1. Sheri Schooner

    Wow! This information is very powerful. For 13 years I’ve been faced with one spinal injury after another. I am 53 years old and always lived a very active lifestyle. I had a wonderful career that I loved. Then it all fell apart as my spine problems began. I went thru a the emotions that you addressed. I wished I had read this article back then. It was tough, processing my injury and losing my career goals, my lifestyle. I did seek mental health and that helped alot, and the awesome support of my family. I accepted the challenge of resetting goals and now I feel I was success with that. I returned to a job I really enjoyed, and did a yoga class 3x week. Occasionally I included a variety of work out sessions, including water therapy.
    I was happy, I bounced back.
    Now, Osteoporosis has me, a fracture- collapsed vertabre.
    But, with my past experience, and articles like this, keeps me encouraged to believe in myself for a healthy recovery. Thanks!

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      The amazing part about this, Sheri, is you have discovered the most important coping strategy, which is in the mind. When your mind knows you can still live a good life, you then begin to feel ready to venture into unexplored areas, different types of exercise, you just learn to modify so each movement you make each day will be good for YOUR body. Stay strong in body and mind.

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