6 Tips To Own Your Goals This Weekend

Everybody’s working for the weekend! (The song says it all, doesn’t it?)

Okay, hopefully you love your weekday life too. But really, who doesn’t love the weekend?

You work hard all week, you deserve a day or two to play, right?  

But if you aren’t careful, the weekend can also be a major stumbling block when chasing after your fitness and nutrition goals.

In over a decade of personal training experience, I’ve seen it time and time again. Women who are dedicated to working out and eating right all week, just to be blindsided by the weekend and all its delicious and relaxing temptations.

As you’ll see, I’m not against a little indulgence on the weekend. After all, you’ve earned it! But completely ditching fitness and nutrition for the entire weekend can derail your results.

The struggle is real. That’s why I’ve come up with these 6 tips to help you enjoy the weekend while staying on track with your fitness and nutrition goals.

TIP #1. Schedule Your Cheat Meal For The Weekend

As you’ll notice from my challenges, I’m definitely a fan of scheduling a cheat meal once a week.

Cheating once each week can help to prevent metabolic adaptation and will keep you sane. Just make sure that it really is only once a week, and try to keep it to 600 calories or less.

Since you’re more likely to be going out with friends anyways, the weekend is a natural time to schedule that meal.

Planning it for the weekend helps you avoid more than 1 cheat meal during the week, plus it takes the guilt away from breaking away from your nutritional guidelines for a meal.

You had permission beforehand!

TIP #2. Don’t drink your calories

Fresh Lemon Water

Whether from soda, other sugary drinks, slushies, smoothies, or alcohol, do your best not to drink your calories.

If you drink alcohol, try to limit your consumption. Alcohol is surprisingly high in calories and, depending on the drink, can be super high in sugar as well.

It’s super easy to overdo it when calories are consumed in liquid form, and they’re usually from sugar. I suggest sticking to water or sugar-free beverages, like BCAAs.

Remember, you have a calorie goal you’re trying to hit. You don’t want to use all your calories for the day on high-calorie drinks.

TIP #3. Get in a longer workout

Chances are you might have a little more time on the weekend to work out. If that’s true for you, take advantage of the extra time by working out just a bit longer than usual.

Getting in an extra 15-20 minutes of calorie burning can help to offset the cheat meal you plan to enjoy a little later on.

Just remember that a little extra time at the gym doesn’t mean you can gorge yourself on treats later on.


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TIP #4. Reward yourself with something other than food

You survived another week, go you! This is definitely a reason to celebrate, and it’s totally fine to reward yourself.

But too often the go-to prize we choose to give ourselves is a weekend junk food binge.

Switch things up, and reward yourself with something that you can’t eat. Get a massage, buy a new outfit, or lay down and watch your favorite movie.

Having something to look forward to over the coming weekend will help keep you motivated during the week to work hard and stay committed to your goals.

TIP #5. Plan (or even prepare) your meals for the upcoming week

Lindsey cooking protein treat

Set aside an hour or two on the weekend to plan what you’re going to eat during the upcoming week. For me, Sundays are a perfect time. Meal planning will benefit you in a couple of ways. 

The obvious benefit is having one less thing to think about during the week. This frees up time during the week that you can then use toward reaching your goals.

Another positive result is that it will put you in mindfulness mode regarding your diet.

Just planning nutritious meals will get you thinking about eating right. This will have an effect on the choices you make the rest of the weekend.

If you have extra time, you can prepare your meals too! Meal prep is seriously the BIGGEST time saver!

TIP #6. Make time to relax

Relaxing may not affect your weekend as much as it will the week that follows.

It’s important to make ME time on the weekends. This important tip will allow you to recharge your battery and let you resume your Superwoman lifestyle when Monday rolls around.

You probably don’t need me to tell you to relax. But we’ve all experienced a week where pretty much all the chores and errands get pushed to the weekend.

Maybe on top of all those chores, you have a wedding, birthday party, or a family event. By the time Monday rolls around you feel like you never even had a weekend at all!

It’s not bad to schedule ME time during the week as well. But to avoid a midweek burnout, make sure to fit in at least a couple of hours over the weekend (or longer 😉 ) to just relax.


