thank you for any advice.

  272. Karen B

    My biggest fitness mistake is too much cardio. I have always spent 30 to 45 minutes on the treadmill or stair master and have not seen the results I have been looking for. Participating in the 15 day challenge has been incredible. I started seeing results immediately and the whole workout was 30 minutes. I was never bored and actually looked forward to the next workout!

  273. Sarah

    My biggest mistake is probably not getting enough protein. I don’t eat much meat and that makes it a little harder to get enough protein in.

  274. Ana Robins

    I am definitely an over eater, that’s my downfall. I do a lot better when I log my food.

  275. Angela DeCanio

    My two biggest pitfalls from this list
    1. Not recording progress: I am horrible about taking pictures and writing down my starting points and progression. I struggling with seeing the numbers and bring so critical of my pictures…. So I skip this step all the time. I definitely am working on recording.
    2. A support system: I try and do it solo as to not let people down; however, I’ve learned I need that support even if it is posting to a group page on Facebook, it holds me accountable. At first I looked at it as people didn’t care what it how I was doing, but the 15 day challenge group had been so supportive that they’ve made me change my thought process. Everyday I look forward to posting my accomplishments!

  276. Barbara Gillespie

    Biggest challenge doing this alone. Also probably more important I am 60 years old.

  277. Lynda Wilson

    I would fix 2 fitness mistakes. I would fix not eating enough and not drinking enough water.

  278. Jerica Lewis

    I want to do this challenge. I haven’t found a routine to keep on and there are things on here like the protein and the enough water that I dont do. I also wake up early in the morning and do a lot of walking at work and by the time I get home I’m exhausted. But who doesn’t need alittle motivation.

  279. Michele

    I have a really hard time finding the balance between eating too little and eating too much. I never have been able to hit that sweet spot. Would love to give your method a try!

  280. Connie

    I will be more consistent. I know I don’t eat enough also. I have such a busy life that I tend to be stretched all the time and then what lags is the stuff for me. But I want that to change. I love ideal products and love Lindsey. So I’m going to aim for consistency and succeed.

  281. Tiffany S Scott

    I actually make a few of these mistakes but I have to say my biggest one is the mindless snaking. Second pretty big one is not doing weight training. I love cardio but weights, not so much!

  282. Angela Munda

    The mistakes that keep me from losing fat and getting toned is eating too much. I feel guilty for doing so and would eat too little after. I don’t also drink a lot of water and I exercise alone. I wish to correct these mistakes and be healthier.

  283. Jacqueline Beebe

    Most of the time I don’t eat often enough to fuel my body and that leads to overeating what I should be. I would love to win one of the free 6 week challenges and wish everyone else good luck 🙂

  284. Elizabeth Marcello

    The one thing that I’m always tempted to do is get back in the gym too quick, but this article reminded me that the recovery process is KEY to building muscle!!

  285. Emily

    The biggest mistake I used to have is going solo. I always wanted to workout alone and keep to myself at the gym because I always thought everyone was judging me. I now know that this is not the case at all and no one cares what you are doing at the gym. I now have a boyfriend that loves working out just as much, probably more, than I do and he is a great motivator. I have also learned that it is good to be social at the gym because you can learn so much from the other individuals that are there and plus it’s a great way to make friends!

  286. Kristy Crusan

    Learning to make myself a priority! With five kids I have to make a point to do this if I want to be around to help them grow and watch their children some day!

  287. Krista

    Hi ladies, I started my fitness journey wanting to be a “skinny girl”, it wasn’t until I changed my mindset to being healthy and fit, rather than skinny, to see real changes in my body. My mom had a stroke around the age I am now (41) and I decided that that was not going to be me. My heaviest recorded weight was 194, and I am currently between 126-130…the definition in places I have always hated makes me proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. I just started ideallean and the 15 day challenge about a month ago. I love the products and the workouts. You ladies are awesome and make this a very eassy process. Thank you for all that you do to help women gain confidence and love for themselves!

  288. Amanda Leigh cable

    I think what I struggle with is not eating enough protein and not drinking enough water also snacking is a problem for me

  289. Denae Dorian

    I learned that I need to give my body a rest and allow it to recover and not exercise everyday.

  290. Nina

    Definitely just saved this to my pins! I am really bad at writing down my progress so I need to work on that. “A goal unwritten is only a dream”

  291. Candice

    Great article !! I’m am definitely sharing with my friends on Facebook. I don’t give my body a recovery period… I had no idea it was so important.. also mindless eating or stress eating I always struggle with! Thank you for the great article

  292. Tracey

    I need to work on recording my progress. I always forget to do this and then get frustrated when I don’t see progress on the scale.

  293. Joye Beth

    I learned that I need to watch out for mindless eating. I need to pay attention to what I eat and track my progress! I also need to make sure I am eating enough protein.

  294. Brenda Barnes

    I eat too many sweets and do not write down my foods that I eat. Double mistake:(

  295. Talia Katz

    I definitely need to fix my recovery habits. When I’m short on time, I often skip stretching and foan rolling, and then Im super sore. If I want to keep getting stronger and keep improving, I got to invest some time in recovering and taking my time to stretch or taking a rest day!

