1. Elizabeth WMcGlone

    Wow!! They are awesome. This is a good idea. I want to lose my weight. But I have no effective tips to loss this. I think, Your post is very helpful. To keep a sound body and health we should try this gym tips. That is great tips. By using this 6 week program I seen this helpful results. For me getting in shape is not just about my weight or how I look but more about how I feel.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      That’s great to hear! And totally why Lindsey created this program! 🙂

  2. Leeanna McGee

    When do we find out thewinners of the Sculpt giveaway?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      The winners have already been chosen. They are over on IdealFit’s Facebook.

  3. Kelly Powell

    Shifts in thinking from losing weight to feeling strong… Several weeks ago I had to look up NSV. I love that acronym now. The sculpt program fits right in to that mentality.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      It really does! It is all about stepping away from the scale and focusing on the way your body feels, and gaining confidence in yourself and your abilities. I love it too!

  4. Christa

    I have been doing strength training going on a year, but i love food so my diet sucks…any help would make a huge difference.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Here we think that you can still love your food and eating healthy! I love to make healthier versions of my favorite treats (Lindsey has some great recipes on her Instagram) and I also think that meal prepping helps. If I don’t meal prep I am very tempted to go off of plan, but I have found that when the food is prepped and ready I am a lot more likely to stick to a plan. Also, if you sign up for this challenge you get access to a Private FB page with a lot of other ladies and Lindsey who will help you when the going gets tough!

  5. Ashley

    I think body composition is more than just a scale or dress size. It can help boost your energy throughout the day and increase your self-esteem!

  6. Clarisa Alvarado

    Our weight is not just about the size. I want to get in shape and be healthy I am 24 years old. But since I have gained 30 pound in less than a year I’ve been having a lot of problems with my stomach. Because of all the fatty foods that I started to eat. Now I want to go back to being healthy but its been hard.

    1. Stuart Oldroyd

      Hi Clarisa, that’s a really healthy outlook you have there! 🙂 All of IdealFit’s programs come with seriously tasty meal plans that will help keep you on track, if you’re interested. The Sculpt program has some really good recipes that are so easy I can make them, and they could help with your stomach issues. Check it out here

  7. Ally

    I am interested in purchasing a 6 week program but I am torn between this sculpt and the summer 6 week program. Any opinions on which is more preferred?

    1. Stuart Oldroyd

      Hi Ally, great question. Both will definitely be effective, but for me it sort of depends on what your goals are.

      If you’re looking to build up lean toned muscle, go for the 6 Week Sculpt. The weight loss might not be as noticeable or as fast, but you’ll definitely feel leaner, check it out here.

      But the 6 Week Summer Jumpstart is an AMAZING value, one of the best deals I’ve seen. This bundle includes the Fit Body Challenge, which will help you lean out and could be perfect (and it has all those free goodies too!). Good luck girl!

  8. Paget Guidry

    I think a Healthy Body Composition is More than Just a Scale or Dress Size Number because it changes your whole outlook on life recharging your mind, body, and soul. It becomes a daily routine to a better you. I know I feel a 100% better and have a ton of energy. I’m 50 years old and feel and look better than I have in years.

  9. Abby Louwagie

    This blog is awesome! I recently ordered a couple trial size packs of the Idealean protein and LOVED it. I am usually so against drinking protein shakes because of the taste, but these were different and so tasted much better (& with only 80 cals!!!) ! I then started to look at all of the different work-out programs on the IdealFit website and the Sculpt program stood out to me because it is just what I am looking for.
    I enjoy lifting in a gym, but I don’t always know what lifts to do and what days to do them. I also want to find a workout that tones muscle in an attractive way. This summer I want to focus on feeling comfortable AND confident in my own skin and I realize that I need to make a change to feel that way. Not only do I need to make a change, but I also want to because you can’t grow in your comfort zone!
    The sculpt workout program sounds amazing and I would love to give it a try and I’m also dying to have more of that amazing protein!!

  10. Sharon Zimmerman

    A healthy body composition is more than what your scale says and your dress size. It is how you feel from the inside out. I am 51, an in need of losing at least 20 lbs. and some toning. I have been doing the 6 week fit body challenge and love the workouts and how Lindsey works on all the body areas. Having a healthy body composition makes me feel like a stronger person and make me feel good about what I can accomplish and do. I am at the age where the metabolism is really slowing down and I need to make some changes. I want to be able to run and play with my future grandchildren!

  11. Kayla

    I think Healthy Body Composition is more than just a scale or dress size number because it is your health and the way you treat and fuel your body is how it is going to impact your life such as improved sleep and more self confidence. Having a healthy body composition can significantly enhance your life.

  12. Melanie

    I love the idea of eating and working out to sculpt and change your body to the proportions you want. So many times the scale is misleading. It’s measurements and how clothing fits that speaks volumes. That being said, id love to trim down a bit and let my muscle shine a bit more. (By the way, I love your meal plans Lindsay!)

  13. Karen

    A Healthy Body Composition is More than Just a Scale or Dress Size Number because it is about gaining confidence and pride in yourself. It gives you goals to work towards and a since of accomplishment in achieving them. It is also incredibly important for your overall health

  14. Lauren

    Forgot the scale or your clothing size, being healthy and fit is more about feeling your best. Feeling confident is the key thing in life.

  15. Colleen

    A healthy body composition is not about a size or a number…it’s about finding what works best for you. In the 10 months that I have been following Trainer Lindsey, I have found a love for my body that I have not felt in all of my 45 years. Its a confidence of strength and health. I have stopped caring (as much) about the scale, but how I feel. Strong! I hope to be able to take this summer and really dive into learning more about my body and what is FIT for me.

  16. Sara Johnson

    A healthy body is so much more than a number on a scale. It’s about how you are supplying your body with what it needs to sustain energy throughout your day.

  17. Pearl Stokes

    Strength training involves fueling your workouts with healthy meals and supplements, safely utilizing gym equipment to build a strong body in the outside, and creating a confidence within yourself that will drive you to continue to succeed.

  18. Leeanna E McGee

    The program is designed to help you move beyond the scale and focus more on increasing fitness level, getting stronger, building muscle, and boosting metabolism with some hard-core gym time. Body composition, creating shape and muscle definition, rule over simply wanting to lose weight. Muscle tone and composition speak way louder than a number on the scale.

  19. Natalie Humphries

    Why Is Healthy Body Composition More than Just a Scale or Dress Size Number?

    Body composition is all about strength, agility, health and confidence! None of these things are reflected by shrinking your dress size or the number on your scale. Skinny fat is real people…… You can do cardio until the cows come home, drop 15 pounds, and still feel just as self-conscious, unhealthy or tired/weak/unmotivated as you did before you started. Lifting and feeding your body the fuel it needs to build muscle and burn fat is the only way (in my opinion) to feel good, look good and achieve awesomeness!

  20. Amelia C

    On body composition: I think there is such a thing as losing weight, but still being unhealthy. It’s more important than the scale or dress size because it tells how truly healthy we are on the inside (lean muscle compared to body fat) instead of a number on a shirt or scale.

  21. Stephanie Carwell

    Body composition is not about being skinny or losing weight, the scale or dress size, but how we can eat, lift, and balance cardio to achieve the best composition for our individual bodies. I love have the Sculpt program teaches us how to balance weights with cardio. How to gain muscle while also losing fat.

  22. Samantha Mikesic

    I would love to try this program. I have always considered myself to be in shape and healthy overall. I would love this program to help me get more toned for the summer and my upcoming wedding in September. I like that this program is not not about “being skinny”or losing weight, but adopting healthy eating practices, weight training, and cardio to achieve the best composition for our individual bodies. I do believe that a healthy body is more than just a number on a scale or your dress size. I believe that adopting a healthy lifestyle including healthy eating and physical activity is key to a healthy body composition. I think that this program would be a great way to get sculpted and back on the right track to get in shape for my wedding.

  23. Karen

    healthy body composition is more than just a scale or dress size number, its feeling good and fit in the skin you’re in!

  24. Stephanie

    I would love to do this program. I do crossfit style workouts currently and strong is defiantly the new skinny and I love it. Weight training gives me more energy and boots my metabolism. I know i need help in the areas of nutrition and protein.

  25. Zina Beasley

    Throughout my life I thought I knew so much about my weight and body composition. I was always thin (5’8″ and about 120 pounds) but I never ever had good muscle tone. NEVER. And I played basketball for over 5 years, ran three miles a day into my 30’s. I just couldn’t get good muscle tone. I thought I needed to work out more and harder and eat less but I couldn’t find the time or the money to get what I needed for the harder workouts. So I focused on trying to stay thin after 3 kids. Then I did the 15 day challenge and realized that one problem was I didn’t eat nearly enough protein, not even close to enough. You can’t believe how nice my arms look. I had a bilateral mastectomy 9 May 2016 – that’s right almost one year ago – and I had been afraid to do too much with my upper body. But I stuck with the 15 day challenge; got up to using 8 pounds and I am just so impressed with the outcome. My thighs look pretty good too! Today I read this blog and thought it isn’t weight I need to watch…it is finding the right plan to help build muscle and boost my metabolism. I learned that it is muscle tone and shape that want. I have never been happy with just being thin because I was also sort of flabby. I haven’t liked the way I look in a long time. I jiggle and I have a muffin top!!! I now understand that I need a program that focuses on something completely different! If I could look tone and fit at 145, let’s say, but flabby at 125…I would take the 145 any day!!! It can’t be about the number on the scale, it has to be about how I look and how I feel about it!

  26. Rina Schneider

    I’m just finishing the 15 Day Challenge. I might do 1 more round and then continue with this 6 week program.

    1. Rina Schneider

      I haven’t been on the scale yet. I’m not that concerned with it.
      Muscle is heavier than fat…so weighing more, but having beautiful muscle and a tight cinched waist is really the goal. Body composition is way more important and far more telling than a number on the scale!

  27. Sanjana

    Healthy body composition is more than scale or dress size because achieving it and maintaining it helps us remain healthy, be confident, and stay energetic. Every fitness goal we achieve with ideal fit means we are stronger mentally and have the strength to handle day to day stress. It requires motivation and dedication which help us build the emotional strength! The energy we build during the fitness journey radiates in our face 🙂

  28. Hannah Belton

    I want to love the gym! I just never feel confident when I go in, I just feel lost! This plan sounds like something I need to jump in on! I want to reach a healthy body composition, with minimal fat and strong lean muscles! I try never to look at the scale, because my goal really isn’t a number! My goal is to be truly fit and confident. Good luck all of you on your journeys!

  29. Alana

    Love it. I have hit some large goals in relation to weight loss. Now looking to understand more as well as focus more into strength training. Learning that rest is definitely a huge part and just as important as the days in the gym themselves. Ready to move onto something like this. #nextjourney

  30. Crystal B.

    I absolutely love this blog! I learned that this program is not about just weight loss, but more so focuses on getting stronger, building muscle and boosting your metabolism! And of course loving yourself again! Loved reading this blog! Thank you!