Rock your weekend, and you’ll be set-up to rock the week that follows.

If you’re not careful, the weekend can definitely be a tripping block. But it can also act like a rocket booster to propel you toward reaching your fitness and nutrition goals.

Let’s turn your weekends into the latter!

For you, reaching your goals might mean getting toned, building lean muscle, gaining strength, or burning fat. Whatever your desired outcome, use the weekend to help you get ahead!

So what are you waiting for? Rock your weekend!

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  1. Nicole Luthman

    Love my meal prep Sundays! Definitely helps stay on track for the week. I need to learn to not make it a cheat weekend though or cheat day. And I need to take more time to relax and do self care.

  2. Leana

    Im gonna start trying longer workouts, cuz lets be honest i can fit in a lot more weekend mornings than just sleep 😉

  3. Jalayne

    I like the “reward yourself with something other than food”. Yes this is something we don’t do enough!

  4. Jodi Armstrong

    I like the work out a little longer on the weekends. Whenever I have a little extra time I always try to do that. To make up to days when I have to race to work early and don’t get a great workout.

  5. Tricia F

    Love the tips. I am going to get in a longer workout and not drink my calories.

  6. Jennifer Greene

    The weekends are hard for me and this article has some awesome suggestions! This weekend I plan on getting in a longer workout and rewarding myself with a nice massage!

  7. Airam Gomez

    I intend to try to make mg workouts a bit longer as well as scheduling my treat meal for the weekend!

  8. Molly

    I would love to be entered into the contest! The tip I am going to focus on is getting in longer weekend workouts.

  9. Krista

    I’ve always been a meal planner, but sense I’ve started ideal protein shakes, I believe having healthy and nutritious snacks readily available is super important… grab one of those instead of that cookie, or the bag of chips we all know we crave at times!

  10. Brandi

    I love that make time to relax is one of the tips. I need to work on actually have a rest day and not constantly going going and going and giving my mind as well as my body some rest and relaxation. Thanks for the tips!

  11. Angela Helmuth

    I liked #5 and #6. Rewarding yourself with rewards other than food and the rest and relaxing idea!!

  12. Jena Sanders

    Alright fine, you’ve convinced me to throw in that extra workout Saturday AM that I’ve been considering. My tip and what helps me is to eat a protein filled snack/shake before going out/to an event so that even if I do decide to cheat it isn’t excessive because I’m starving!

  13. Lexi

    I plan on meal prepping for the week. I have yet to meal prep for the week since moving to our new house & it’s led to me making not so good diet choices.

  14. Kristen Brown

    Plan, plan plan! My favorite quote is, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

  15. Lisa H

    Great tips! I need to learn to not reward myself with food, and meal prep for the week. As a busy mom of 3, I know it’s essential to plan ahead!

  16. Ellen huxford

    I’m going to focus on not letting myself give in to the sweets!

  17. Sarah

    Weekends are when I get to do my long run! I also love to meal prep for the following week and then take some time to do yoga and relax!! Love the weekends! Thanks for the tips!

  18. Elizabeth Eidenschink

    Its important to me on the weekends to get some movement in, in addition to my workout. I love going for walks, doing some yoga, or stretching my muscles on the weekend. This helps get me moving more and recover for the upcoming week!

  19. Jennifer

    This article was very helpful. One goal I will definitely set for this weekend is to workout longer.

  20. LeAnn Lyman

    Love all these tips! Plus I’ve found that if I am going out, it’s best to know ahead of time what I’m going to order/eat so that I’m not tempted with all the high calorie foods!

  21. Jordan Hayes

    I love planning out a cheat meal but I usually end up planning it during the week so I can’t wait to plan for it during the weekend instead! Gives me even more reason to look forward to the weekend! I love love love breakfast and could use that cheat meal to indulge in a breakfast (or brunch) on Sunday morning! I’ll also plan for a longer workout since I have the extra time that I don’t necessarily have throughout the week! Thanks for the tips!