  296. Katie

    I’m guilty of not eating enough. The IdealLean protein is so good that I look forward to it now and don’t have such a tough time getting it all in!

  297. Jissel Reyes

    This post is very informative! I was on a 2 a day exercise program but wasn’t seeing results plus I was always tired. What I would like to fix is drinking my gallon of water a day! My mom and I are planning to make different pitchers of fruit infused water so drinking those gallons a day will be delicious!

  298. Anna

    What fitness mistake will I fix? Not getting enough water! I’m drinking a gallon a day on the 15 day body fit challenge, and I feel much better. I plan to stick to consuming at least a gallon for the rest of the month. It doesn’t feel like a chore to get it down anymore, and I find myself wanting to drink more.

  299. Kristina

    Such great reminders! Growing up, the message was to not to eat to lose weight and I did just that. After restricting for long periods of time, I would start binging so I think years of that pattern, I think, has destroyed my metabolism so the changes I really want to make is to not eat too little and not eat too much! Find the balance. Which hydrating will also assist in the balanced eating. And also record the progress!

  300. Emily

    I didn’t realise there was such a thing as too much exercise and cardio. My favorite thing to do is run but I haven’t been getting results like I wanted and this explains why.

  301. Heather Huffman

    Great blog! I have so many mistakes to fix lol. My problem has always been my eating, whether not enough or too much, and not drinking enough water. I didn’t realize there was a thing as too much cardio so ill definitely be working on that too.

  302. Jessica

    I will drink more water!! I go through phases where I do good then I just regress.

  303. Brittany Roach

    I’m not consistent when it comes to eating healthy and working out.

  304. Ana Suri

    I definitely need to learn to eat a bit better. I have a bit of a ripped look, especially abs but not nearly where I want to be. Great info!

  305. Keri Slagh

    I need to fix my eating habits. I either eat too little or too much.

  306. Darlena Skinner

    I would luv to win the challenge pack,I would fix my eating habits I eat healthy and all just dont enough and Im staying in a plateau and I would fix how many days of exercising I need to fit strenght training in,thanks so much for the awesome giveaway I sure could use this,liked and shared🤞🤞🤞❤❤❤

  307. Maria Johnson

    I will definitely stop eating too little when I try to diet. I drop to 1200 calories a day to try to lose weight and with my height and current weight it’s just not enough to make me stick with it!

  308. Jessica Mason

    I found this article to be very informative. I think I’m guilty of each of these mistakes. My biggest mistake is not drinking enough water. I vow to increase my intake and see what results that can bring to me!!

  309. Liz R

    Number 1 on this list is my biggest problem that I’m trying to fix now! My body hits huge plateaus if I don’t eat enough even if I workout with a program. Going to try to fix this by downloading MyFitnessPal and more on the go snacks

  310. Kari Wheeler

    I’ve learned that I tend to under eat! Work and life gets busy and I forget to take the snack breaks! Doing the 15 day challenge really helped with increasing my daily water intake! I can’t wait to start the 6 week challenge!!

  311. Ash

    Alright, here it goes. I have a few fitness mistakes but I have one that stand out more than the resst, and I’m pretty sure other can agree. My fitness mistake is not following through with my schedule. I organize a plan for when I will work out, and end up not doing it. “Eh, I’ll make it up tomorrow.” Then I end up not doing it. I’m pretty sure we’ve all encountered that, am I right? I’m hoping that this challenge will be able to help me stay on track and help me reach my goal of just living a healthier life. 🙂

  312. Karen

    It’s so easy to not eat enough or eat too much of wrong foods..especially with a family…the 15 day Challenge was good, now if I can not fall into bad habits again. Thanks

  313. Heather

    The fitness mistakes I would fix would be over eating and going solo. I really need a support team with me of my friends but every time I want to workout with them or try healthy recipes they aren’t supportive. I need to branch out and find people who are on the same journey to weight loss as me. And overeating is such a problem! Portion control I know but it gets out of hand bad! Any other tips for overeating at all?

  314. Cynthia Rendon

    Going solo is my mistake. I definitely could use a buddy! ❤️

  315. Nicole

    The fitness mistake I will correct is not eating enough protein. I have been working on this slowly and I never realized how little protein I eat in comparison to what I should be eating. Here is too making better choices and getting that protein in!

  316. Barbara Reformat

    Well I’d like to try this challenge and see if I have the will power to finally stick to it hand loose some pounds. I’ve gained about 40 lbs and am so depressed over this. Love for someone to push me and help me get out of this slump. I’ll have to eat less and exercise my butt off. Good Luck Everyone!!

  317. Stacey Stanley

    Absolutely love ideal fit. The protein flavors are amazing, and receiving emails make me want to work harder!! Thanks for all you do! Keep it up💪

  318. Mackenzie Allen

    I think the one fitness mistake that I alway make is my diet. I get sucked into thinking that something is healthy and making an excuse on why it is. I think the biggest thing that is discussed in this article is eating too much. I have a problem of eating more than I need to. Portion control is my biggest enemy. Along with having a team, I always try to work out by myself but never go as hard as I can but having a team and doing it with a buddy, I know will help me a lot. It has in the past!