  31. Nicole

    Healthy body composition is about feeding and fueling your body for muscle leanness, muscle growth and fitness. Just because you weigh 100# doesn’t mean you have a healthy body composition . Someone at 135# can look like they weigh 100# because they probably have a healthier body composition.

  32. Emmalee Hunt

    How you feel is important, not only in what you weigh or what size you are, but how much healthier you feel. You have more energy when you work out and eat right. Trainer Lindsey gives this to you with all her amazing programs.

  33. Sarah

    Body composition is more important than the number on the scale because you can lose fat while gaining muscle. The number on the scale may go up, but your body will be more toned and will fit in your clothes much better!

  34. Kelly

    I’ve learned that no matter how much cardio I do, I won’t get the body I really want without strength training- and I need someone to show me the ropes!

    1. Stuart Oldroyd

      Exactly Kelly! Lindsey is an amazing coach, she motivates pretty much everyone here at IdealFit. You should check out either the 6 Week Fit Body Challenge or Sculpt and she’ll be there with step-by-step instructions every day!

  35. Jamie Ohara

    Healthy body composition the is more important not just to me but to others who feel like i do. I want to be healthy. I dont want long term problems affecting my health due to my weight. I want to feel good under my own skin. I want to be a good example to my kids about healthy eating to avoid problems for them as well. I come from a family of over weight from unhealthy eaters. I want to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. My health is my number 1 priority not only for me but for the example i will set for my kids. I do want to look amazing in a dress yes but the energy that i will feel and being able to keep up with my kids and a longer happier life is way more important.

  36. Melissa Moity

    Body composition is not about being skinny or losing weight, but how we can eat, lift, and balance cardio to achieve the best composition for our individual bodies. I would love to try this program. I need some one to push me and some new techniques!!

  37. Valeri Hooper

    A healthy body composition is more than just a number on the scale or a dress size because those aren’t the only ways to be healthy! I’ve known skinny people who are way out of shape. It’s about being strong and feeling fit. It’s also mental–learning to love your body, nourish it, and keep it in good working order. I think this program does just that and I’d love to try it out!

  38. Marjorie

    I think it us great that these programs focus on a healthy body composition and not just the number on the scale going down. I did the 15 day and 6 week FBC and lost 10 lbs, but more than that I really saw my body shape changing. I have stopped staring at my scale and now am spending more time taking selfies and staring in the mirror seeing how things change.

    1. Stuart Oldroyd

      Nice work Marjorie! Sounds like you’re in a great place to start your 6 Week Fit Body Sculpt. You’ll kick up the noticeable changes to your physique and Lindsey takes you through muscle-toning strength exercise. Check out these ladies results here. and it’s on sale right now too. 🙂

  39. Elizabeth Perez

    I love the idea that It’s not about being skinny or losing weight, but how we can eat, lift, and balance cardio to achieve the best composition for our individual bodies.

  40. Stacie

    YEP! So want to do this! Strength, Flexibility and health! Way better than chasing a number on a scale!

  41. L.M.

    I love when I see before and after photos and the women have stayed the same weight or even gained a few pounds– but they look amazing! Your programs/challenges promote confidence and healthy body images that are unrelated to lbs lost, and that’s why I’m excited to try it and support the message you send!

  42. Alyssa Barton

    A healthy body composition is SO much more than just a number on a scale or a dress size! It’s about the way you feel vs the way you look (though you get to reap the benefits of looking good too). It’s the energy you feel from being fit and healthy. It’s the confidence you gain from knowing you’re in the best shape of your life and it’s only going to get better. The confidence from knowing how far you’ve come based on how you Feel, not just how you look. The confidence starts to radiate and it just adds to the energy you feel and your overall well-being. THAT is much Much more than a dress size or a number on the scale! And That’s what I’d like to achieve out of the new sculpt program!

  43. Amanda Howell

    I would love to try this! For me getting in shape is not just about my weight or how I look but more about how I feel. I want to show my daughters what it is to be healthy and happy and set a good example for them so their futures are filled with the garbage processed foods that seem to be everywhere now!

  44. Ashley Orcutt

    Why Is Healthy Body Composition More than Just a Scale or Dress Size Number?
    -You can lose weight and drop a dress size but that doesn’t mean you’re healthier now. Along with losing the weight, you need to eat healthier, gain muscle to make up for the fat being lose and create a faster metabolism. You need to work on strength, diet and eating habits along with losing weight.

  45. Nicole

    I learned that “It’s not about being skinny or losing weight, but how we can eat, lift, and balance cardio to achieve the best composition for our individual bodies.” Love it!

  46. Charlotte

    I would LOVE to try this. I’m 45 and maintaining my muscle strength is important. Bring in shape and healthy is a daily goal.

  47. Renee Davin

    I am 55 going through menopause, divorce and was always a workout finatoc but just can’t seem to get there anymore. I will do it for a week or two and then crash. I have lower back problems and a meniscus repair that didn’t go so well. My son is getting married in 2018 and I so want to be 20lbs lower. My BMI is the highest it’s ever been and I have heart disease in my family. I am in the military and have 7 more years to go and have to maintain weight and BMI. This time in my life has been the biggest challenge for me. I never thought it would happen to me. This isn’t just about losing weight for me it’s about life changes. The most frustrating thing about all the weight loss programs are that they focus on younger women and trust me what you can do at 35 and 45 and 55 are way different.

  48. Rachel Shields

    Love this! I did the 6 week challenge and have been pursuing fitness the last two years. To me it became way more than a number on the scale when I hit my “goal weight” but realized there was still so much more I wanted out of my body! Total fitness for me is about confidence, strength, and pushing myself to do things on another level that I would have never tried, or just told myself I could never do! Weight to me will always change, based on muscle composition and so many things, but what it’s really about for me is my body changing, and my mentality changing as well!

    1. Stuart Oldroyd

      Nice work Rachel! Lindsey’s 6 Week Fit Body Sculpt will definitely push you and help you find that next level, good luck and keep it up. 🙂

  49. deb fravel

    This sounds like a great challege and something to motivate me to spend time in the gym. Thanks

  50. Natalie Hoskin Day

    Healthy Body Composition is More than Just a Scale or Dress Size Number because it has to do with mental wellness as long as physical wellness. Every body type is different, we are different heights, shapes but I believe we forget about our mental wellness when all we look at is the scale or what society believes that we should look like. Physical well being should take into account the things we are able to do and by being healthy it allows us more opportunities to fulfill our dreams.

  51. Sara Neisler

    Healthy body composition is more than just a number on the scale or dress size number because it is the way you feel! I had a hard time leaning not to weigh every morning because weight fluncuates, & I’ve had to learn it’s okay if I need to buy a size 6 instead of 4 if I’m happy with the way I look & feel.

  52. Debbie kring

    Healthy composition seems like a healthy way to get lean defined muscle vs just getting skinny! Exactly what I’ve been struggling with!

  53. Anny

    Body composition is so important and is more than just “being lean and looking skinny”! Its what helps us ensure that our body has enough strength and energy to support a healthy lifestyle in the long run. Its not just a hobby. Its a lifestyle that takes dedication from how we prepare food to our workouts.

  54. Jackie

    I would be interested in learning more. I just completed the 15 days challenge and started the 12 week program. I was never a workout person because of back issues. I have to say that this really motivates me and my back is feeling stronger!

  55. Bec

    I’d love to try this program! I was pretty fit when I was younger and am ready to feel the same again! Having strength gives you the energy and confidence to thrive in everything you do. Feeling empowered and comfortable in your skin is an amazing thing.

  56. Wendee peterson Clark

    I really need to get with it!! Just a little push.

  57. Denise Folsom

    I have lost 40 pounds on the 15 day and 12 week. I am currently doing the 6 week and am looking forward to saving up the money to do the sculpt program. I truly appreciate these programs. I am sooo much healthier!

    1. Stuart Oldroyd

      Denise that is incredible! Keep us updated on your progress, we can’t wait to hear what you think about the 6 Week FBC and then Sculpt. 🙂

  58. Cooper Williams

    Its more than just a number on the scale when you battling high blood pressure and diabetes.

  59. Diana

    My husband and I were discussing this today! Many women in my area are looking for a number on the scale and are Cardio queens. But the ones who have stunning bodies that captures most men’s and women’s attention are the ones who lift. They develop lines and curves that are beautiful to look at that no number could ever reflect.

  60. Jane

    Who you are on the inside is more important than what size dress one wears

  61. Stacy Bowden

    Healthy body composition is not about being skinny or losing weight, but how we can eat, lift and balance cardio to achieve the best composition for our individual bodies.

  62. Ariana

    This seems like a good solid program and would definetly help people like me reach their goals. I am a former suffer of an ED so I am working to make myself body confident in a way I couldn’t being sick. This will help me sculpt my stronger identity and help me be a little bit healthier than I have been. A good body composition isn’t just about weight, or counting everything you eat, it’s about feeling great.

  63. Dernit

    Healthy body composition is so important for our overall health. Doing the 15 day and six week challenges have not changed my weight but have increased my muscle tone and increased my energy!

  64. Kristi

    Love the difference I have seen with adding lean protein shakes, BCAA, clean eating, and working out. Can’t wait to try your sculpture program to get ready for bikini season!

    1. Stuart Oldroyd

      Nice work, get it Kristi!

      Right now is a good time to snag the 6 Week Sculpt because we just rolled out a brand-new offer with free IdealLean Protien AND Meal Replacement Shake. Check it out here

  65. Jaye

    I’ve just had a knee surgery and was told I can have no more impact (I was shocked and cried and have shed many tears. I’m not old and the doctor is shocked at the condition of my knee). I love running, heart pumping cardio and lifting. I’m needing to change my workouts. Since this is a sculpt program, I am assuming there’s very little impact or can be easily modified. Can you let me know if there is a lot of impact in this program? Thank you!!!! 🙂

    1. Stuart Oldroyd

      Hi Jaye, sorry to hear about the knee! The good news is this doesn’t have to slow you down, there’s still lots you can do (as I’m sure you know already).

      I just checked with Lindsey, and she told me Sculpt might not be the best option, since there are plyometric moves and other advanced movements. She recommended her Shape Up Challenge as it would be the lowest impact. Hope that helps, good luck!

  66. Anika Argyle

    I have loved Trainer Lindsey’s approach to getting fit because it’s about a change in attitude and vision. It was through her 6-Week Fit Body Challenge that I realized that healthy body composition isn’t just about a number on the scale or tag. Instead it’s about my physical body as a vehicle, a tool, a lens through which I experience life. To limit that to a number limits my ability to reach my own potential because it chains me to defining who I am by industry standards, rather than freeing myself to be the very best me. Trainer Lindsey’s focus on holistic physical health has helped me gain more confidence and find a new me that I couldn’t have otherwise.

