1. Karla

    Hi I have been following you and I am trying to loose 30 pounds to become a 57 year old senior citizen bodybuilder. Impossible as it may seem. It is on my bucket list and I have chosen you to help me.

    1. Devin Olsen

      Hey Karla, that’s awesome to hear! Amazing things are accomplished every day by people like you, who realize that impossible often means that it simply has not been done YET. You can do it 🙂

  2. Rhonda Wright

    Thanks! Love the salad ideas. Some I didn’t know!
    I’m by myself and buying food can sometimes be a challenge for me.
    Some raw vegetables are sold in bundles or just “too” much and goes bad on me before I can finish.
    Suggestions on how I can stop wasting money?

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Oh girlfriend, I feel the pain! I am a fan of freezing or air sealing foods, which extends the shelf life! With some veggies and fruits you can freeze them, with the leafy greens, I’ll air seal those and it does make them last a little bit longer. It’s actually hard when you’re just feeding yourself! Fresh food perishes so quickly!!!

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      What a great idea! Edamame is so nutritious and yummy 😛

  3. Sandilee

    It’s just hard to go to the store and just get food and decide what food to get it stresses me out

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      I think it helps to have a meal plan. Before I go grocery shopping, I like to find some healthy meals and then make a grocery list with the ingredients needed. This way I’m not wondering around the store aimlessly buying junk food, because 9/10 times that’s what happens. Check out Pinterest for ‘healthy meal ideas’. To make life even easier, you should look into one of our weight loss Challenges. Lindsey has an amazing meal plan in her 6 Week Challenge. You can buy her Challenge here: https://www.trainerlindsey.com/
      Or check out her free 15 Day Challenge, which also has a meal plan: http://idealfit.com/15-day-fit-body-challenge/

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