  319. Carla

    I need to work on my BLTs…these kill me! A sip of my son’s milkshake, a small bite of a treat, a couple of fries from their plate….these things all add up and I don’t EVER track them (when I am tracking)!

  320. Araceli

    Nutrition is definitely the hardest part for me! Working night shift has be craving all kinds of sweets.

  321. Amanda Legge

    I would add more protein and start recording my results to track my progress..definitely drink more water as well

  322. Jennifer Boomer

    As with other plans I’ve done I have to do better at eating. I never eat enough when working out. I make healthy meals.m, pre-portion, and when it comes time to eat I get distracted with kids, their food, clean up, and everything else and my food remains untouched. Then I reach for quick snacks when stomach starts growling!

  323. Jessica Martin

    One fitness mistake that i always seem to make.. keeping myself motivated and accountable. Ill work out, think “okay thats good enough” and stop.
    But it is never good enough. Need to stop making excesues and get into a good fitness habit!

  324. Jaqnicka Mack

    I would. Love to do this challenge. The thing that me go back is pop and not drinking lots of water.

  325. Barbara

    I need to eat more protein, and lift heavier. Another mistake I make is not recording my weight and taking measurements, I know doing so would help show my progress.

  326. Sarah Reiman

    I struggle with having weeks where I eat really well but don’t exercise enough or exercise regularly but mess up my eating. What’s the best way to find the right balance?

  327. Natalie Hoskin Day

    The biggest thing I will change will be mindless eating and going solo. Which will help with motivation.

  328. Shelley

    I definitely need to fix my mindless eating. I think I am probably right around that extra 300 calories that I don’t notice!

  329. Cindy Phillippi

    I’m 54 years old and have been dieting since I was 13. I started lifting weights when I was 33 for back issues (which went completely away due to strength training)! I always knew that muscle was the first to go, but I didn’t know why. I understand, now, that it’s the hardest for the body to maintain, so that’s why it’s the first on the chopping block! Sometimes, I wish our bodies weren’t so doggone efficient! Thanks for breaking it down for us (no pun intended).

  330. Cheryl Ann

    I’ve learned that I need to reevaluate the amount of blts I have daily. It’s probably the reason I’m not seeing results.

  331. Shilo Stout

    Great Read! I learned there is a such thing as working out too much and it can have a negative impact on your fitness journey. I also learned that not drinking enough water can impact your results. If you are dehydrated your body will retain the water your body already has causing bloating.

  332. Stacia Fannin

    Protein is my friend! Also, I learned that exercising too much is actually a bad thing.

  333. Kathlyn Greubel

    I learned from reading this blog that “If you’re not eating about 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight each day, you’re not getting enough protein.” I have always feared drinking protein shakes, but I now might give them a try. I definitely don’t eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight each day and I can’t do it without adding in a protein drink. BTW I love the 15 day challenge and I just started doing it for the 3rd time! 💕💪🏻

  334. Monica

    What I learned most was the importance of recovery. This stood out most in the article: “When you exercise you’re not actually building muscle, you’re only breaking it down. It’s during recovery that you build more lean muscle. When your body repairs your muscle it doesn’t just restore it. Your body builds more lean muscle, making you even stronger than before!”. Please enter me in the fit body challenge.

  335. Kayla C

    I will learned that having an accountability partner helps you keep your goals. It also gives you great motivation to keep going when you want to give up.

  336. Michelle Bird

    I learned that building muscle occurs during recovery. I also learned more about how much protein you are supposed to eat! Another thing that was important that I took in from this article was how dangerous BLTs are and how easily it can get out of control .

  337. Christine Pereira

    I’ve learned from this article that I have to make sure that I’m incorporating everything daily into my life within moderation. I can’t workout like crazy and not get enough proper nutrition to see the results that I want. And I also learned that to get the lean muscles that I want, I need to allow those muscles a break to create the lean tone I’m dying for! Love this article!

  338. Rachel McKenna

    I learned that exercise doesn’t build muscle it breaks it down!
    I knew recovery was important but now I understand why. Muscles need recovery to repair and build more lean muscle.

  339. Leslie Smith

    I’ve learned a lot about myself on this fitness journey, but what I find most valuable is the support from all the women on this site and how they cheer you on. Answering all the questions and celebrating everyone’s successes it is invaluable because you always feel like your on a team. I have also learned I need to make sure I’m drinking enough water. It’s a struggle.

  340. Bethany Coberg

    I learned that there can be such a thing as too much cardio AND too much exercise. I’ve actually had a hunch about those two things for awhile now. I am definitely not new to fitness but after starting these challenges a few months ago, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I was 20 lbs underweight even after my first child and I now think it was because I never did weight training and just did loads of cardio. The weight training has changed so many things for me. I am a dancer and I was shocked at the improvement in my strength and flexibility after doing these challenges.