  67. Sarah

    I would love to try the challenge, it may be the change that I need. I have been on my health and fitness journey in earnest for about a year. In the beginning I will admit that it was about losing weight and dropping sizes but over the course the focus has changed. What I like about the description of this challenge is the idea of body composition and the focus on health because unhealthy comes in all shapes and sizes. I no longer want to be a perfect size. I want to be healthy with a body that is capable of functioning at its full potential.

  68. Linda

    I was searching the internet for BCAA’s when I came across IdealFit I just started using it and love it. I’ve already dropped 3 lbs. this week.
    Over the last year I had neck surgery in June of 2016 then back surgery in October; I’ve gained 60 lbs. I’m on the road to recovery now and would love ❤️ to start your program. My health is very important to me. I’m 54 years old at this point last year I could hardly get out of bed in the mornings much less go to work but I did. I felt like I was 70.
    Now I’m so much better and ready to shead this weight!!! I feel like your just the person to help me. Oh and by the way I work at a gym I just need your motivation.

  69. Jenifer Crowder

    What I’ve learned fin reading this article isn’t really about strength training per say. I learned that I have to let go of the worry I have using the machines in the gym and not focus on the scale and just listen to my body! I love all of the challenges and I am super excited for this program! I am not confident in the gym and I’m always afraid of not using the machines correctly! I want to grow my strength and muscles but have been so scale bound and it sounds like this program is designed to give you confindence and self love ❤️

  70. Kim McCormick

    Body composition is not just about losing weight or dropping inches. It’s also about what you about what you take in for your body to lose weight and drop those inches for a safe and long lasting effect. I have learned this thru my process with ideal lean.
    Very happy I found this web site !!

  71. Angela camp

    Healthy body composition is more than a scale and dress size number! It is gaining strength and confidence from the inside out! Being healthy is very important for me to keep up with my child lol. I want to have a better quality of life and be a good role model for my son. Working out has reduced my stress levels and boosted my mood most definitely! Ive been working out for a year and a half now and this training program still challenges me at some points! I love a challenge.

  72. Sindia Slack

    I believe that a healthy composition and confidence are more than the scale. I have learned this the hard way, I have always though 150 was my “healthy weight” Turns out I’ve been healthier at 160 with a better BMI than at 145 with more fat and inches. I do however, get discourages when I have to go up on a dress size but I try to remember to look at how I look and ignore all the numbers.

  73. Christina Miller

    Being healthy is more than just a number on the scale because you can be fit and weigh 150 pounds and you can be unfit and unhealthy and weigh 115 pounds. It’s about starting from the inside outward, feeding your body nutrient rich foods, building lean strong muscle and keeping bones healthy. We cannot determine how we actually feel from a number on a scale. P.S. I really want the Sculpt program. I have the 6 week program and am ready to really start building some muscle. I just might be on my way to a competition!

  74. Kayla Sibbaluca

    A healthy body composition is so much more than what you see on a scale. A lot of people say muscle weighs more than fat which is not necessarily true. One pound of fat weighs the same as one pound of muscle. But muscle is denser than fat so a person with a lower body fat percentage will see a higher number on the scale and that’s totally okay! If you are comfortable with how you look how you feel and how you feel in your clothes the number on the scale should not matter. I don’t necessarily have a goal weight but I do have a body fat percentage weight because I know the body image that I am after will show a higher number on the scale. I want to grow muscle and lose fat and having a better body composition.

  75. Carl's Johnson

    Healthy body composition to me is about living your best life. The scale and dress size are only indicators of what that might look like. I turn 53 on Monday and once again (after gaining 80 extra pounds) weigh the same and am the same size as I was when I was 17. BUT would say I’m in better shape now. I’m stronger and leaner which helps me live my best life. I would love to keep learning what that looks like in sculpting and keeping healthy and fit.

  76. Judy

    Just did the 15 Day Challenge. Didn’t lose a lot of inches but feel so much better. Zero strength in my upper body but already needed heavier weights – woohoo! Still can’t do a push-up but I will. Already on round 2. Not sure I can handle the sculpt program. Is it OK for those who are very out of shape? Is there a better choice? Thx

  77. TJ

    Healthy body composition is more important than weight because muscle weighs more than fat and when you have more muscle than fat you’re healthier. Doing the right things for your body helps you to live a longer more vibrant life and helps your immune system be healthy to fight off diseases. I am stage 4 terminal cancer survivor. I was exercising 2 hours a day when diagnosed, and I sincerely believe my being in great shape helped me endure experimental chemotherapy and helped with with my survival.

  78. Sabrina

    Really wanted to get this but don’t have a gym membership. Trying to decide if doing it from home is challenging enough?! Just looking to tone & maybe drop a few pounds.

  79. Jodi Armstrong

    I think that a healthy body, making healthy decisions and being physically fit and strong is far more important than dress size or weight on the scale- especially since muscle weighs more than fat so the scale can be really misleading.

  80. Bit Marcello

    This concept is so important & something I try to share with my friends—-many young women just assume that a lower number on the scale will make them happy, but it’s so much more than that! I had to learn that the hard way (as many young women do) but I am happier and healthier than ever–and I don’t care what’s on the scale! This program looks awesome, especially since I love the 15 day fit body challenge!

  81. Misty Smith

    I believe healthy body composition is more important than scales for sure. Scales are just numbers and really don’t reflect true progress. True body composition is where progress is shown. Learning how to do it right and having help is such an Amazing thing. Thank you Lindsey!!

  82. Sabrina Fan

    A lean body is so much more about just the weight and the dress size…it’s about finding fitness and happiness and balance in life! I would truly love to try this program and truly help change my lifestyle!

  83. Shar

    Feeling fit is waking up each morning knowing you have the energy to do whatever you want. The fit challenge has given me that. Bring on a new challenge.

  84. Loren Smith

    Body composition is more than a scale and dress size. You need to build muscle and tone. We always look at the scale which I am guilty of but I have begun training my mind to also measure my strength and if I am improving on my fitness level.

  85. Jennifer

    Healthy body composition is much more than a number on the scale or dress size. My goal for working out each day is to feel confident and to know that I’m healthy and able to play with my 3 kids and watch them grow up. I love how i feel after a hard workout. Not only confident and happy with myself because i pushed myself through it, but also satisfied bebecaus i know I’ll be healthier in the long run. Thank you all for your efforts to put out these workouts. I’m truly grateful to you, Lindsey, and your team for all your hard work.

  86. Holly Hansen

    I’ve been on an eating program since July 3, 2016, and have lost 111 pounds. At the first I found I was getting tired too easily until I realized I was not getting my required protein. The Ideal Lean Protein shakes have been a lifesaver! I’m finally at a weight and feeling healthy enough that I’m beginning to incorporate workouts … Still hoping for the time they are a habit!

  87. Becky W

    The proportion of fat to lean muscle is so much more important than focusing on what the scale says. You can take two individuals who weigh the same weight, but one is lean and toned while the other is overweight. Muscle is more dense than fat is, and having more lean muscle will help to boost your metabolism and to burn fat. As your replace your fat with muscle your body composition will change and shape your body, but you may not see much difference on the scale.

  88. Cici

    This looks like a great addition to the already awesome programs Lindsey has available! And ice seized that being fit and her by is more important than the weight on a scale… my weight has not changed much but my body composition definitely has!!!! Excited to see what this new program offers!

  89. Tiffany Melvin

    This program sounds like something I need in my life. I’m having trouble with gaining muscle and figuring out what to eat to get the results I want.

  90. Linda Fairchild

    I want to be healthy, I am in my mid fifties and I really want to be strong and healthy. I may never be a size 4 again but I would like to feel comfortable in

  91. Martha Vega

    I don’t belive in diets, and forget the scale she never be my best friend! 😂 i think is better to have a healthy body , do exercise, eat and enjoy the gym !! That formula work for me ! I just want to be fit and healthy!

  92. Emily

    Size doesn’t matter! We are all different, with different body shapes and sizes, with different numbers that represent “health” to each one of us. That it why the scale doesn’t represent our number of fitness. A healthy body composition is definitely where we need to focus rather than weight. Clean eating, strength training, and cardio will give you the body that represents health to YOU!!!
    Love idealfit!!!!!!

  93. Becky Chevalier

    Healthy body composition is both physical and mental. A healthy body is more about what you do than a number. It’s taking care of yourself, exercising, eating right, getting enough sleep, etc. You can be healthy at any weight and any BMI. Society has tried to tell us otherwise and that is the real problem. We all need to practice more self love and acceptance! 💗

  94. Susan

    I am ready to give it a shot. I truly believe in your programs and your products. Thank you for the constant assurance for all of us women who want to look like rock stars !!!

  95. Jenna Schug

    Looks like a good program, what equipment do you need for home?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      They provide a complete list of substitutions when you sign up. I would definitely have a few sets of dumbbells and bands.

  96. sarah hammons

    well as for my self the last 12 weeks i decided to not weigh or take pics and relye on healthy eating lots water protein and no sugar from processed junk..for some it works for me it just seems to stress me to see my self even now i am soon to be 51 and have the extra skin flab it is detrimental to my emotional state .i have had less stress and better more positive challenge.and have made remarkable progress trusting the processes,I know this by how i feel my energy and emotional state besides the looks i get .my running much better too. feel stronger and lift heavier. we are all different frame size height how we carry weight a bmi is so off for tall muscular people weight is not accurate measure our weight fluctuates daily and body comp muscle balance keep from getting injured like for running.we look better when our muscle mass is proportioned

  97. Cindy Campbell

    As someone with a back disability due to an accident, I truly know that the # on the scale is not the most important health indicator! My goal is to be a Home Godess! The gym is not the only place to get healthy. To be a true Godess, your goodness follows you were ever you are!
    Cheers to our health,

  98. Johanna Trowell

    We come in different shapes and sizes. The scale or a number does not determine being healthy or not. Being thin or of a “normal weight” can be deceiving. 😉
    I LOVE Ideal Lean products and would love to take the next step with the 6 Weeks Sculp Program 🙌🏼💪🏼 Thank You!!

  99. Teri Block

    For Lindsey on a Healthy Body Composition: (Sculpt Program giveaway)
    Body compostion is about how much body fat is stored on your body in relation to the weight of the internal parts of your body or body mass. If body fat is higher than body mass, you could be unhealthy. For example, a woman weighing 120 lbs, may appear skinny and healthy, but she does not exercise or eat well. Hey body fat percentage might be high. Whereas, another woman, at the same body weight, has visible body definition, is sculpted/lean from weight lifting, eats proper nutrition and has a low body fat percentage…This woman has a healthy body composition.
    This is why a scale or a dress size really doesn’t matter when comparing both females body weight. If you know body fat vs body mass, you can tell where you might have some problem areas and make changes to your health.
    Lindsey, my body fat is 24%. I would like to achieve 20%. Winning Your 6 week Sculpt Program sounds like the ticket to achieving my goal!

