1. Maria

    Hi, I’m 66 yo and short and thick, especially my legs. I weigh 254 lbs. how should I start? Right now I don’t exercise. TIA

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Hi Maria! Now, with your goals, you’d be the perfect candidate for our IdealShape weight loss line! We recommend anyone looking to lose 25+ pounds start with using our weight loss Meal Replacement Shakes and bars. This will help you start your journey by creating healthy dietary habits while in a calorie deficit. Once your metabolism starts working optimally and you’re within about 20 pounds of your goal weight, or have established a regimen of exercising intensely 4-6 times a week, you can start incorporating the IdealFit performance line, using the protein powder, bars, BCAAs, etc.

      For now, I would start with replacing 1-2 meals a day with out Meal Replacement Shake. You can find more information on it on this link 🙂 https://www.idealshape.com/meal-replacement-shakes.list?widget_id=313537

  2. Amy

    Im 47 and want to lose weight for my daughters wedding what do you reccommend I use of your products?? I have a granddaughter and younger daughter I want to be around for.

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding! That’s so exciting!! Depending on what your weight loss goals are will determine which line of products you should use; IdealShape vs. IdealFit. We recommend IdealShape for those looking to lose 25+ pounds, and IdealFit for anything less. Can you tell me more about your goals?

      1. Dee

        I had no idea idealShape was the option I should be using since I’ve got 50+ lbs to use. I didn’t know idealShape existed as an option. I had signed up for the idealfit 15 day challenge and I lost weight.

        But from what you said in your reply above, I really should look into idealShape, correct?

        I’m 5’1, age 42, apple shape (literally half muscle/half fat body percentage). I work out 4 days a week for 3 days of cardio based and 1 day split between 20 min of HIIT Kettle bells and 40 cardio.
        I think I’m an endo-morph because my metabolism is slow but I do seem to put on muscle fast but it takes forever for the fat to leave.

        1. McKenzie Pinckney

          There are exceptions with this rule, and you are the exception. Because you are already so active, you are a great candidate for using the IdealFit products, but you also have the option of interchangeably using IdealShape. I would look into the Meal Replacement Shake. It’s great for keeping your calories down and can be used to replace 1-2 meals a day. You can look into that here: https://www.idealshape.com/meal-replacement-shakes.list
          I would continue using your Fit line products though. Just keep exercising regularly, watch your diet: high protein, low carb, and you’ll start to see change over time. Increase your strength training to 3-5 times a week in the form of weight training, yoga, pilates, etc.

  3. Brianna

    Hi I’m 21 5′ 1” and I just had my first baby 3 months ago what would be the best work out to get rid of the baby fat

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Hi Brianna! You’ll definitely want to start implementing strength training, either in the form of weight lifting, yoga, pilates, etc. Aim for 3-5 times a week. You’ll want some form of cardio, but the form will be dependent on your body type. Look at the training section under your body type in the blog post and follow along with those suggestions. HIIT is always a good choice, so long as your doctor has given you the go ahead for exercise. Cardio should be an intense workout for you about 20-30 minutes 2-3 times a week. Focus on your diet too. Are you nursing? If so, make sure you speak with your doctor about any dietary changes beforehand; otherwise, up the protein! Eat fats, like almonds, avocado, greek yogurt, etc. and moderate complex carbs. Eat complex carbs for breakfast and after your workouts, like oatmeal, whole wheat, vegetables, quinoa, just to name a few. Lots of water, cut back on sugar, and try to eat foods that come from the earth. It’ll take time losing the baby weight, but you can do it!!

  4. Storey

    Thank you for the information. I am interested in these products but I do not want to lose any weight. However I am lifting weights and such to help build muscle. Would these shakes still benefit me?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Yes definitely! Regardless of your fitness goals, you need protein. They will help you hold on to lean muscle mass, which will benefit you because you are lifting weights. It is just important to set your macros up depending on your fitness goals, so in your case your diet should consists of a lot of complex carbs and healthy fat (along with protein). Check out Trainer Lindsey’s Ultimate Guide to Macros, to learn more about them: http://www.idealfit.com/ultimate-guide-to-macros.list?widget_id=509755

  5. Dena

    Thank you so much for the article. It was very encouraging. In fact, I had to read it again for encouragement. I’m 6months pp today and still nursing and I am in the middle of trainer Nicole’s challenge. I’m about 5 8 and have a larger chest and carry my weight in my stomach. Just curious, Am I on the right track with the challenge I’m doing?
    Thank you so much for all the encouragement

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Hi Dena! Nicole’s Challenge will absolutely benefit you. If you’re not accustomed to intense workouts, build up your strength and stamina with Mommy Trainer, and then try moving onto a more long-term program, like Trainer Lindsey’s 6 Week Challenge. The crummy part about the belly is it’s quite literally the last place you lose fat and the first place you gain it back; however, you can beat evolution by catering your diet to fat loss. If you’re breast-feeding, definitely speak with your doctor about any dietary changes. Once you’re no longer feeding, focus on upping the protein and essential fats, and lowering carb intake. Carbs are good for us, we just need to eat them at the opportune times in order for them to be utilized as energy, rather than stored. Lindsey’s 6 Week Challenge really focuses on getting your carbs in at the right times of the day so your body can start burning fat. I hope this helped!