  341. Cindy

    I learned that it’s important to not over exercise because you’re not building muscle until your recovery .

  342. Alicia Howser

    I want to win the FBC 6 week program! I knew that rest days were important, but I just learned that they are essential to building muscle after you have broken it down so that you get that toned look.

  343. Morgan

    What I learned from this post: I have made way too many weight loss mistakes without even realizing it! Undereating actually reverses your progress by causing your body to use muscle for energy! It’s also so important to eat enough protein to help build and repair muscle. I learned that Lindsey’s 6 week plan can help a busy college student like me transform my diet and pursue a healthier lifestyle by eating properly and exercising regularly! Thanks Lindsey!!!

  344. Tahnee

    I learned that as much as I hate to I need to take progress pics! I have actually learned a lot of this by doing trainer Lindsey’s 15 day FBC and from following her posts! Thanks for everything and hoping to do the 6 week challenge in the near future!

  345. Susan

    Recovery is important! You need this to help build muscle. I was exercising 7 days and staying sore and tired. And having little results. Once I starting having a rest day every week the results increased tremendously!

  346. Lexie

    I didn’t know you should be getting 1g protien per pound you way? I feel like that is a lot of protien! Do you need that much if you are trying to loose fat or just tone?

  347. Valerie

    I have a learned a great deal from this article. I never thought that you could exercise too much. I now know that recovery is the key to restoring and rebuilding lean muscle.

  348. Jordan

    Numbers and pictures tell stories. In this case they tell you what changes are going on in your body.

  349. Candiece Earley

    I really want to do this challenge! I learned that you are supposed to eat 1 gram of protein per pound. I’m def not doing that!

  350. Jennifer Greene

    I learned that in order for this skinny girl to build lean muscle I need to start weightlifting and resistance training! I ha e always thought that cardio was best for me, but IdealFit has helped me to begin building lean muscles!

  351. Jazz

    I want to do this challenge!! I have learned through that it important to not over excercise because when you exercise you’re not building muscle but that it is only during recovery that you build muscle. I got to find the right balance!

  352. Alesia

    I learned a few things from this article. There is such a thing of too much exercise. I thought working out twice a day, a.m & p.m, wouldn’t hurt. I have recently stopped taking progress pictures and measurements, now I know I need to continue to do so and chart them to see my progress. I think I will make a fitness journey instagram so I won’t be so alone on my journey. Loved the read.

  353. Becky

    I learned that all my cardio isn’t the answer. That’s hard for me but I need to lift more if I want to see results.

  354. Victoria Johnson

    I learned that too much exercise can actually be bad because our bodies need to recover between. And we also need to make sure we get enough of the right food/fuel for all our workouts and life

  355. Vaqtpie7

    Great article! I didn’t realize when you exercise you’re not actually building muscle, you’re only breaking it down. It’s during recovery that you build more lean muscle.

  356. Jennifer

    I’m a huge cardio fan. But I’ve learned so much about what lifting weights can do for my body on this blog!

  357. Roberta Tompkins

    I learned that most people think they have to cut way back on calories and in the end don’t actually eat enough.

  358. C hristina

    So glad I read about the skinny fat. A year ago I would focus only on cardio…not because I was afraid of weights just because I thought cardio would see more results. So glad I switched to a nice combination of cardio and weight lifting!

  359. Alexis Stritzinger

    Well this just explained why I am at a plateau. I have reached my goal weight but still have the “excess padding” that I can’t seem to get rid of. I can say for sure I am eating too much. And I definitely did not know I need to consume 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight every day; I am only consuming about half or less a day.

  360. Brittaney Anger

    I learned that calories in do not equal calories out! Not taking in enough calories, especially that of protein has been keeping me from reaching my weight loss goals for years. I’ve been doing it wrong for so long I’m just happy I know that now 😊

  361. Cydney Jensen

    I learned that it is so important to not eat too little. I have a hard not feeling guilty eating when I am trying to lose weight and often want to skip meals. This was a good reminder that I need to make sure my body is getting enough so it doesn’t shut down my metabolism.

  362. Marissa Bowering

    I knew all this info but it’s always so helpful to be reminded of the things you need to do to really maximize your efforts.

  363. Brittany

    I learned you need to eat enough. I tend to underway which sabotages my weight loss

  364. Anne Clark

    I’ve definitely made most
    of these mistakes but I really liked learning how muscle is “metabolically expensive” and therefore the body will burn muscle when not getting enough fuel. I would love to learn how to eat properly to get toned with FBC six week challenge.

  365. Jenny

    I learned that it’s important to track how much you eat so you don’t under or over eat and they the 6 week body challenge can help make sure you eat and workout the right amount! I would love to try it!

  366. Lexi

    It’s important to make sure you are eating enough food when trying to build muscle. This is probably the biggest problem I have. It’s really hard for me to get enough calories and protein in each day.

  367. Angie Thurman

    Just about done with the 15 day challenge and I have loved it! The thing I learned here is, exercising too much can be a bag thing.