  100. Angela

    Love this! I love that the focus isn’t just to lose weight and feel better, but to actually get stronger and take your body to another level and step out of your comfort zone. Excited to try it!

  101. Hillary Rogers

    The number on the scale does not matter as much. What is important is how you feel. You should feel confident and strong. When you gain muscle ot will make the scale go up. Im excited to try this program!

  102. Rachel

    Why Is Healthy Body Composition More than Just a Scale or Dress Size Number? The simplest answer is that muscle weighs more than fat. I’ve noticed through Lindsey’s challenge that I didn’t really end up dramatically losing “scale pounds” but rather inches. It makes sense now why she has us measure ourselves rather than just step on the scale everyday. Anyone else feel the same? 😀 #idealfitgiveaway

  103. Lupita Gonzalez

    Healthy composition is better than dress size or scale number because muscle weights more. Loosing fat and gaining muscle is better it leaves the body looking more toned

  104. Bernadette McIntyre

    I am interested in changing my body. I need more energy as I am tired a lot and definitely out of shape. I am about 100+lbs overweight and ready for a challenge! Multi vitamins and protein shakes are not doing it like they once did for me. My body is in pain often because I cannot move around like I once did due to the excess weight. I am eating healthier too!!! I cannot afford this program due to being homeless living in a motel. I would love to try it though as it seems great for me! I have read all the comments and testimonials. It seems like an awesome way for me to go!

  105. Jacqueline decker

    Body composition is definitely more than just a number on the scale its a balance of eating correctly, weights and cardio to make the healthiest body tailored to you.

  106. Debby

    Thanks for sharing this Information especially since every’s body type is different. So while reading this, I Learned that by eating right lifting and balancing cardio we can achieve the best composition for our individual bodies. I guess I will have to get some workout gear, get my membership at the Y back, and hit the gym!!!!

  107. Pamela Martin

    Sculpt giveaway.

    Why Is Healthy Body Composition More than Just a Scale or Dress Size Number?

    Well maybe not totally in Trainer Lindsey’s words but a healthy body is really not just a physical aspect. A healthy body builds a healthy mind and exceptance and appreciation of every accomplishment big or small that we achieve along the way. A drive to become better and a peace within oneself.

  108. Jennifer Hunsaker

    I did the 15 day challenge and loved the results. Adding a weight training program with gym weights will really amp up my workouts. Weight training will drop excess weight faster and make it easier to fit in cookies, despite what a scale may say.

  109. Lauren Templeton

    A healthy body and compostion is SO much more important than number on a scale or dress size. We (all people) are SO much more than that!! It is so easy to get sucked into the battle with the scale or mirror but our bodies are our vessels by which we can do all other great things. Keeping that body strong, healthy, fit and clean will improve life in so many ways…we must constantly challenge ourselves to achieve new heights. This is professionally(whatever that means for you individually), physically, mentally…and they all need eachother for a person to peak. Long live us! ☺

  110. Jeanine

    Body composition is more than just a number on the scale or a dress size. The better your body composition, the better you feel and the healthier you are.

  111. LeeAnna

    A heathy body is way more than weight and size. A healthy body is about being confident in your own skin. A heathy body will help you keep up with your kids and live longer to see those kids grow!

  112. Kelli Nelson

    Why Is Healthy Body Composition More than Just a Scale or Dress Size Number? It’s about increasing fitness level, getting stronger, building muscle, and boosting metabolism!! It’s creating shape and muscle definition regardless of the numbers on the scale or on clothing tags! I’ve been following Trainer Lindsey for a while now, being a bit of a skeptic I’ll admit I just followed her blog and watched everyone’s comments. I’m done having kids, had a major surgery, and now it’s time to get myself back! I attempted the 15 day challenge, ended up not following the meal plans exclusively by day 10, but still saw some good results! I’ve continued to workout to the 15 day videos, added running, and keep a lean protein/low carb diet using IdealLean protein. I would love to win this program and be able to try a longer challenge with a meal plan that provides more variety!

  113. Carli Oyler

    I really want to try this sculpt program! I did the week program & it has taught me that body composition & fitness is way more important than losing weight. I feel confident & strong. When I follow the meal plans, I feel a sense of self mastery that I have never felt before. It is the only program I have ever succeeded with in that area. Everything in my body tells me that Lindsey’s approach is right & good. I believe that this is because it is perfectly BALANCED. This balance is not a fanatic way of eating, working out, or living & the result is…. A BALANCED ME (inside & out)!!!! Thank you Lindsey & I hope to get the chance to do your sculpt program! Xoxo

  114. Deb

    Why is healthy body composition more than just dress size or scale number?: HEALTHY is a word that includes the overall picture. Having necessary tone in our muscles prevents us from injury as we grow older and developing healthy eating habits takes care of our bodies on the inside so we can fight against the sickness and diseases that we encounter throughout life:)

  115. jasmine mccain

    Healthy body composition is more than being skinny or losing weight or a dress size or weight. We can eat, lift, and balance cardio to achieve the best composition for our individual bodies.

  116. Alexandra

    I have done the 15 day program… times 2. I have seen great results on the weight loss side. I did modify with 3 low carb days, 2 mod carb days and 2 days with cheat meals. I lost 8 inks in 4 weeks.
    I also play soccer and need cardio and weights in my next plan. Plus a little more weight losss. Which do you think is best if 2 days a week I am playing soccer as well?

  117. Sandra Rodriguez

    What an interesting post. I would love to try your program, especially since it would help with attaining healthier body composition. I’ve worked out/watched my diet for years and know for a fact that a better muscle-to-fat ratio makes the body look better, in AND out of clothes. I do watch the number on the scale as well, although some people prefer not to), but I find the way clothes fit is a better way to gauge progress. That said, I know proper body composition is important for more than just looking good. When you’re fit, everyday activities become easier, and stamina and endurance are increased. I’ve let myself slide a tiny bit recently and think your program would put me back on the right track.

  118. Petra Blevins

    I love this. Healthy body composition isn’t just a number on the scale it’s your confidence and the way you feel about yourself.

  119. Daniela F

    I would love to start a program like this! My wedding is in one year (Cinco de Mayo heyyyy) and I want to look and feel amazing. For me, it’s not about being skinny, it is about creating a better lifestyle for myself through eating better, working out smarter, and feeling better in my skin. I’ve been a part of several ideal fit challenges and I’m eager to try this one!

  120. Dara

    I learned a long time ago that an ideal weight for me isn’t the ideal weight for someone else that maybe “looks” like me. We have different bodies. More importantly I’ve learned that I love how I look with muscle! Which also means that scale number isn’t as important as I once thought it was. How I look and feel naked or in my clothes matters more… building muscle changes my body composition and gives me the look I want. Programs like this help get me there!

  121. Courtney Tennant

    Body composition is so far beyond a dress size and it has taken me a long time to learn this. I am 6,2 and have always had a higher weight just being athletic. For a long time I did everything I could to lose weight. Now I see that as someone who has a tall athletic build I shouldn’t be super skinny because I have muscle. I will continue to work on getting stronger at home and at the gym. That is more important to be strong and have a healthy Body composition for my body structure than to fit a certain mold.

  122. Shar Philips

    I am super confused. One comment says that you dont need the gym just 10lb weights and maybe access to a treadmill. Then it says it will be difficult to do outside of the gym, then the same poster basically said that she did a completely different program that was taylored to her. I am not interested in the gym nor do I have a lot of money to spend on a “taylored to me” plan. So I need to know… Because I want a plan I can stick to for a few weeks that I dont have to step into a gym for… What is the best AT HOME plan IDEALFIT has? Thank you

  123. Sherri

    A strong, healthy, defined body properly fueled with great nutrition is so much more important than a dress size or numbers on a scale. It’s about feeling great with enough energy to get you through the day and all the good “feels” that go with it. A powerful workout can take your confidence level through the roof as you get stronger. I could not get through the day without my idealfit shakes. They give me that lift when I need it.

  124. Maria Johnson

    I love that this program is designed to teach to you be comfortable in the gym and fuel your body. So many people reduce calories to such an extent that they have no energy to workout. ❤️❤️❤️ This! It’s more than just the number on the scale…that’s just a number when you’re becoming fit!

  125. Brione Price

    To me a healthy body composition is more than just what the scale says, it is about how I feel about myself, the energy that I have, the dedication that I obtain when working out daily and eating healthy. I can not only see but feel the difference when I eat right and take care of myself. I rarely look at the scale because that is not an indicator of how I feel.

  126. Keyko Davidson

    I love Lindsey and would love to try the Sculpt Program. I have been following the 6 week for a year. I have lost 30 pounds 26 inches and gained so much knowledge it is amazing! Fitness is so much more than pants size or pounds… strength, endurance, and over all good health really count. Thanks for the chance to win the program!

  127. Kayla Keeton

    I healthy body is more than just what size you wear or the number you see on the scale. Having a healthy body is more about the focus on increasing your fitness level, getting stronger, building muscle, and boosting your metabolism And having a healthier lifestyle. Body composition, creates your shape and muscle definition, helping simply to lose weight I believe ! I’m new to all this fitness and I love all the information and meal plans you provide and the shakes are so tasty !

  128. Lorene Drake

    I am going to be 50 in july. Have tried numerous fad diets and to no avail gained more than what I lost. I also have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia not to mention 8 grand babies that I would live to be healthy and energetic enough to play with. I really need this to get my life and energy back in check. Picking me for the trial would definitely change my life in many positive ways.

  129. Janielle

    Body composition plays a major role in our overall health especially with many preventable diseases, but the temptations of unhealthy foods are quite strong. I hope to learn how to deal with these strong urges to create a healthy mind and body.

  130. Priscilla

    Why Is Healthy Body Composition More than Just a Scale or Dress Size Number?
    Because being healthy, strong and physically fit cannot be measured by a scale or dress size.
    I have completed the 15 day challenge twice and just finished the 6 week program… The strength I have gained from these programs and not being out of breath when I do normal activities and being able to keep up with all the younger people at my work when we work out is worth more than numbers on a scale and a dress size but the bonus is I have gotten those results too! I would love to win the 6 week sculpt program and continue on my journey along with my husband that I have initially dragged into this with me but he is loving it as well!!

  131. Alyssa

    Body compessition over simply put is how much fat you have and how much muscle. A healthy body compesition might not be reflected on the scale because muscle weighs more than fat. On the flip side, muscle is more dense, so it takes up less space, making you look slimmer at the same weight.
    The biggest thing for me is getting HEALTHY and FIT. Its time to stsrt treating my body to what it needs and deserves!