  22. Yennifer Arcos

    I saw big changes when I started meal prepping, still can’t manage to eat enough calories to gain weight:(

  23. Sara Lepine

    I always plan my cheat meals on the weekend. It’s also helpful to plan and pack meals if you are going out with friends and don’t want to have a cheat meal. It helps with the temptation. I will try longer workouts on the weekends. That’s a great idea.

  24. Emma

    Super inspired to meal prep and eat good and healthy food this week ❤️

  25. Jennifer Rosso

    Woot Woot!! I love all the tips and tricks you put out there! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  26. Gabriela

    Great tips !! I definitely need to stick to the meal prepping one – life is sooo much easier when I actually follow through with that one !

  27. Sarah Hayes

    Another tip that someone shared with me once when I was trying to save money ( but also works great for workouts) is to create a no spending weekend challenge. Find stuff to do that doesn’t cost money. My favorite would be to go on a hike and pack a picnic. This way you can meal prep and get in a good workout and this spend no money and get some good quality time outside. You can then also cook/meal prep together.
    Loving all the tips here too!
    Mix it up and keep focused on hour goals.

  28. Jessica

    I too meal plan on Sundays. It is very true, if you don’t plan ahead you plan to fail.

  29. Nicole

    Yes to rewarding yourself with something other than food! Hair, nails, bath, massage, a movie night!

  30. Jordan Dick

    I definitely need to not drink my calories, and I’m planning in planning my next week’s meals! Greatest tip out of these, treating myself with something other than food. 😍

  31. Karissa

    This weekend I will try to do a bigger workout and not drink my calories

  32. Marah

    I really need to learn to prep my meals on the weekends so I don’t fall off the wagon during the weekly hustle and bustle!

  33. Casie

    Love these tips! I definitely can improve on a few. Meal prepping is something I’ve been a bit intimidated by.

  34. Elise Morgan

    On Saturday’s I try to get in my cheat meal. I also try to drink a gal of water to help with snacking and try to do something outside. I use Sunday as my food prep day and this reminds me to stay on track. I also try to give myself something special like a movie or sit down with a good book. 😊

  35. Ashley

    My weekends are always my days to workout longer and meal prep! Weekends give me an extra drive for some reason!

  36. Lynn

    I have been taking advantage of the extra time I have on Saturday’s and adding in some extra cardio. I need to work on relaxing more during the weekend.

  37. Kayla

    My favorite weekend top is Schedule Your Cheat Meal For The Weekend.

  38. Monica Rendon

    Great tips! I will definitely plan my cheat meal and extend the weekend workout

  39. Kendall

    I try to get in a workout first thing in the morning on the weekend… that usually helps me want to stick with healthy choices (or feel better about a cheat or being lazy the rest of the day!)

  40. Kim

    great tips for not sabotaging all your hard work during the week! I will plan my cheat meals for the weekend, but not drink my calories, workout just a bit longer, plan my meals ahead for the coming week and remember to get in some relaxation too!

  41. Kristy

    Hmmm my weekend tip is hard to come up with as I am a shift worker. In general meal prep is key, but I have a hard time remembering to drink enough water. I try to fill multiple bottles instead of refilling one as it is a better visual reminder for me. It seems to work. Now I just have to remember to bring them with me in the car when I run errands.

  42. Chelsey Z

    I have found that doing a cheat meal on a Friday or Saturday can sabotage my progress because it leads to a full out cheat weekend! I can stay on track better if i plan my meals or do intuitive eating 🙂

  43. Carrie Mintz

    If having dinner with family or friends offer to host it at your house. I do this so that I can make/control what I am eating. If this is your treat meal then you also get to decide what your treat will be!! eg. making your favorite dessert!

  44. Ashli Domsic

    I’m going to do a longer workout this weekend at the gym to help with my cheat meal!

  45. Nicole C

    Including your family in your workouts and then of course Making time for yourself !

  46. Natalie

    All so helpful. Plus I feel like my weekend cheat meals have been validated 😂.

  47. Abigail Krane

    I used to find myself binging on the weekends, and would get so upset with myself come Monday morning when I was working out and noticing that I wasn’t even feeling fueled for my workout. I love your idea of implementing the cheat meal on a Friday or a Saturday instead of a Sunday and leaving that day for prepping the meals for the following week! Thanks Trainer Lindsey!