  368. Jodie

    This was a great blog post! One of the things I learned was that I should eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight each day!

  369. Bo sayewich

    Didn’t realize you can eat too little causing more harm than achieving your goal, also interesting how much protein our body needs!

  370. Alaina Skelton

    I learned that too much cardio is not the key to weight loss. You must add in weights to your workout to help build a body of lean muscle.

  371. Candace bridges

    Eating too much or little results in no weight loss

  372. Chau Phan

    I learned about the importance of drinking enough water and all the symptoms of dehydration.

  373. Destiny Larson

    I learned that a lot of people underestimate their calorie intake by 20%! That is a huge amount. I never thought about that until I actually started recorded what I was eating and BLTs were more common in my life style than I really cared to admit!

  374. Yuko Shu

    Not recording myself! I guess I should start doing it now so I can see my progress💪🏻

  375. Ginnie Gartin

    I never knew that there was such a thing as to much exercise, I always thought the more you do the better your results. I think I end up burning myself out on that due to me pushing so that is why I have had so much trouble trying to get it to stick! So much information here!

  376. Mags Tam

    I learned a lot from this blog – thank you! I think the most surprising thing was that no matter how cardio you do, you won’t build muscle and get toned the same way as using weights.

  377. Stephanie carwell

    Idealfit has taught me so much about nutrition and working out. I’m spent several years doing way too much cardio and under eating. Now I understand how to limit my cardio and adjust my nutrition based on what I want my results to be. I love my Idealfit challenges and products.

  378. Autumn Fessler

    I learned that not eating enough and eating too much can harm your progress. It’s important to eat the right amount to get the results you want.

  379. Tanya

    I love this blog post! From this one I learned my biggest fitness mistake is still my BLTs – bites, licks & tastes. I love that reminder! So much mindless snacking can really add up in a week and throw off all my hard work. I need the structure these plans have – they are so easy to follow once I COMMIT to it. All the macros and workouts are already planned – I just have to follow through! And. I. Will.

  380. Nicole

    I never realized that too little food could be just as bad as too much food! I always figured, stay in your calorie range and you’ll be healthy and fit. Now I guess the problem is trying to decide how much is enough for me. I also didn’t know how much protein I really needed to have daily. What a great read! Thanks!

  381. Whitney H

    I learned that not r cording your progress can be detrimental to your results

  382. Kailee P

    I learned that there is such a thing as too much cardio, and that you can under eat (eating less then 1200 calories).

  383. Angie

    I have made a lot of these mistakes and learned a lot. I learned not to rely solely on cardio! Which I have totally done in the past! I now know I need weight and resistance training included! I also learned I need to look more closely at how much I am eating. I am terrible with the blts!!!!

  384. Tam

    This has been a very helpful blog. I learned several little tidbits, but I think the “not tracking your progress and results” might be the missing mistake I have been making in my fitness journey, and why I’m not successful in my outcomes.

  385. Jennifer Robinson

    I learned not recording you progress is hurting you. I weight myself everyday but don’t think to do measurements or even right anything down but now I’m going to work on it. I also didn’t realize going solo can hurt you so much. I like to work out alone it gives me time to think and work harder on me.

  386. Nicole Teele

    The thing I have learned is not recording progress in all forms.. i.e. photos and measurements as well as the scale.
    Sometimes,I focus on the scale tooo much and never truly see how body is changing for the good.

  387. Olímpia movilis

    I loved reading g this blog a lot of good information I learned that eating too little is bad for your body, When you exercise on a highly restricted diet the first place your body goes for energy isn’t fat, it’s muscle. That’s because muscle is considered “metabolically expensive“: it takes a lot of calories to build and maintain muscle. So when your body doesn’t have enough calories, its first response is to get rid of the most expensive tissue.

  388. Joann Vens

    Once I began eating more protein I actually lost weight faster!

  389. Nicole w

    I learned that ‘When you exercise on a highly restricted diet the first place your body goes for energy isn’t fat, it’s muscle.’ This is why I do the 15 day program so I know I’m fueling my body correctly and will be doing the 6 week challenges in the future!

  390. Olímpia movilis

    I learned on this blog that When you exercise you’re not actually building muscle, you’re only breaking it down. It’s during recovery that you build more lean muscle. When your body repairs your muscle it doesn’t just restore it. Your body builds more lean muscle, making you even stronger than before

  391. Andrea Rankin

    This post was great! I learned that eating too little can be detrimental to weight loss….you will actually start losing muscle and not fat!

  392. Jamie Zumhingst

    I learned a lot from this actually. I’m really bad about not fueling myself properly and not getting enough water. I learned that in order to see the reaults I want I need to add more resistance training, instead of focusing so much on cardio!

  393. Lindsay S

    From this I learned that restricting your calories too much prevents your body from building muscle because it uses muscle as fuel instead of fat.