  132. Rachel Brown

    I know I am not overweight, but I also know my eating habits are not the best. Doing the 15 day challenge has given me hope that I can change my habits and improve my overall health.

  133. Debbie Bong

    Why Is Healthy Body Composition More than Just a Scale or Dress Size Number? Muscle weighs more than fat. And dress size merely means the size of your body. Dress sizes change too, depending on the store. By having healthy body composition, your body is made up of muscle. Someone can have a size 0 dress size but still be made up of fat. And well, if you have muscle, you’re probably gonna weigh more than someone who just has fat. SO don’t let your dress size or the number on the scale control you. Live a healthy, balanced, lifestyle, and you’ll get stronger, happier, and healthier!

  134. Chanelle Pfarner

    Ive done the 15 week challenge once. I wanted to repeat it but came down wirh bronchitis. Im looking for a way to get in better shape now that im in my mid 30’s and found the things ive dobe in the past are not working. Looking for a change that will keep me healthy and enjoy my body.

  135. Kayla Whitley

    The sculpt program is a great way to achieve your desired body composition, with a healthy percentage of muscle vs. Body fat. Muscle building helps create strong, lean, and fit bodies. It’s not about a number on the scale. 5 lbs of muscle takes up less space than 5lbs of fat. It’s about striving for the healthiest version of yourself and loving your body.

  136. Megan manoguerra

    I have done many other programs but can’t seem to stay motivated. How do you keep yourself motivated on days where it seems like to much?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Some days are really hard to motivate yourself to workout. Different things work for different people. I like to focus on the feeling after I workout. I do it because I know I will feel good afterwards. Cute workout clothes, a gym partner, and our Facebook groups are all ways!

  137. Opal Squires

    I have tried everything. I am a social worker so I stress eat. I go the gym and it helps with stress but I stress eat. Thats my problem. Just got my new protein powder and love it!

  138. amanda prata

    Muscle weighs more than fat so that damn scale number may not move even though you are killing your workouts. Thanks for keeping me motivated 🙂

  139. Mary Anne

    This program helps to build a healthier body that shows up in so many more ways than on a scale. Your entire body will be healthy inside and out! This also gives you the confidence to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle and inspire others!!!

  140. Jill LaRock

    Loved the 15 day challange and the meal plans, also love the products!! I would love the chance to see what a 6 week program can do!! The workouts were awesome (and I have been working out for years)!

  141. Wendy Sprenger

    I love that this is about fueling your body right and not focusing on the scale. Everyone’s different and it’s about being healthy. Learned a lot from this post already!

  142. Elizabeth Rowe

    I have been lifting almost 10 years now. My problem was that I didn’t realize how much your nutrition has to be in point to get those hard earned muscles to show! It takes strong commitment and time. A guided program like Sculpt is an excellent tool to help keep me committed every day and Lindsey is such a fabulous inspiration!

  143. Carolina Rojas

    I learned that it’s more important to build muscle and become strong! Rather than just lose weight to be skinny

  144. Carolina

    I learned that working out is about becoming strong and healthy! Building muscle and kicking butt!

  145. Aly Dyer

    Lifting is my new love. I started lifting seriously and even incorporating some Olympic lifts about six months ago. I just have no idea how to eat to support it. 🙏🏼

  146. Michelle

    This program looks awesome. Strength training is something I am very interested in. I still have a ways to go with weightloss but from everything I’ve learned about strength training, building muscle definitely will help with this too considering My muscle will help me burn fat faster and raise my metabolic rates. Strength training as a woman will give me confidence as I get stronger and leaner. Just doing the challenges that I have so far, I know I am getting stronger and there is such a pride in being able to do things that I couldn’t before.

  147. Dawn Santiago

    I learned there is a different way to workout based on what your goal is. And there are workout videos for the gym?!?!

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Yes, there are videos of every workout you will be performing so that you can learn proper technique.

  148. Lisa

    I know the importance of strength training. I have osteopenia and have seen the changes in my bone health with the FBC. Would love to try out Sculpt. 😊

  149. Lydia Jerabek

    This sounds amazing. I go to the gym every day but I definitely don’t feel confident using the equipment to tone my body. I also like the idea of eating to help your workouts instead of losing weight. Eating to loose weight doesn’t always help keep it off so I think this sounds awesome.

  150. Amy

    I’ve learned that strength training kicks my body sculpting into high gear.

  151. Sara

    Learning that’s it’s not the number on the scale but how to fuel your muscles for maximum results.

  152. Cindy

    I learned that you can “eat to lose weight” or when the time is right transition to “more of a focus of food fueling your workouts.” Had not thought about it like that before. Can’t wait to be at that place one day!

  153. Janette Feliciano

    Strength training helps you get lean while still promoting muscle growth . That’s exactly what I want and need to do right now. I’ve been going to the gym but need a guide to help me focus on how and when to do what machines. I’m excited!!

  154. Tami Vaughan

    I can feel the enthusiasm just popping off the page! Lindsey you sound like you truly care and want help everyone. I love how you start basic at home and build it up to the gym, if anyone is intimidated by this it looks like you will help us take small steps and build from there. Also you are teaching us both about muscle and nutrition. I can’t wait to begin!

  155. Jess

    Consistency is what I have learned! Following the plan everyday and putting just as much effort into what you put in your body is key!

  156. Yvonne SoBeach

    On round 2 of the 15 day Challenge. Would love to be entered into the contest for the sculpt challenge. I’ve definitely learned that strength training works quickly!

  157. Stephanie Smith

    Strength Training is empowering both physically & mentally.

  158. Amy Witkowski

    Alternating work outs seems like the key to great results!

  159. Rachel

    By using a healthful balance of nutrition, strength training, and cardio, we can
    achieve our ideal body composition based on our individual needs.

  160. Jodie

    From this blog I’ve learned that with this program we won’t focus on the scale, but more on increasing my fitness level, getting stronger, building muscle, and boosting my metabolism. I would definitely love to try this program!

  161. Kayla

    Reading this has taught me that it’s not about being skinny or losing weight, but to get the body composition that’s right for me!

  162. Theresa Hughes

    Absolutely love the idea of not focusing on the scale!

  163. Denae Dorian

    I’ve learn that it is important to eat right to give your body the fuel it needs to have enough energy during your workout! I usually don’t eat before workouts or think of what I’m eating before a workout and realize I need to start thinking of that more.

  164. Elizabeth Eidenschink

    This program would help me to build lean muscle and to sculpt ( 😁) my body in a new way! I’ve done the six week FBC and loved it! Would love to try sculpt in my workout regimen 🙂

  165. Jennifer Greene

    I learned that in order to create your own body’s ideal lean muscle shape you have to do cardio, lifting, and nutrition! I love that there are 2 tracks and that I can also do them at home! I have been using IdealShape and IdealFit workouts for about 10 months and I love that I now have muscle tone and I am becoming stronger and healthier!

  166. Bronte Joyce

    The results from strength training come from the inside out. If you feel stronger, your attitude shows and then you look stronger! I learned that this plan is designed to make sure you are getting the correct amount (and delicious) macros that you need for the type of workouts that are included. Strength training isn’t only about losing weight, it’s about feeling good about yourself too.

  167. Mindy

    I have been wanting this program since it was released! I have learned that Lindsey knows and is the total package as far as fitness and strength go. I have always jumped in with both feet and have the gym part down like a boss but the nutrition is such a vital part. I have never been able to stick with that part. This program is exactly what I need and I know the meal plans are on point taste and nutrition wise from her 6 week.

  168. Lauren Hatt

    I’ve found all over stteng the training to be the most effective way to tone and sculpt.

  169. Heather Sabala

    I learned that strength training is needed to tone while trying to lose weight. To have success I believe that you need both Cardio and Strenth Training. I am realizing now that I need to add to my workout regimen. Currently I am doing 2 to 3 days of Taekwondo which can a mostly cardio. I am looking for a great fit with my current workout.

  170. Anne-Marie

    I learned that strength training can push your body to the next level. I have completed the 6 week challenge and I am looking to start lifting heavier. Btw, your protein powder is delicious!

  171. Reyanna Whisner

    I would love to try the sculpt program!!
    I love the 15 day fit challenge!
    So I know I would love this, I recently started weight lifting and cardio in the gym in January, I’m not an expert by any means so I’d love help in that area to further my knowledge and really understand what I need to do for my body! I have a few workouts I do in the gym but I’d like to mix it up and expand my horizon, I’d also like to use he weights downstairs where I feel, all the “knowledgeable and pro” lifters work out without feeling embarrassed or intimidated. I want to be more confident in the gym and I feel like this program would give me that extra help and push I need:)

    1. Reyanna Whisner

      I also want to add that I didn’t know there was a difference between strength training and weight training not only build muscle but also help you lean out!! Which I need:)
      Especially meal prepping on how to fuel my body the right way!! That is one thing
      I struggle with greatly and could use some help with.

  172. Kailie

    focus more on increasing your fitness level, getting stronger, building muscle, and boosting your metabolism with some hard-core gym workouts.

  173. Stephanie Marquez

    I would like to try the sculpt challenge but haven’t really have the money for it now, maybe later I can get it. I find it very important to built up your strength and tone up. I feel better about myself since I started Lindsey workouts.

  174. Morgan Myers

    Love how strength training help your metabolism!!! And how you burn calories all day long! 💪🏼

  175. Kami

    From this blog post, I learned that strength training (and building muscle) helps boost metabolism, and that people in different stages of their transformation can use different tracks to guide them to success.

  176. Belinda Chappell

    Would definrly like to sculpt my body. Love the replacement shake

  177. Charlie Hartzell

    Love the idea of. “Strength track”! Been a goal of mine to add some muscle to my thin frame!

  178. Sydney Pong

    I learned that bevause there are 2 tracks, this os more individual and less focus on the scale. It is geared toward working on your fitness level and getting stronger than pure weight loss. I am very excited because I see the ladies that use the program already and how much muscle they’re building. It’s crazy!

  179. Alysha Ham

    Thinking about meal planning frustrates me. Knowing this program could truly help me excites me. I am an avid gym goer and I do crossfit 3-4x week. My nutrition is what is killing me. I like how you have two options in your workouts for burning fat and for strength.
    I’m ready to use your programs to lose this pregnancy weight!

  180. Kasey

    I learned there is more to fitness than just losing weight and being slim. This program would allow me to better understand how to get the most out of my workouts with proper fueling and go beyond the scale by body recomp (hopefully gain shape and overall muscle definition).

    So excited for this program – this is my next goal!!!

  181. Heather

    My gym is more of a kickboxing type workout. Would this work? I have a treadmill and weights at home as well.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Yes, we offere a full list of at home substitutions if you don’t have all of the equipment. You would probably want a set of bands as well!

