Fitness isn’t just about training and eating right, it’s a way of life. From your habits to your mindset, establish a healthy, positive lifestyle and focus on pushing yourself to new limits, achieving your goals, and living life to the fullest. Get motivated and fired up with our fitness lifestyle tips.

Your Ultimate Fitness Travel Guide

With as crazy as life can get, maintaining a consistent workout regimen while at home is quite the accomplishment. Working to maintain any kind of routine while on the road can often feel like nothing short of a miracle. Keeping up with your fitness goals while traveling can be daunting, as well as a source […]

5 Gym Bag Must Haves

Written by: Faith B (Instagram Most of my workouts happen at home, so when I actually make it to the gym, I have to make sure I have the right things in my gym bag. That’s why I always try to keep my gym bag stocked up for a quick grab and go! Nothing is […]

10 Tips To Feel Slimmer By the Morning

Written by: Faith B (Instagram We all know that weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. Long-term weight loss is achieved over time, but did you know there are steps you can take to look and feel slimmer by tomorrow morning? Implementing these tips and tricks into your everyday life will not only have you feeling […]

Q&A With Amber B

At IdealFit we love teaming up with incredible women who share our passion for fitness and nutrition. One of those awesome women is Amber, founder of Biceps After Babies, who is a fitness enthusiast and a total rockstar! Amber is a registered nurse, competitive powerlifter, and a NASM certified personal trainer who taught group fitness […]

The Very Best High-Protein Foods [Bioavailability & Price Comparison]

Alright guys, let’s talk protein.  Specifically, let’s talk about the following protein factors: 1. When you’re getting your protein 2. Cost per serving 3. Calorie and macro breakdown 4. Bioavailability of protein 5. High protein food sources compared Protein is so important for helping you recover from workouts, growing lean muscle, and building a strong […]