  394. Jillian Bounds

    I learned that eating properly is so important to achieving your body goals! Working out alone can only go so far, so fueling your body correctly is key. That’s a part I have been working on improving over the last few weeks when doing the 15 day challenges 🙂

  395. Denise

    I guess I’ve heard and known about all of these before but the one that resonates with me is “don’t go it alone” I am the lone wolf in my gym (while almost everyone else is training with a PT) working hard 4x per week and I think it is so Important to have accountability!! Someone who is there to support you along the way and someone to just have in your corner!! It is nice to know someone is there and cares and I feel that would help by knowing you are not alone on the journey!!

  396. Adrien Sarauer

    I learned that not recording your progress is a huge mistake. I wish I would have done that at the beginning of my very first workout 2 years ago until now. At times I get so upset because the scale doesn’t move downwards but I have started strength training and I am finally seeing results but nothing to compare the numbers too 🙁

  397. Cheryl Roth

    Was surprised to read and understand that when you exercise on a highly restricted diet the first place your body goes for energy isn’t fat, it’s muscle. That’s because muscle is considered “metabolically expensive“: it takes a lot of calories to build and maintain muscle. So when your body doesn’t have enough calories, its first response is to get rid of the most expensive tissue.

    By restricting your diet too far, you stop burning fat and you start losing muscle. This in turn lowers your metabolism and leads to a more flabby, less toned physique.

    Not restricting my diet any more! 🙂

    1. Cristy Eggers

      While most of the items listed I already knew, it is really important to be reminded of these key points since most of us, myself included, tend to forget or just ignore the basic principles and make simple mistakes. Cheating……hmmm yes that’s a pretty big culprit for me. Not so much with the sweets or extra nibbles, but that occasional glass of wine with a dinner meal is a big no no. Another mistake I make regularly is not getting enough calories as well as enough protein. My work schedule fluctuates so it is difficult to time my meals accordingly.

  398. Amanda Church

    I never knew too much cardio was bad! That was one bug thing I learned. That’s interesting

  399. Sabrina Cook

    I love #7 -record your progress! I spent so much time at the gym doing cardio and weighing in (so many common mistakes!) I’m now 30 with 2 kids and in the best shape of my life thanks to this protein and challenges! It’s so important to step away from the scale and use measurements and how you feel as a gauge because the scale can disappoint you!

  400. Madison Gramling

    I learned that if you are restricting your calories and not eating enough, your body will go to muscle first instead of fat. For me, it’s hard to gain muscle so I need to make sure I am eating enough so I don’t waste any precious muscle gain!

  401. Amy

    I’m thInking my biggest problem with weight loss is the lack of water and eating too little. Can’t wait to see the results after I alter these two. Thanks for he tips!

  402. Jacki Rekow

    The thing I find interesting is that you need 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. I never knew that. I’m curious what going slightly lower dies though? For example if you weigh 135 and are intaking about 125 a day. Does that halt progress or help it? I was just curious. This article had helped me a ton!

  403. Desiree Carlton

    I have learned from this article that when “building” muscle you are actually tearing it down while working out and not giving your body rest days or exercising too much you are not letting the muscle repair its self! Also, why protein intake is very important in muscle building and recovery! I have loved the 15 day challenge and I am so glad you are giving a chance to us to win the 6 week challenge! Thank you!

  404. Jenna Rutherford

    I work out daily for 1 hour and I didn’t really think about this

    ‘When you exercise you’re not actually building muscle, you’re only breaking it down. It’s during recovery that you build more lean muscle. When your body repairs your muscle it doesn’t just restore it. Your body builds more lean muscle, making you even stronger than before!’

    This makes sense! This is something new I learnt! Would love to try out the challenge!! Hope I win as money is tight right now and this would be awesome!

  405. Branwyn

    I more or less knew all of these things, but it’s always good to be reestablished in my mind! Thanks for sharing this blog!

  406. Morgan Myers

    Crazy to learn you can eat too little food!! But makes sense. Need the it to fuel your body!!!!

  407. Michaela Sorvino

    I love this blog. I never thought about how BLTs (bites, licks and tastes) can absolutely ruin a whole day’s worth of eating clean. I have noticed how I track and monitor what I eat all day and then I have the habit of trying a bit of what my kids are eating as I’m cleaning up their leftovers or a bite of my husband’s snack right before bed. As I’m thinking further about this I know it is all about moderation to sustain long term healthy habits. However, when I’m 20 lbs away from my goal weight it really isn’t about moderation at this time because I can quickly add 500 + calories in a matter of seconds and I will never achieve long term weight loss. Great reminder to think about what you put into your body. Thanks for sharing.

  408. Carolyn stipp

    I didn’t realize muscle is broken down in the exercise and built up in the recovery!

  409. Katy

    I learned I might need to be eating more to fuel my workouts!

  410. Sara Walker

    I learned that if you stop eating enough food then you will burn less fat and you will burn more muscle. You need to at least about 1200 calories a day!

  411. Cassandra

    I love the reminder that eating too little is not the key! Thanks!

  412. Valerir

    I learned, if you’re not eating about 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight each day, you’re not getting enough protein! Eat that steak ladies!

  413. Deborah Baldwin

    I have learned that I don’t eat enough food for the amount of exercise I do. I would love to win the 6 week challenge giveaway.