  48. Patricia

    I am definitely going to meal prep and relax on the weekends so I am ready for the week ahead ..would love to win this giveaway. .

  49. Julia Blachman

    Great tips! I’m going to try hard to prep for the up coming week and also reward myself with something other than food!! Wish me luck!

  50. Kacie

    I will make sure I have healthy snacks with me. I am out & about on the weekends & it can be easy to eat junk because you’re hungry.

  51. Lisa

    I already have my pizza in the freezer for my cheat meal!! And I’ll be pampering myself by painting my nails a nice spring color!

  52. Charlie

    “Reward yourself with something other than food!” Wow! Yes! I will do that! Maybe a massage or a pedicure!

  53. Valerie

    I spend time on Pinterest planning my meals for the week and then spend Sunday meal prepping! I also try to work out extra on the weekends and I do it in the morning so I can relax the rest of the day!

  54. BreAnna Cooper

    No matter where I go out to eat on the weekends I ALWAYS get a water with lemon. I need to remember to take the tip to relax on the weekends.

  55. Sarah Checchi

    Love having my cheat meal on the weekends and prepping for the week ahead! Makes everything so much more convenient. Do need to up my water intake and pay attention to other drink calories!

  56. Kristina Tyrer

    Awesome tips! I’m a firm believer in balance. If I give myself a treat meal every now and then I’m less likely to go overboard!

  57. Jen Bitton

    Weekends are harder for me because the days are less scheduled. My water intake goes down too. Thanks for the tips to help me keep on track!

  58. Julie

    I get to make a trip back home for my sisters baby shower this weekend!! So excited, but my mom plans on only making desserts. I told her that I’ll be in charge of the healthy foods, so I found the CUTEST train vegetable tray idea. Since my sister is having a boy, a train tray works perfect!

  59. Honey Gilliland

    I am new to this program, but this really helps me out! This article and program is helpful for planning and staying on track which is vital to staying healthy. This helps me to organize not just my work out schedule but my everyday life around it. Getting off track is easy so this is helping to have structure throughout my days as well.
    Great read!

  60. Robbie

    I love all these tips but the one I am going to do this weekend is add more exercise to help with offsetting my cheat meal. And since I can’t just say one…drink more BCAA’s. ❤️

  61. Christy

    My favorite weekend tip is to reward myself with something other than food. If I can stay on target with food goals all week as well as the weekend then I get to do something special the following weekend.

  62. Sara

    I am definitely going to make time to relax this weekend! We have been crazy busy and running from dawn till dusk…I plan to get some more sleep, to read my book, and to do some journaling!

  63. Brooke Eddy

    I would like to work more on relaxing!! I think I need to get more rest for my muscles to recover!

  64. Andrea

    For a successful week, I MUST meal prep on the weekends! #Fitmarch madness

  65. Elizabeth Rowe

    Number 6 is something I don’t usually do so I’m going to work on implementing that into my plans. I love meal prepping for the week ahead! It makes me feel so organized and in control of something when everything else is in chaos!😂

  66. Shirley Gregg

    I plan on preparing a menu before going to the store and meal prepping over the weekend. I have more time on the weekends to relax and do a longer workout. I never drink my calories away! Not worth it. Awesome tips!

  67. Hilde

    Trying out meal prepping for the first time this weekend! Hopefully it’ll keep my calories and macros on track instead of snacking 🙌

  68. Cynthia Lazo

    I love it!!! I am a sucker for getting lazy on the weekends. I am trying to get better at it and also at planning and prepping my meals! Love my Ideal lean products!!!

  69. Meredith

    Since starting your programs and following the meal plans, I make sure I always plan my meals and get plenty of veggies for the week. There is nothing worse then getting to the end of a successful week and not have enough veggies. Having a plan and time to prep is so important so that you stay on track. The meal plan food is so good and I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself. The workouts are great and so are all of the products. I have never been more committed, confident and successful at anything. The results are crazy good!

  70. Almira

    I need to learn to relax and actually take a rest day on the weekends!!

