1. Theresa

    Adding pre-workout to my routine as soon as it comes. I have taken “diet pills” with stim in the past and have had some issues with vomiting when it kicks in. Any issues with that with the pre-workout? Should I drink with my pre-workout meal?

    1. Christine Sanelli

      Oh that doesn’t sound great! Are you taking it with an empty stomach?

  2. Sydney

    Is it okay to take the ideal fat burner and pre workout in the same day?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Yes you can take both, but you should be taking them three hours apart. It would be too much caffeine to take all at the same time. So if you workout in the morning I recommend taking your pre-workout 20-30 minutes before exercising, then waiting to take your Fat Burner around lunch time.

  3. Victoria

    I drink the ideal lean protein drink for breakfast is that OK?

    1. Kirsten Jackson

      IdealLean Protein mixed with water or milk isn’t usually enough for a meal but it does depend on the person and their goals.

  4. Irene

    I’m 58 yo and just had knee replacements 4 and 6 mo ago. How can I revise the exercise program

    1. Kirsten Jackson

      Trainer Lindsey gives some modifications in her exercise videos to make the exercises easier.

  5. lisa wilhelm

    i have been doing the ideal lean protein shake have not lost any weight going on 3 weeks now what am I doing wrong

    1. Kirsten Jackson

      How much are you exercising? What is your nutrition like, how many calories are you eating? IdealLean Protein is not a meal replacement shake, it’s a protein supplement. It’s meant to help you meet your protein goals. If you’re not sure about your nutrition and exercise, I recommend signing up for the 15 Day Fit Body Challenge. It’s free and it will help you learn more about proper nutrition and exercise. Here’s a link to sign up: https://idealfit-thg.eu-west-1.elasticbeanstalk.com/15-day-fit-body-challenge/

      1. Sarah

        So while doing the 15 day challenge I’m not sure which products to use, I have ordered the pre workout, 2 proteins, and BACC’s, it was a package deal
        on sale.
        Do I use pre workout powder for the pre and post workout meals and then the protein for the last meal?
        Just not sure when to use what?!?!
        Thank you for your help and time.

        1. Kirsten Jackson

          The pre-workout supplement has zero calories and is not a meal. It’s there to help you push harder and get more out of each workout. Follow the meal plans with the 15 Day Challenge and you’ll get the best results. It will tell what you need to eat before and after your workout and when to eat your protein. Your BCAAs are also zero calorie and you should drink those during your workout or during the day on an empty stomach.

  6. Megan

    I was wondering how the IdealLean protein drinks fit in with using the IdealShape meal replacement shakes for weight loss?

    1. Kirsten Jackson

      IdealShape (our meal replacement shakes) is for weight loss. IdealShake and IdealBars replace meals and snacks and make for easy and convenient weight loss. IdealLean Protein is more for performance. It can support weight loss, but IdealLean Protein doesn’t replace a meal and you would still need to prepare healthy balanced meals on your own. When using both, IdealLean Protein can be used as a pre- or post-workout shake but you’ll need to add mix-ins to make it a complete and balanced meal.

      1. Tracie

        So is it okay to take the ideal lean and ideal meal replacement shake at the same time?

        1. Kirsten Jackson

          You can use both products, but don’t take them together.

  7. Yesenia

    My question is if I drink oolong tea and want to take the pre work out drink should I stop taking the tea? And how many times a day should I take the lean protein?

    1. Kirsten Jackson

      You don’t necessarily need to give up your tea, it depends on a few things: your caffeine tolerance and if you drink them around the same time. If you don’t plan on drinking them at the same time then it really shouldn’t be a problem. But, if you have a high tolerance for a caffeine it might not matter that you’re drinking them close together. We recommend starting out by taking 1/2 scoop of pre-workout to assess your tolerance and increasing how much you use from there.

      As for IdealLean Protein we recommend drinking it 3 times a day. Trainer Lindsey drinks it pre- and post-workout and again before bedtime 🙂

      1. Stacie Munson

        So the BCAA’S are a pre-workout formula to use? When is the best time to take the fat burner? Can you take them everyday for as long as you want to?

        1. Caitlin Peterson

          Hey Stacie! So BCAAs are different from pre-workout. BCAAs help more with muscle recovery and hydration and pre-workout provides you energy, focus and improved endurance for your workout. We recommend using both of them as they perform different functions. As for the fat burner, take it on an empty stomach before breakfast for a week. After a week you can take one before breakfast and one before lunch. If you start to notice that the effects of the fat burner aren’t as strong, you should take a break for two or three days then you can begin taking it again.

  8. Anne

    I’m on the 12 week challenge & love it. I go to the gym 3-4 days a week. I had lost 13 pounds but now at a stand still.
    Any suggestions?

    Love your workouts & Caytlyn & Lindsey

    1. Kirsten Jackson

      Lindsey always says TRUST the PROCESS! It might seem like you’ve plateaued but don’t worry, it’s completely normal. Just keep up the good work!

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