  6. Debbie

    I have very wide shoulders, good muscle tone in my arms and shoulders, but just look thick, verses tone, I’m thicker through the stomach, can see the six pack at the top of my abs , but then get thicker , same with my legs, great muscle tone, but have that extra layer on my thighs… I box, with lots of calistectics (burpees, squats , jumping jacks, etc) 3-4 times a week. I’m also 53, can’t seem to get to the next level.

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      This is very common for endomorph body types. You can see that definition, but can’t seem to banish that layer that’s covering all of your hard work!! As Kaytlin wrote, endos have a difficult time getting rid of excess fat, but that’s okay! You just need to make some tweaks to your regimen. Often times, those tweaks need to be made in your diet. Make sure you’re following that fist-size rule mentioned in the article, and follow a high protein, high essential fats, and lower carb diet. Consider implementing a style of carb cycling. This tricks the body into utilizing all carbs consumed into energy, and then starts tapping into fat. Of course, find that proper balance in how many carbs YOU need. I hope this helped!

  7. Dawn Kuechle

    I am a very healthy eater and am 5’5″ I walk 3-5 miles a day, but I am thicker thru my butt and hips. What should I be doing to help this?

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Definitely continue a wholesome diet, as well as your walks if you enjoy it. However, I would start adding more into your fitness routine. Burning excess fat comes when you combine your healthy diet with intense cardio and strength training, because as Kaytlin mentioned, you need muscle mass to burn fat. Start by turning that 3-4 mile walk into interval training. For example, start off with a brisk walk until you’re warmed up, then run for 2-5 minutes, then walk for 2-3 minutes, then sprint for 30 seconds, then slow to a jog for 2-3 minutes, then back to a walk, and so on. Training the heart rate to raise and lower in short increments will help with the fat burning process. You’ll also want to incorporate some form of strength training, like weight lifting, yoga, pilates, etc. With your stature, I’d recommend yoga or pilates. I hope this helped!

  8. Lan Browar

    What if I am a combination of the types. I am small framed, kind of pear shaped. My hips and thighs have always been my problem areas. I am skin and bones for the most part in my upper body – like you can see my ribs, but fat deposits on the love handles and thighs. Struggling to lose fat in those areas. My diet is consistent, I have done a lot of different macro ratios trying to find the right combo for me. I consistently hit my gram per pound protein. Use all of your products and LOVE them. I am 59 5’3″ 129 pounds, workout 5-6 times a week – cardio daily 30 minutes on non-weight days 20 minutes of weight days. I do see a trainer. Curious how you would classify my body type?

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Hi Lan! It does sound like you are a combination between the ectomorph and endomorph, though this is very common in women. Because women generally carry excess fat around their midriffs as an evolutionary development for conceiving, it is really difficult to lose that fat, but it’s not impossible. High intensity interval training will work really well for you, e.g. sprints, spin class, etc. I would also start incorporating calisthenics and circuit training in the form of pilates and yoga. Remember your diet is key, so continue to eat plenty of protein, essential fats, and stick to a lower carb diet. Over time you’ll see change, but it will take awhile. The waistline is the last area women lose fat and unfortunately the first place we gain it back 🙁

  9. Jen

    Hi Kaytlin. I was excited to read this article. However, I didn’t see my body type. I’m an apple, think (Reese Whiterspoon), thin legs, normal upper body and a thicker waist/love handles. I’m not heavy but my waist is never ‘thin’ even when I’m at my lightest. Is there a workout/eat program for people like me?

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      Hi Jen! People can be combined body types. It sounds like you may be a combination between the meso and endo body type. Because you carry your weight in your waist, and the waistline is typically the most difficult area to lose excess fat, I would follow the training and dietary suggestions under the endomorph body type. Steady state and HIIT cardio will both be effective for you, and using lower weights but higher reps will also benefit you. Stick to a high protein diet, high essential fats, but lower carb diet. Does this help?

      1. Chastity

        This answer also helped me, thanks! I was also questioning which body type I was…I was leaning more towards endo, but really wasn’t sure. After reading this question and answer I am more confident now.

        1. McKenzie Pinckney

          Oh good! I’m glad this helped. It’s interesting because our body type can change as we get older too.

  10. Bonnie

    Thank you for sharing this article with us! I really needed to hear this message to know better how to excercise for my body type!

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