Eating healthy doesn’t mean you should sacrifice amazing flavor. Find delicious, fitness-friendly recipes packed with important nutrients to help take your lean-muscle building and fat loss goals to the next level. From desserts, to meals and snacks, we’ve got you covered.

Delicious Hot Protein Drinks

Protein. It’s one of the most important macronutrients when it comes to helping with lean muscle building! It’s super important to make sure you’re getting enough protein to support your fitness goals, and it’s ALSO super important to make sure you’re eating delicious, healthy foods. Because let’s be honest for a quick second: tasty, healthy […]

Healthy New Year’s Recipes

Hi ladies! I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for the new year! I can’t believe 2017 is (almost) in the past! I thought I would do you all a favor and give you these healthy New Year’s Eve recipes! I like to celebrate, but I also like to stay on track with […]

9 Delicious Trainer Flavor Protein Recipes

If we’re being honest here, I could probably eat dessert for every meal. Is that so wrong? Can’t I just live my life? Well, the answer is yes and no. If we’re talking your typical desserts then the answer is no. But I if we’re talking about desserts packed with protein and other good ingredients […]

Halloween Recipe Roundup

Halloween is that time of year when you go to buy a bag of assorted candy for trick or treaters and then accidentally pop it open and eat the whole thing that same day… Yeah, I’ve never done that or anything.😅 October is honestly my favorite time of the year, minus the fact that there […]