  414. Mariah

    So I’ve definitely made ALL of these mistakes before and I still haven’t figured out how much exactly I’m supposed to be eating. I did learn alot about dehydration and the symptoms amd i will focus on drinking more water than i already do to counteract that! (Who knows, maybe thats why im not losing weight;P) I wish I had support from an outside source but honestly, no one in my life couldn’t care less about health and fitness. That’s why one day i am going to get the 6 week FBC. I have been trying to fit in into my budget but life isn’t having it at the moment. One day I will be able to show my family that it can be done and I’ll show them how much better of a life they could have:) one day! And thank you Trainer Lindsey for all the resources and awesome stuff you do for your communities!♡♡

  415. Deb Peterson

    I have learned it is not all about the cardio – I was only running and running a lot – yes it helped with dropping pounds quickly but it definitely was not healthy. I love that I have learned to incorporate a balance of weights, cardio and yoga to recover. My body thanks me for it.

  416. Taylor Lodewegen

    This is more so a comment than what I’ve learned, but let’s just give ourselves a pat on the back! We have come SO far in the world of exercise and “dieting”. To think that woman a few years back were counting calories, limited certain types of good, and working out till they passed out. Im so happy to see that we have figured it out and are getting smarter by the second. Makes me excited for the future!

  417. Melissa

    From this blog I learned how important recovery is. I used to tend to under eat and over work myself which definitely slowed my progress!

  418. June

    Great info. I learned that eating less isn’t the answer when exercising and trying to lose weight, it’s truly a balance.

  419. Dawn Green

    I learned that you can exercise too much. Never really thought about it being bad for you.

  420. Caitlin

    Eating less food is not any better than over eating. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to what you’re eating!

  421. Nelfa Bice

    Good thing to know that I don’t need to restrict my self to 1,200 calories a day. I was so afraid to eat a lot of course. But eating lesser also is not doing any good to what I want to achieve. Thank you for these 8 fitness mistakes that prevent me from being toned and build more muscles. This is an awareness as much as eating too much. 🙂

  422. Adrienne

    One thing I learned from reading this blog post is the amount of protein necessary according to your body weight that should be consumed to support far loss abs muscle retention. I didn’t realize that we would need 1 oz. for every pound we weigh.

  423. Kim Davis

    something new I am learning about is balance between too much and too little food when trying to loose weight.

  424. Amy

    I learned that women need more protein than I had originally thought.

  425. Carolyn pierce

    Something that I remember my high school trainer teing me that was in the article is that you have to recover from the workout. Its great to be at the gym everyday, but you have to plan accordingly so your body can recover. I severely hurt my knee because I did the same exercise everyday and now I have tendonitis as a result. You can still get workouts in, but space them out. Don’t try to get 3 ab workouts in over 3 days, try to do 1 workout, wait a day or two and then do it again. Great article though!

  426. Lucinda

    There is so much I learned from this blog! Now i know i need more protein and water.

  427. Mary omodio

    Hi my question is if we need 1 gram of protein per pound is ideal fit protien have a higher gram? I currently drink 20 grams of ideal lean. Example I am 5’6 123. Long and lean. So I need 120 grams a day but I do t want to make 5 shakes a day so I’m looking for a higher gram. Does this product carry that?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Mary, so you don’t want to consume all of your daily protein intake in the form of protein shakes alone, drinking 1-3 shakes a day is great, but for the rest of your protein needs you should look to whole foods. So in your diet you should be eating lean meats, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, etc. and that way you will be able to reach your daily protein needs.

  428. Michelle Z

    I am 47 and athletic my entire life. Former runner (5 days a week with 3 days of weight training) until age 45 then my body told me NO more…so I switched to swimming laps 4 days a week for 45 minutes and 2 days a week 50 min weight training. Occasionally I will miss running and be able to pull off a 5 miler at 9 min mile pace. My weight gain despite all this has gradually been 1 pound a year. Age 40 weight 101 lb 5 feet tall now age 47 110 lbs. I sorta have given up on having that toned body of 7 years ago…does your program address the aging athlete ? My diet is very clean. 1300 -1500 Cal a day. More protein based than carb.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Michelle, many women your age have done Trainer Lindsey’s 6 Week Challenge and saw great results! Her challenge is designed specifically to help you lose fat and build lean muscle. The workouts can also be done at home, and you will feel challenged, but most workouts can be done in 20 minutes!

  429. Lynn

    Question: I have a desk job and sit most of the day. I started working out twice a day thinking it would speed up my results. Is that too much?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Lynn, so it depends on how long each exercise session is and the kind of exercise you are doing. IF you are doing cardio in the morning and lifting at night (or vice versa) that’s okay! But we don’t really recommend two heavy lifting sessions in a day. Trainer Lindsey’s challenges are really effective, yet relatively quick. She has a FREE 15 day program, and a 6 Week program. http://www.idealfit.com/15-day-fit-body-challenge.list?widget_id=359563 https://www.trainerlindsey.com/

  430. kelly

    I am looking to build muscle but maintain my weight. I don’t want to lose anymore weight. Would this challenge work for me?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Kelly, yes it would! Just make sure that you eat at the highest calorie level which would be the highest meal plan. Otherwise you may lose weight that you don’t want to, if you aren’t eating enough!