  182. Erin Martin

    I feel like I’ve learned so much about healthy muscle gains and toning from your 15 day and 6 week programs. I had never realized how much food IS fuel and the right nutrients and lean protein make such a difference in muscle growth and toning. So excited about your Sculpt program!

  183. Tracy

    This looks so great! I love the gym it’s my peaceful place but have trouble with the diet part. This looks wonderful.

  184. Meg

    I have learned that body composition is not about being skinny or losing weight, but about how we can eat, lift, and balance cardio to achieve the best composition for our individual bodies. This program will help teach you that, looks amazing!

  185. Tania

    This sculpt program is focused more on your fitness level, strength, gaining muscle and boosting your metabolism not really about your weight. Also focuses on body composition, creating shape and muscle definition.

  186. Kasey

    I just learned that it’s not about being skinny, but healthy good body composition

  187. Jess

    I love that the focus is on building strength and still eating, but making better choices for your body. This sounds like it is also building habits for long term results!

  188. Daena

    I learned that it is important to focus on heavy lifting and fueling your workouts rather than just on losing weight. That will give you better results.

  189. Sinoun meas

    Sculpt is for strength training to build muscle,get leaner and stronger. At home or in the gym.

  190. Erica

    I learned that she incorporates everything to help make you a strong healthy woman!! I want to show my girls that it is more important to be strong and healthy versus just being skinny!!

  191. Dianne Carr

    Strength training is an important part of fitness training and goals. It helps to develop balance and define shape, build muscle and strength. Some women have had the misconception that strength training will bulk us up but if done in the right combination, it will create a leaner, healthier you.

  192. Dianne Carr

    This program will move focus beyond monitoring the scale to developing the best physical me through increasing my fitness level, stronger balance and body composition, building muscle and metabolism with some workouts I can do, pushing my limits without killing myself in the gym. And learn how to properly fuel my body for workouts to achieve my fitness goals. I need that in my life. Help me please, I feel like I’ve plateaued in my workouts.

  193. Jenna

    Strength training is finding a balance and not be intimated by the gym!!!

  194. Lisa Petersen

    I have loved following a macros diet, and would love more info on the workouts, and different foods. I have never done any of the supplements and am super interested to try them out. I guess I still don’t understand them very well, but this program looks amazing. I would love to give it a try. 😀

  195. Daisy Cortez

    I learned that by strength training, your body keeps off fat better. You burn more calories and build strength and muscle. I always thought that going to the gym meant running five miles and just doing cardio. I never thought strength training would be better than, if not, the best thing you can do for your body. I also did not know that women would look so good just strength training with just a bit of cardio for the heart rate to go up. I love all idealfit and idealshape challenges, but this one, I think, goes above and beyond for those who workout at the gym.

  196. Sam L

    I LOVED the 15 day challenge! I’ve never felt better about myself both physically and mentally. I was just lookin for something to get me on track before I started going to the gym but now I want this type of workout to be part of my constant lifestyle 🙂 (except for those darn “cardio” days. I’d rather just do some straight running haha) . The instructional videos also help a ton so I’m not worried about doing anything wrong. Hoping to try out the 6 week sculpt program and learn some more!!!

  197. Wendy Myers

    I have done the other programs and would love to try this one! Excited to learn more about building more lean muscle.

  198. Wendy Myers

    I have done the other programs and would love to try this! I would like to build more lean muscle!

  199. RaIssa Mendonca

    Ohhh 😲 I totally need this program after read this article I realize how much I need it. It’s a definitely a long term on how to do the right exercise for a long term health life I mean with lean muscle and building it boosting you’re metabolism specially if you’re feeling struck on that well dedicated trainer with the right food and exercises super successfully!

  200. Julia

    Wow, I’d like to try the tone track. I’d really like to learn what I need to do for my body type.

  201. Marissa Bowering

    I absolutely love the different options for meal plans! More simple or more complex! Pre-made grocery lists as well.

  202. April

    Two unique tracks to follow in the program. “Tone Track” designed to help continue to get lean while supporting muscle growth, and a “Strength Track” to completely focus on fueling muscle growth while helping you stay lean and fit. It also gives you everything you need as far as meal plan, recipes, and grocery lists.

  203. Keisha

    With the strength training from the 6 week and 15 day challenges, I learned that I can change the shape/appearance/way of my body. It’s hard to explain but it is different than just loosing weight. And I love it! I love the lean look and the firmness of all over, and I no longer care what the scale says. I even have a butt, which naturally I do not. Ha! I have been sleeping in lately and need to get back to it. Luckily I can start seeing a difference in less than a week! Thank you IdealFit team!

  204. Syreeta Willis

    Even though strength training can be tough it can be so rewarding. You see overtime the results for putting in the time. Strength training has helped me feel more empowered and driven to see and be more! A new program would be what I need to take my routine to the next level!

  205. Jessica

    I like that strength training is not about being skinny or losing weight, but how we can eat, lift, and balance cardio to achieve the best composition for our individual bodies.

  206. Kaylee reade

    I learned that it’s all about balance, this is an awesome blog post!

  207. Marissa

    I’ve loved all the at home workouts, and have been super reluctant to go to a gym… but I am happy that this program will guide me at the gym rather then going and trying to figure it out myself! Once I check out some gyms in my area, I’d love to try this program!!!

  208. Jasi O'Connor

    Strrength training is such a great way to boost your metabolism and get lean, particularly in conjunction with cardio. Thanks for creating this program. It’s fun to have an option/plan of something to do in the gym.

  209. Leah Satterfield

    I learned that you can do an entire strength program at home with adaptations!

  210. Carla clontz

    Its about increasing your personal fittness level building muscle increasing metabolism eating the right food

  211. Karena Copley

    Looking forward to learning how to eat, lift and balance cardio!

  212. Michelle

    I love how you offer a “tone track” and a “strength track”. I recently got out of a boot (literally a few days ago) and need to start building myself backup. Your program starts off with minimal equipment and gradually works up to heavier lifting, which would definitely be the route for me to take.

  213. Destiny Larson

    I just found out that this comes with pre made grocery lists for 8 delicious meal plans, which is huge when you are a mama of 2 crazy kids and don’t have time! I also love that it focuses on being strong, not just losing weight or being skinny.

  214. Jenny Williamson

    I’ve learned that building muscle is about your body composition and you determination to want it. You need to fuel your workouts in order to make gains and see the results that you want. You also need to eat the right amounts of proteins, carbs and fats! 😉

  215. Sara

    I just finished the six week program and would love to do this!

  216. Kristie Roxburgh

    I think what I’ve learned the most about strength training is that you won’t see results unless you’re also eating properly — diet is so key! This includes getting the right amount of protein and other supplements to fuel your workouts and recover properly! I love ideal fit !

  217. Anne Marie anderson

    Muscle building is more important than the scale. All too many times we look at the scale but it should be about power and feeling strong. I would love to try the tone program to get that extra strength and cut look!

  218. Marisa

    I’m interested in seeing what type of gym workouts she recommends, specifically tailored towards women. I also am trying to eat better and am wondering if her diet plan incorporates specific allergy restriction alternatives?

  219. Samye Peterson

    This sounds like a great program- It’s such an important concept to teach women that it’s not about being skinny, it’s about being fit.

  220. Nicole Teele

    I learned most from the article how the program moves beyond the scale and focus more on increasing your fitness level, getting stronger, building muscle, and boosting your metabolism with some hard-core gym workouts. Body composition, creating shape and muscle definition, rule over simply wanting to lose weight.

  221. Miranda Anspach

    Great article! It showed me that I can really lift weights like a pro just with a little guidance! Can’t wait to try it!

  222. Levica Smith

    The Sculpt program looks like a great program to try. I really like that there are two options. I will definitely try the Strength Track. I’ve learned that for strength training, fueling the body properly through out the day and getting the proper amount of protein is important. IdealLean protein products have been great to get the needed protein in my diet. I love trying out all the recipes to add variety.

  223. Angie

    This program looks awesome! I work out regularly but am in need of a new challenge!! Would love to try this!!

  224. Alexa Lawson

    I learned that Body composition, creating shape and muscle definition, rule over simply wanting to lose weight. It’s not about being skinny or losing weight, but how we can eat, lift, and balance cardio to achieve the best composition for our individual bodies.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the giveaway, I would love to try this challenge!

  225. Natalie

    Thanks for a chance to win! I would love to try and learn how to best use supplements and cardio to support maintaining muscle while losing fat!

  226. L'Erin

    I love that the Scuplt has different tracks for when I feel like I’ve reached my goals. The maintenance is the part I’ve always struggled with. I usually end up relapsing and losing the body composition I worked hard to aciieve. So great a program!

  227. Rachel

    This comment is related to the Sculpt program giveaway advertised on the IdealFit Facebook page today. The instructions said to leave a comment on this blog, but everyone seems to be commenting on Facebook, so I guess I’ll do both. I’ve learned that it is important to both fuel your body properly (keep track of your macros and eat that protein!) and progressively increase weights during strength training exercises. Thank you.

  228. Michaela Sorvino

    Wow I always heard that muscle is important but never realized that weight training increases your lean muscle mass so you’ll burn more fat (even while resting), and your overall fitness. By doing this program you will tighten up your trouble areas and sculpt definition. I typically just do cardio so very excited to read all about this new program.

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Audra, I would contact customer service, they can help you! (+1) (800) 515-0896

  229. Destiny

    Lindsey, I LOVE IdealLean products and the positive influence you have had on so many women’s lives! Thank you so much for making it so easy to get fit!

  230. Audra S.

    I have learned that this program can help me achieve my fitness goals. It can be intimidating going to a gym and not knowing how to use the weight machines. Seems like this program will help me figure out the machines.

  231. Viki

    I have always loved strength training, but had not been involved for many years. The six week challenge has helped my metabolism return to its old efficiency because of the focus on the fuel my body needs. Can’t wait to start sculpt as I really ramp up the strength training for the metabolism and bone health benefits!

  232. Pam

    I prefer working out in a gym because staying home to workout doesn’t motivate me, I’ll get distracted by what I need to do at home. I’m more focused at the gym. Plus I find that doing strength training with moderate cardio gives me better results.

  233. Laura

    Great article. I have been doing crossfit for 6 months and recently purchased some of your products for that extra boost. This program sounds exactly like what I need and have been looking for to reach my goals. I hope I win the contest! I wish I would have started weight training years ago instead of all those home workout videos that just left me feeling defeated 🙂

  234. Andrea Rankin

    I learned that strength training and fueling muscle growth requires a specific diet plan. Having more muscle also supports higher calorie burn and overall health.

  235. Tonya

    I’ve learned that building muscle is important to weight loss because it burns more fat, speeds up your metabolism, and makes you look leaner.