  71. Abby

    I’m going to try scheduling my cheat meal! I always try to avoid cheat meals, but they end up happening anyway. Planning it for the weekend will hopefully make me feel less guilty about it and will give me something to look forward to!

  72. Wendy

    These tips are great reminders! I love to get in a good long workout Saturday morning to start the weekend. I should plan a family walk this weekend since it’s warming up. I also need to step up my meal prep on the weekend! Having veggies prepped makes it much easier for me (and my family!) to eat healthier!

  73. Leah

    I don’t really do the “cheat meal” thing, but weekends are definitely for long runs, since I don’t have 2+ hours before or after work during the week to get the miles in.

  74. Jill Pharo

    I love all these suggestions! I used to be one of those people who blew it every weekend. I love looking forward to having 1 cheat meal on the weekend, doing a longer workout & finding some relaxation time. Not worth blowing all your hard work from the week💪

  75. Rebecca A.

    The weekend is the hardest time for me and probably a lot of you all to stay on track, but I know when I can stick to the plan, it makes me feel THAT much more proud of myself- which is SO worth it!!!

  76. Dominique

    All good tips! I need to change my workout goal up a tad bit. I need to workout longer than I am currently doing. I need to increase my time and reps. My body is used to the same thing so it’s time to up the workout! Good thing I have plenty of IdealFit products to help me get through my workouts and help my muscles recover! 💪🏾 💕

  77. Ashley

    I love the idea of longer workouts on the weekend, combined with a scheduled cheat meal! I’m ready to rock my weekend.

  78. Kristen T

    I definitely need to work on longer workouts, I’ll do 45 mins, but I want to push it to 60. Also rewarding myself with something other than food, definitely need to do!

  79. Brittany

    I do tend to eat more on the weekends! I’m definitely going to try to workout a bit longer to offset it.

  80. Amanda P

    I am so guilty of using food as a reward…I def need to change that. Unfortunately, that is something that has been passed on to my kiddos, bc they tend to get rewarded with food as well. Vicious cycle that I must stop!

  81. Lisa

    I get the kids to prepare for themselves a few meals that THEY love…so that I’m not tempered to BLT while preparing for them. Works great! Just make sure I have all the things on hand for them. And then I disappear outta the kitchen for a bit checking in every once in a while 😉

  82. Christina

    I drink soda Water with a lime to “pretend” I’m drinking with friends. I still get to Ben social and it doesn’t undo my whole week of being amazing!

  83. Heather Randle

    This weekend I plan to enjoy my cheat meal, resist the temptation to drink a few glasses of wine, and meal prep for the following week. I’m also hoping to get a longer workout in, but I have two young kids so we’ll see if they allow it 😊

  84. Traci

    Love these ideas- weekends are always so hard, I’m determined to make them better! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  85. Jana

    I do feel like when I meal prep I don’t get off track and don’t end up beating myself up for it. I need to get into the habit of doing it again.

  86. Amber S

    I’m going to be meal prepping and getting in a longer workout this weekend! 😊

  87. Melissa

    I keep up with my workout/food schedule on the weekends, but I take in and enjoy the free time with my husband and son as much as I can!! 😍

  88. Hilary

    I definitely plan my cheat meal for the weekend!!! But I like the idea of adding an addition 15-20 min of cardio to offset it!!

    Great tips!!

  89. Linda F

    I always try and get my long run in early in the day so I have more time to relax and not feel guilty

  90. Angie

    Planning on fully taking advantage of an extra long workout this weekend after a week of needing to be at work super early….followed by treating myself to a concert Saturday night. Entertainment is the best way to stay away from over-eating!

  91. bbell

    Thanks for the tips! I really enjoyed reading this post and I’m motivated to stay healthy this weekend!

  92. Bethany

    If I don’t I don’t plan and prep for the weekend I almost always go way off plan.

  93. Lindsey

    A very good read!
    I am very into planning fun weekend meals, including some dessert. That’s my Saturday thing! It’s a great thing to look forward to. I also always get a major weekend workout in (long runs!!) and make time to relax and recover!

