1. Michael Garrico

    Stumbled here by accident but Iā€™m glad I did! These look delicious, I will bookmark this in a family cookbook!

  2. Linda

    I’m a huge fan of mango so I think it’s safe to say that I will try first orange mango smoothie. Thanks for the recipe Lindsey! Great list!

  3. Pat Forbes

    What is the difference between the idealshape and ideallean product? Which one to use and why?

  4. Dianne Ronald

    I have been working out for 35 yrs using weights, elliptical, treadmill bike and balance ball. I’m confused as to whether I need the ideallean meal replacement shakes. I am currently using ideallean whey protein. Can this one be used as breakfast and lunch? Or only the meal replacement shakes can be used for breakfast and lunch? I finished the 15 day fit challenge as well as Danette Mays 30 day challenge. I like usingvthe shakes for either a quick breakfast or lunch. And snacks too. Also are you suppose to have a protein snack an hour or so before bed? Some plans say yes and others say no. It’s very confusing. I am 59 yrs old female.

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      That’s a great question! It can be really confusing with all the options we have. First off, check out this blog, which may give you a better understanding of the Lean Meal Replacement Shake: http://www.idealfit.com/blog/healthy-food-meal-replacement-shakes/
      You can use the MRS for breakfast or lunch, but it’s not designed to be a go-to on a regular basis. More so, when you forget to prepare a meal and need something healthy to have in place. They Whey Protein is a performance supplement, which means it should be used as a pre/post workout snack to help with building lean muscle mass, but should promptly be followed with an actual meal.
      You can have a scoop of protein before bed, a lot of people do that, you just want to make sure it’s with our Lean Protein, because of the fact its 0 carbs and 20g of sugar. This will ensure you aren’t consuming unusable energy right before bed.
      Typically, a good rule of thumb to consider is having 1g of protein per 1 lb of bodyweight if you’re not overweight. So, if you’re 145 lbs., you would try to consume anywhere from 100-145g of protein each day. That’s a lot of protein. That’s where the Lean protein comes into play, because it is so lean, you can keep your carbs in check. But having the MRS is also another great way to get that Protein, as well as your healthy carbs and fats.
      This is a lot of information, but I hope it was helpful…

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