  236. Jennifer Bradley

    Strength training builds muscle, boosts metabolism

  237. Dana

    I would love to try this 6 weeks sculpt program! I’m currently doing the fight the fat challenge and loving it so far! I’m just ready o make that change and learn how feel comfortable in my own skin!

  238. Makayla

    This is where strength comes from, not just weights but your mind. I would love to do this program! Eating right and more and still staying lean is from lifting weights since you burn more calories even after you’re done working out!

  239. Rose Ann

    I just learned that strength training is not about bulking up but rather to get stronger build muscles and increase my metabolism all positive goals not to be feared but conquered! Thanks for the education!

  240. Stephanie Haymorw

    I laugh when I think of how 6 years ago when I joined the gym and I looked at their class schedule and called them to see if the class using weights would make me bulky. I have learned so much since then. Strength training has been awesome at keeping me healthy! This program looks great for where I am at. SI’ve done lifting for quite a few years but need a shakeup in my workouts for leaner muscle. This looks like just what I’m looking for!

  241. Avi

    I learned that body composition, creating shape and muscle definition, rule over simply wanting to lose weight.

  242. Melissa Wood

    I have tried the other challenges but have been hesitant to do the 6 week ones. I am excited to try this one and the other 6 week fit body challenge

  243. Jen Beadle

    It’s important to eat right to fuel the body while working out.

  244. Kaitlin Redman

    When you start working on strength training you stop worrying about the scale. You start to see food as a fuel source rather than something to avoid. You start to see what your body is really capable of. When I started lifting weights I didn’t go for the number on the scale or even the size of my pants, I went for the achievement of grabbing a heavier weight or doing that extra rep. I feel like strength training is about discovering who you are and what you’re capable of!

  245. Julie O.

    Sounds like a wonderful program. I do totally agree that you have to use weights in order to see any kind of muscle, especially the older you get. I’d love to upgrade to the Sculpt program!!

  246. Pam

    I’ve learned building muscle to boost metabolism is the key to weight loss! Burn the fat!

  247. Linda

    I learned from the blog/program that it’s about increasing your personal fitness level, building muscle and boosting metabolism vs the number on the scale. Plus it’s also important what you put into your body as well. I’m a mother and have been struggling to loose the last bit of weight and get toned to where I want to be and this program would help significantly and really could use this program.

  248. Alex

    I am super excited about this program and how focuses more on fueling your body for strength training rather than focusing more on weight loss!

  249. Brandy Miller-Broderick

    I have learned that strength training is completely a necessity! I would love a program that shows me what to do when I go to the gym without a personal trainer following me around. 🙂

  250. Lindsey Monroy

    I learned that you can build lean muscle while still getting lean and losing fat! Love it!

  251. Carrie David

    I learned that it is actually more important to eat to fuel your body and workouts then it is about cutting calories to lose weight. I also learned how important strength training is to your body, in order to build muscles to get a better body composition. Ive completed numerous rounds of the 6 week challenge so I am ready to take it to the next level!

  252. Brittany

    I’d love to learn more about eating to fuel my workouts. I do the 6 week BBC and see this being the next best step!

  253. Jessica Pace

    I learned that it’s really important to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to build muscle. You can’t cut calories dramatically and gain the muscle you want!

  254. Jessica Evans

    I’m at the point that I’m ready to build more muscle and maintain my weight. Or at least super close. I’ve recently started strength training. I love it! But my trainer is a guy. Nothing wrong with that at all, but I would love to see what a plan looks like for a female from a female prospective. I started using IdealFit products a couple of months ago and LOVE them!!!

  255. Sam

    I would love to win!! That’s awesome that there are two tracks you can use depending on what you’re looking for. And to learn how to fur our bodies

  256. Kelly Strelick

    I have learned that cardio is not all what it’s cracked up to be. Lifting weights and lifting heavy not only helps with building muscle but it revs up your body and metabolism to burn that fat away! I need to get on board with this program.

  257. Barbara

    Glad to see multiple options with a structured program – just in time for summer

  258. Jaci B.

    I love that this program is focusing on fueling your body to gain muscle vs just losing weight. I am always so unsure of what/when/how much to eat to gain muscle. You don’t see very many programs for women that are targeted towards muscle gain.

  259. Lynette Hofmann

    I really like that there are two avenues to choose from, tone and strength. I am still wanting to get leaner before I start building and sculpting my muscles. Also having multiple meal options too choose from makes a huge difference.

  260. Elizabeth

    I learned that it is important to fuel your body not only with food but with strength training.

  261. Hannah Anne

    This blog has really made me decide I want to buy the Sculpt program. I have been debating it for a few months now (since it came out really). This blog post helped me understand that it isn’t about losing weight, but about body composition and carving out the muscles. I have struggled with weight my whole life, and have hit a plateau at a healthy weight. I think this program will truly help me achieve the body I want. I know the the scale may not change with this plan, but my body surely will!

  262. Sarah J

    Back in November I came across Trainer Lindsey’s Six Week Fit Body Challenge. I bought it right away and loved it! I’m a law student, so fitting in workouts is really hard to do – but the challenge made it quick, easy, and doable from home! I knew before I started how important eating healthy is to weight loss, but I didn’t know much more than that. It’s amazing to me how much I don’t know about fueling your body correctly while living an active lifestyle. I love that this program focuses on body composition rather than just weight loss, because the number on the scale isn’t the whole story! I would really love to try this program.

  263. Teryn Bibb

    I have learned that you must eat the correct foods in order to build lean muscle.

  264. Bethany Coberg

    This looks like such a great program! It was interesting to learn that this program isn’t just about losing weight but creating your bodies own ideal through a balance of nutrition, lifting and cardio. I’ve discovered it really takes all three to get that lean muscle we all want.

  265. Natalie Lamy

    I actually have a question- being a vegetarian, do you have meal alternatives that don’t include meat protein?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      We do! You can also email Lindsey directly or one of the personal trainers assigned to help her with the program and they can further assist you.

  266. Catelyn Davis

    I have learned how important muscle is for your metabolism and doesn’t mean you will become bulky. I had previously been told not to work legs because I built muscle very easily. That has NOT been the case with Lindsey’s programs!!

  267. Gail Thompson

    I would love to try this challenge to push my efforts into high gear to get fit and healthy.

  268. Ryan

    I learned it’s not so much about the number on the scale as it is how you feel and how clothes start to fit.

  269. Cassandra

    I’m definitely going to try to focus on fueling my body now rather than cutting calories! I’ve been trying so hard to get toned and have been struggling and I think my food intake is the problem!

  270. Andrea Talbot

    This sounds awesome and I hope I am chosen because this sounds exactly like what I’m looking for to finally have my summer body I’ve been pushing myself for.

  271. Krista

    Strength training improves my speed in running! With my core and arms stronger, I can go faster and longer. I did Lindsey’s 6 week challenge workouts through my marathon training and hit a PR on my half and rocked me first marathon!

  272. Grace albright

    I have enjoyed the simplicity of the 15 day challenge and would love to see if I could gain a good understanding of gym work. Always get over whelmed when I look at the wrong room.

  273. Nicole

    Sounds like an awesome program! I would love to learn how to do all of this stuff properly. Wonderful benefits to strength training, that’s certain!

  274. Krista

    I’ve been wants to work more at the gym with the machines and tone up! I love the six week challenge and 15 day, and I’d love to do a new one. With my level of running I need toning!

  275. Morgan Holzer

    Can’t wait to try this program! I love lifting, so this program will be great especially to have the workouts and meal plans for access!!

  276. Gry Johannessen

    I learned that this program is different than the other 6 week program, by focusing more on building lean muscle to boost your metabolism, and how to fuel those muscles with the right food. Sounds like the Meal plan is great, with substitutions and lots of variety.

  277. Mel O

    I would love to try this program. I have found myself in a rut and I think Trainer Lindsey’s program would be perfect to bust through the plateau!

  278. Melanie

    Ive learned that woemn have been told for so long that lifting weights will make u large. That is so not true. I love lifting weights now i feel strong and am leaner because of it. Thank you for opening my eyes

  279. Bre

    It’s so interesting that there are two paths to this program! I didn’t know that before reading this blog post. I’m in a weird in between of wanting to sculpt but still having a few pounds to drop, so this seems like a good program for me!

  280. Alessandra CN

    I’ve learned that strength training doesn’t focus on weight loss but on body composition, and in order to make it work you have to fuel your body with the right foods (instead of eating little to nothing and working out like crazy).
    As someone who has a really hard time building any muscle I want to start a program that will lead me on the right direction, and this is it.

  281. Jessica Southers

    This program looks exciting. I have completed Trainer Lindsey’s 12 week program and I have done the 15 day one a few times. She inspired me to keep progressing which led me to a more strength based gym routine. I would love to sculpt with Lindsey and this program. I learned that this program has different “tracks” so you can choose which path better fits your goals, I love that!

  282. Autumn Wright

    I so want to try this program. I loved the comment “Most of all this program will teach you what body composition really means. It’s not about being skinny or losing weight, but how we can eat, lift, and balance cardio to achieve the best composition for our individual bodies.” it is sooooo true!

  283. Nicole Rio

    Meal prep and knowing the right diet is the hardest thing for me on my journey to getting where I want to be physically. I look forward to using the formulas given to me by Lindsey’ s program

  284. Laura tryon

    I didn’t know you had tested this on a range of people. That is something in the fitness industry that speaks to all levels. Knowing you picked people that were already working out and ones that weren’t and it worked on both is so exciting.

  285. Natalie Gillette

    I have learned how essential weight training is to overall body shape and not focusing solely on the scale. When starting to weight train, it was the first time I noticed losing inches and my clothes fitting differently. Weight training increases your lean muscle mass, tightening up your trouble areas and sculpting definition. By building strength and curves, you’ll burn more fat. Weight training also burns fat long after your workout when compared to cardio.

  286. Jennifer Garcia

    I’d love to try this if I’m able to work it from home. And simple meal plans are just what i need.

  287. Stephanie Render

    I learned that this program is made for anyone to use, with the way it’s tailored it can be beneficial to all

  288. Meaghan

    This is a program to help teach us how to fuel our bodies & focus on body composition goals in our workouts, not just lose weight.

  289. Becky Krise

    So desperately need a change. Can’t seem to push through the plateau I have been stuck on. Really need structure and direction

  290. Holly

    What I learned from reading this blog…. Strength training is the next step after weightloss. Fueling your body with the nutrients to keep going, feeling energized, and helping maintain a lean muscle mass.

  291. Jennifer Pritchett

    I learned you begin to focus less on eating to loose weight and more on fueling your workouts!

  292. Angie

    I’ve learned that building muscle is what makes the body more metabolically active, allowing you to lose weight without sacrificing muscle mass. Pick me!

