I have always had the big thigh issue. In school I was called THUNDER THIGHS. With jeans my other issue was mu ba-dunk-a-dunk (BUTT) the jeans had to fit that also but then needed altering in the waist. And now at 53 I have the horrible belly. So am not a double wide same with both ways… But I am working on it this is my first month with these products…. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Camille

    I enjoyed reading up on you…I didn’t know you were training for Olympic weightlifting!! You’ve always been my hero.
    And please tell me that “Auntie Nancy” is in fact your aunt, on Your Connie’s side – because our Connie has a sister named Nancy!!

  3. Auntie Nancy

    Very proud of you, Kallico! Love to you and your familyi.

  4. Carmina

    This is a great and motivating story, I soon will have one of my own.

  5. Nicci

    I totally get the big thigh,hating jeans feeling. With Roller Derby,our thighs get most of the workout and our bodies take a beating. This was a great read and very encouraging for diffrent women to realize we are not all made the same. Thank You.

    1. Michele Johnson

      Yep, I totally get it! I have huge thighs & calves from lots of long slow distance running. Gotta love those spandex pants!

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