  431. Leslie farrow

    I couldn’t click on the link to sign up. I am interested in the details ( cost, what’s included, etc.).

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Oh I’m sorry Leslie! Here is the link: https://www.trainerlindsey.com/. And now is the perfect time to sign up because we are running a great sale! It includes complete meal plans, workouts, substitutions, grocery lists, a tub of IdealLean Protein, a tub of IdealLean BCAAs, a Fit Body Challenge T Shirt and free shipping, all for $89.99!

  432. Daria McElheran

    How ccan I get access to the 12 week weightloss chaenge? I need tto lose 15 to 20 lbs. Will this challenge work for me?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Daria, so we don’t have a 12 week program, it’s actually 6 weeks. But YES! This program is perfect if you have 15-20lbs to lose! Lindsey’s plan is designed for that! Check it out here: https://www.trainerlindsey.com/

  433. Ana

    Is this program and accompanying products safe for nursing moms? Also, is the protein whey protein? I am currently not eating any dairy. Thanks!

  434. Kathy

    I would like to sign up for one of the challenges but I have issues with severe dizziness and I am not relly able to do strenuous workouts. I try to walk everyday to get some exercise. Can you advise?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Kathy, so you could sign up for the challenge, you would just definitely need to modify it to fit you! The workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment so just do what you feel comfortable with. Once you sign up you will also have access to a private facebook page, and you will get the email of either Lindsey, Karina, or Nicole (depending on the challenge you choose) and you can email them personally, and ask for suggestions on how to modify them. Take a look at the challenges and see which one tickles your fancy the most. Feel free to ask me any other questions as well! http://www.idealfit.com/idealfit-challenges.list

  435. Beverley

    I had signed up for the 6 week challenge when you first started doing them and my daughter was admitted to the hospital in ICU with sepsis and I was unable to do it, is there any way to get access to the plan without having to pay again. Thanks

    1. Kirsten Jackson

      Yes, definitely! You should have received an email with all of your login information for you to access the program. If you’re having trouble finding it, call customer service and they can help you out. Here’s our number: (800) 515-0896

    2. Kristine

      I learned that eating too little does not equate to losing weight. Biggest myth ever!!

  436. imee

    I was looking at the items included in the 6 week challenge and it mentioned getting 2 tubs of ideal lean…. but when i scrolled down, it only mentions getting “1 tub. ” which is correct? another thing, can we include BCAA on our order?

    1. Kirsten Jackson

      The 2 free tubs of protein is an old offer. The current offer is 1 tub of protein and a FBC shirt (while supplies last). Right now, you can’t add on a tub of BCAAs to your 6 Week order from the website. But if you place your order for the 6 Week challenge and then call in to customer service they can manually add BCAAs to your order so that everything comes in one box (A.K.A. less shipping). Our customer service number is: (800) 515-0896. Otherwise you would have to order the BCAAs from IdealFit and you would have 2 separate orders.

  437. William Greeley

    How do you figure the amount of protein your body needs daily ?

    1. Kirsten Jackson

      Active women should get about 1g of protein per pound and of body weight and active men should get about 1.1g of protein per pound of body weight.

  438. James Godspower

    Eating less is not favourable, eating much is the same. Thanks for this guide though, it requires proper understanding to follow the steps accordingly.

  439. Julie

    Hi I have been trying to get access to your protein recipes but I am having difficult . I love your pancakes and other recipes from the 15 day challenge. Please advise . Thank you

    1. Kirsten Jackson

      Sorry about that Julie! I’ll make sure that gets sent to you 🙂

  440. Diana

    What’s the difference between doing this or the 12 week challenge for free?

    1. Kirsten Jackson

      The 6 Week Fit Body Challenge is very different from the 12 week challenge for a few reasons. The biggest difference is that the 6 Week Fit Body Challenge is a fitness challenge (for people who want to challenge themselves and take things to the next level) where the 12 week challenge is a weight loss challenge (for beginners who are just starting out).

      The 6 week challenge is a more advanced challenge and comes with 6 weeks of high intensity workouts. Also, the nutrition plan is designed to help you build muscle and burn fat and is overall more intense than the 12 week meal plan. There are 11 meal plans that come with the 6 week challenge and when you combine that with the complete substitution lists there are a lot more meal options and more opportunity for variety than the free 12 week challenge. In addition, the 6 week challenge comes with grocery lists to make meal planning and shopping simple and easy.

      1. Amy S

        I definitely need to watch what I eat more closely, and get more rest.

    2. Krissy Hegsted

      I will fix these fitness mistakes: too much food, and too much exercise. I need to let my body recover.

    3. Haidee Mejia

      I have been over eating not drink in enough water and under eating somedays. I go at it solo and I may not be giving my muscles enough time to recover.

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