  293. Amanda P

    Strength training is about being strong and healthy, regardless what the numbers on a scale might say. Finding the balance between fueling your body properly and exercise. For me, I strength train for longevity, the things I am doing in the gym today, I want to be able to do in 20 years from now. 🙂

  294. Anna Sircy

    ❤️It’s not about being skinny but about being strong❤️😊

  295. Lisa monroe

    I learned that weight training is a slow progressing process, to be patient.

  296. Robyn Pledger

    You have to fuel your body with proper nutrition to see maximum results. It’s not just about cutting calories! I want to Sculpt! !

  297. Kristen J

    Thanks, this program sounds like something I would like to do. I may have to modify it to do some outside of the gym.

    1. Kristen J

      Im currently taking amino acid per & post work outs. My current work out schedule consists of fitness kickboxing 2x week, an some moderate cardio at home. I’d like to be able to tone better.

  298. Deb Peterson

    What I have learned about strength training – don’t be scared. Sure I have completed the other challenges (more than once lol) and when I first started thought there is no way I can use heavier weights – I am not strong enough or there is no way I can do a regular push up – I am a girl and I am weak. Well that is all BS – strength is not only physical but it is mental. You can overcome any obstacle with the right mindset. I CAN do a regular push up and I keep needing to buy heavier weights. Eventually I would love to do the 6 week challenge to see how much stronger I can become – love all the time and effort the Ideal team puts into the programs and products for us.

  299. Mary Ann Carney

    I have been a Zumba Instructor for 8 years teaching several types of Zumba. I do need strength training and can’t stay motivated to do it. Would like to share with my classes, too.

  300. Jen

    Strength training focjses on fueling muscles while finding a balance of eating right, lifting, and cardio

  301. Cheryl

    Ive been intriqued over the years about programs that will sculpt and redefine the body composition. I have difficult body areas i dream of improving. In the past ive hit the local gym intently n achieved great strength of body, mind and soul. I enjoy deadlifts and compound movements.

  302. Ann

    This would be awesome to help those have more knowledge as to what to do in the gym and the confidence in using the machines correctly.

  303. Sara Walker

    This sounds like my kind of program. What I learned from this blog is it’s not about being skinny or losing weight, but how i can eat, lift, and balance cardio to achieve the best composition for my body.

  304. Becky Workman

    So looking forward to trying this challenge! I love how this is more about balance and that there are two tracks to choose from!

  305. Emerald Holmes

    My biggest struggle is always the meals so learning simpler ways to prep would be amazing for me.

  306. Carla Beck

    I’m glad to see that there is a tone option as well in the sculpt program. I’m still on my journey of losing weight so I’m leary of heavy lifting because I don’t want to bulk up!

  307. Samantha Manucy

    I love that this program focuses on body composition, creating a healthy balanced life rather than just striving to lose weight. You need muscle to burn fat! I also like how there are two tracks to help you determine the best choice for your goals: lean or strength.

  308. Sherylyn

    This looks very interesting. I suffer from major gymtemidation. And I’m always worried about good form and doing things right. It’s almost paralyzingly because it keeps me from just going. This would give me confidence.

  309. Deb

    Wow! Fabulous to learn that strength training goes beyond diet and toning…it builds endurance and increases metabolism!

  310. Jen

    I would love this program. I NEED this. I deserve this. I was put on medication about a year ago. I had intense food cravings and gained about 70 pounds. I am 5′ 2 and normally 120. I ballooned to a staggering 190 because of a medication I had to take. I have had my medication switched and have lost about 30 pounds but I am nowhere near where I want to be and more importantly, how I need to FEEL. I would love the opportunity for this since I know it would be life changing. I’m 41 and in the worst shape I’ve ever been. This would be an enormous gift that would be incredible.

  311. Mads

    I love the benefits of proper weight training! Being women, increased bone strength and improved metabolism, continuing to burn calories long after the workout ends, is huge for us!

  312. Mariah

    Strength training is CRUCIAL to weight loss and this sculpt program has it all! Weights, cardio, intervals… It’s awesome! I’m going to try it as soon as I can! I always keep room in my budget for IdealFit products;)

  313. Jen

    I hope this is the right place to leave a comment to enter to win the Sculpt program. I learned from this blog that we can use food to properly fuel our bodies to build muscle.

  314. Jenny

    The thing that I have learned about muscle building and strength is more than just going to the gym, it’s about learning to use the equipment correctly, eating the right portions and the right food at the right time. I would love to try this program!

  315. Adrienne

    As a runner I need to start focusing on strength training, to build and tone muscles, increase metabolism, and to become a stronger runner. I’m excited to give it a try.

  316. Marlo Youde

    I would love you win this program. I learned it is about getting stronger and not just losing weight.

  317. Casey Gilbert

    Its not just about loosing weight, but getting stronger; mind, body, and spirit!

  318. Julia Irwin

    Good morning!!! I wasn’t sure if I needed to post a comment here about learning from this blog post for the giveaway or comment on the FB post, so I’m doing both!!

    It’s not about being skinny or losing weight! And it can work for everyone, even those with no experience in the gym.

    Happy Friday!!

  319. Rachael

    “this program will teach you what body composition really means. It’s not about being skinny or losing weight, but how we can eat, lift, and balance cardio to achieve the best composition for our individual bodies.” I think more people need to focus in this instead of watching the scale!

  320. Joann Vens

    This program is just what I’m needing. I’ve lost 40 pounds and need to sculpt. And to do that I need to lift heavy!

    It explains this program moves beyond the scale and focuses more on increasing your fitness level, getting stronger, building muscle, and boosting your metabolism with some hard-core gym workouts. Body composition, creating shape and muscle definition, rule over simply wanting to lose weight.

  321. Shelby

    I hope thinks the right place to comment for Trainer Lindsey’a Sculpt giveaway!
    I learned how it’s actually more important to eat to fuel your body and workouts then it is to cut calories and try to lose weight. Also how important strength training is to get the best body composition for you, in order to shape your body and increase your muscle strength.

  322. Samantha A.

    I’m a crazy busy mom of 4 and looking for the best at home workout to give me muscles. I’m hoping to win the giveaway and receive more help on food and what to do to achieve my goals. As I read this program seems to be a great fit as it has more options in one program then me trying to come up with my own programs on what to do. Along with great choice in meal plans. Good luck to all who join!

  323. Sabrina Cook

    I would love to try this program! I love that it’s not necessarily based on being “skinny” but getting toned and learning about muscle growth.

  324. Tiffany Wilkinson

    I currently go to the gym about 4 times a week and I wouldn’t say I’m overweight but I do have areas that I want to lose some inches and have some muscle definition. I don’t think I have fully balanced lifting, eating and cardio workouts as is mentioned here. If so maybe I’d have some flat abs, lifted perky butt and smaller thighs!! 😂

  325. courtnay hill

    I’ve learned from this blog that strength training can help with weight loss by making you stronger, boosting your metabolism and does not focus on the scale. I would love to try this program.

  326. Jillian Leece

    Love both the 15 day challenge and the 6 week FBC. I’ve always wanted to start lifting weights but was completely clueless. Lindsey has great workouts working different muscles each day. I was also scared I would bulk up on top of my fat and look like a guy…. Not true! I’m losing weight and toning! Muscle replacing fat… who doesn’t want that?! Would love to take my workouts to the next level! Thanks girls!

  327. Kendra Naylor

    I would love to use this program! Strength training isn’t about losing weight, it’s about becoming better and helping get a healthier/fitter body and tone and define muscles!!

  328. Krista root

    I’d love to try this! I’m always looking for ways to mix up my workout routine

  329. Angela Buck

    Strength training helps to re-comp your body. Helping you to be lean and strong. I can’t wait to try this program. I have loved all of Lindsey’s workouts so far. This one is going to be a game changer.

  330. Brooke Hale

    Strength training can completely transform your results, your body and your confidence. I love the emphasis being about strength and body changes, and NOT on the number on the scale.

  331. Nicole

    These programs make you realize how often you really need to workout to get fit. And I love learning new healthy recipes!! 😆

  332. Sandy

    I’ve completed Lindsey 15 day challenge and done the 12 week challenge twice. I am ready to change it up and thought I would give one of the 6 week challenges a go. We have an awesome cable gym system in our basement, but I’m not sure if we will have everything I need to follow the sculpt challenge. Our machine includes leg press, lat pulldown/chest/back/pecs/rear delt/row machine, anything that would pull down with interchangeable bars and grips, anything that would pull up from the floor with interchangeable bars and grips, sitting leg extension and lying leg curl. We have a full range of dumbbells (5#-75#) but no barbell and plates. We have a free standing incline/decline/flat bench. We are looking into adding a pull-up bar, but with out an assist, I’m not sure I could use it. And we have a treadmill.

    All that being said, do I have enough to get the most out of the 6 week sculpt? I don’t want to try to figure out dumbbell alternatives all the time. Or does Lindsey offer dumbbell alternatives for the exercises in the videos?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Sandy, you definitely have enough equipment! Lindsey uses a lot of those machines, and for everything that you don’t have you could look in the eBook to see substitution options. It tells you what workout to do in place of one that you don’t have the machines for!

  333. Andrea Lorenson

    I’d love to try this since I’ve done every ideal fit challenge with amazing result’s, but I’m ready to step it up! I am not a gym member, nor do I want to join one…That being said can I do this at home or not?

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      This program will be difficult for you to do outside of an actual gym. Lindsey wanted to create a program where she could guide people in how to use gym equipment. That being said, I think it’s worth looking into your local gyms for good deals. A lot of gyms will work with you if you’re not looking to spend a lot every month.

      1. Lindsay

        I’m confused McKenzie. You initially said that you did most of the program (with the exception of a treadmill) from your home with 10 lb weights and then your next comment indicates that the program will be difficult to do outside of a gym. Can you clarify please? Thank you

        1. McKenzie Pinckney

          That was probably super confusing for you. I apologize for that. What I should clarify is being apart of Lindsey’s team, I really wanted to be apart of her test group, but my apartment gym doesn’t have the majority of the equipment she uses in her plan, so she created a modified plan just for me! Now, the modified plan is a lot like her original 6 Week, so if you’re looking for that step-up in fitness, I’d get a gym pass for her Sculpt program. Does that clarify?

          1. sara olmedo

            I just buy sculp ready to start but my request to join the facebook group wasnot acepted jet….

          2. McKenzie Pinckney

            It takes the admin a little bit of time to make sure each person requesting has paid. She may have rejected your request if your FB name is different from actual name.

  334. Jessie

    Did anyone that was a “tester” for the sculpt program complete it all from home? No gym at all?

    1. McKenzie Pinckney

      I was in the test group, and did most of it without a gym. I only used my apartment gym for the treadmill, but you don’t even need a treadmill, you can just do cardio outside. I bought 10 lb. dumbbells and did everything at home.

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