  94. Jayme Bajer

    The last tip is something I need to work on most! And not drinking extra calories 🙂 My husband brews beer so having a cold beer from the tap is so easy and yummy! I also rarely make time to relax. I spend nap times cleaning, laundry, and all the things I never get done during the week. But resting and giving myself a break is definitely helpful when I do! Great read, thanks for the post!

  95. Coleen

    I can’t remember who suggested it but someone told me when I’m going out for dinner on a weekend to volunteer to be the designated driver. I love this tip, if I’m the DD I’m not tempted to indulge in sugary alcoholic beverages.

  96. Amanda Baldwin

    Almost every weekend I feel like I fall off the wagon a little bit… my goal for the next 3 weeks/weekends (before my vacation) is to be more dedicated to my diet and not cave into unhealthy snacking or eating out. Every Sunday I meal prep for the week, Monday-Friday, then bam! Weekend is here and I go for the easy, quick and unhealthy options! These three weeks/weekends will be hard, but I know I can do.

  97. Stacia

    This weekend I am going to get in a longer workout and plan my meals for the upcoming week!

  98. Michelle Gauvreau

    I plan on drinking much more water and getting in at least one extra cardio day. Looking forward to receiving my first IdealFit order:-)

  99. Jill Nelson

    I think getting in a little longer workout on the weekend is a great way to stay on track. I love to go out on weekends and have some drinks so working out a little extra allows me to do this without feeling guilty afterwards!

  100. Morgan

    Such a great read with great tips !! This weekend I am going to work out longer than I usually do and reward myself by buying a couple outfits ☺️

  101. Lindsey

    I am going to try my hardest on not drinking my calories!! Between iced coffee and wine, I consume quite a lot!

  102. Tara Carr

    Great tips. Thank you!! aving it to read again. So much great information.

  103. Holly

    I want to work on my meal planning this week, especially while I’m on spring break! I’m going to workout extra hard too knowing it’s going to be harder to stay on track while I’m off!

  104. Tara Carr

    Great tips. Thank you. Saving it to read again. So much great information.

  105. TM

    I always try to do something fun and active with my daughter! She’s got tons of energy and keeps me motivated!!

  106. Kim

    I struggle so hard with meal prepping getting through the weekends, I will definitely be using these tips this week!

  107. Jennifer Nelson

    I need to work on rewarding with something other than food.

  108. Sarah

    Meal prep for busy weekends too.
    I get a good work out in on the weekend to keep me motivated.

  109. Eleanor Gonsalves

    My goal work 1 day on the weekend stay eating clean food👍👀

  110. Lisa K.

    My weekends I usually workout longer and take a walk, that way I can relax more! Thanks for the tips and giveaway!

  111. Alexis hickman

    I always try to save my cheat meal for Sunday dinner at my moms. There is always way too much food!

  112. Mia Baglivo

    this weekend I will prep my meals for next week!! this is extra important/convenient because i start my job monday😁

  113. Skylar Huddleston

    My one goal is to not drink so much wine. I love sitting down on weekends and having a glass or two. No more! I need to drink more water.

  114. Elise Poore

    Great tips! I’m going to try to plan and prep meals for the upcoming week and get in a longer workout. It will be fun 🙂

  115. Lori Van Luven

    Relaxing is my biggest hurdle. I’m certain it’s why I’m holding on to the last couple pounds. I joke that u have muscle, it’s just padded for protection.

  116. Ashley B.

    Great tips!! I like to have a harder workout the day before a cheat day. I need to try to do more meal prepping. Thanks for the tips!!

  117. Sarah

    I love the tip to meal prep on the weekends! I will definitely be giving that a try!

  118. Kaitlin

    This weekend I am going to prepare for the coming week and still try to find some time to relax.

  119. Brandi

    Plan my meals, drink just water, reward myself with some clothes, and relax

  120. Caitlyn

    My tip for the weekends is to start your morning with a usual healthy breakfast. When I do this I notice that it is much easier for me to stay on track and not binge all weekend.

  121. Laura Sortwell

    Love splurging on the weekends! Our family has pizza and movie night every Friday. And this weekend my hubby and I get to go on a date!! (We have 7 kids so date night is super rare, lol.)

  122. Jennifer Wooderson

    This weekend I’m going to get in longer workouts. Thanks for the tips!

  123. Haley Allen

    I have got to find time to relax for sure!! I always feel so rushed trying to get ready for the upcoming week!!

  124. Fawn H

    I do two things to stay on track on the weekends. First I always meal prep ahead of time. It’s so easy to cheat when the rest of the family is eating in front of me. Second, I always plan my cheat meal on the weekend! If we have a family get-together or birthday dinner, I will plan my cheat meal for that, then I bring approved snacks in the car with me in case I’m hungry and temped!

  125. Monica

    I’m definitely going to meal prep and also choose one cheat day not several.

  126. Christy

    I love the tip about the BCAAs! I mix mine with sparkling water for the fizz of soda! Delicious.

  127. Kelsey

    I love love love BcaaS and I’m totally ready to get out of my funk and kick this weekend so o can start next week out strong! ❤️💪🏻

  128. Lindsay

    I love all these tips. It’s helpful for me to know when my cheat meal is going to be and then I can stay on track with my other meals. I also love sweet treats especially on the weekends so I try to find a healthy version of cookies or ice cream.

  129. Kylee Koch

    Once a month I treat myself to a new pair of workout leggings & top, which not only keeps my motivation up but also gets me excited because I can’t wait to wear what I bought to the gym! Also, every Sunday I meal prep and it really helps keep me on track, because if I didn’t then I would use every excuse to eat out somewhere! Love this article!

  130. Serena

    I’m totally going to get in a longer workout!! That’ll give me a bit of extra time to start getting toned for the summer (but also relaxation afterwords is good too!)

  131. Lauren Y

    I definitely plan to do a small cheat meal this weekend and meal prep! Also I like the idea of putting in a littl extra workout time since I won’t be rushed. 🙂 loved these tips!!

  132. Sarah O

    My best weekend tip: go to the grocery store Thursday after work. It sets you up with fresh healthy options for the weekend!

  133. Kayla Church

    Great tips!
    I ordered your products about a month ago. I take the orange paradise bcaa’s pre workout and chocolate brownie protein post workout. With the bcaa’s I feel hydrate, energized and able to push myself more more. The protein powder is delicious and satisfying. My tips for the weekend- I am going to start the 15 day challenge video’s (on Saturday) incorporate these with my daily gym workout. Also, have a cheat meal on the weekend versus a cheat day.

    Thanks for the tips!
    Happy Humpday!

    Kayla Church

  134. D Hemauer

    Weekends are the hardest for me for sure. I get to spend time with my beautiful grand babies and it is difficult for me to not join in on the fun with them. So it’s a definite struggle for me. I’m glad I have this community and tips to fall back on.

  135. Rachael Eppright

    Felt very moved by this blog!
    I plan on trying to reward myself with something other than food on the weekends. 🙂

  136. Belva

    I definitely will try the “not drink your calories,” by making my own smoothie and not purchasing one.

  137. Frances W

    I try to plan out all of my meals on the weekend (even going as far as to input them into my fitness pal at the beginning of the day) so that I stay on track. For me knowing it is already written down and planned for makes it easier not to go off the rails.

  138. Leigh Ann Wood

    For me to stay focused on weekend is to get up early no matter what is going on and get my workout in. If I can start off with that mindset it’s easy to stay focused on my goals!

  139. Lacy W

    I have started planning all our meals for the week, making a grocery list off of that, and then preparing every meal for the week on Sunday. It definitely helps to use my weekend to prep for the entire week!

  140. Elizabeth martinez

    This weekend I’m gonna “try” to not go overboard on cheat\flex meal 🙏🏼

  141. Elexus Marie Marquez

    I love every tip. My goal is to try and wake up earlier on the weekend since I tend to have more time to get in a good workout!! And I do want to reward myself with something other than food. Food is great but I try to remember that eating healthy isn’t a chore its a lifestyle and just because the weekend comes along doesn’t mean it’s time to cheat. Im going to try and think “it time to shop for a new gym outfit or new outfit for work!”

  142. Lisa

    I need to plan my weekends to stay on track— that includes WHEN exactly I’m working out around my activities/events, even as simple as planning to get up earlier one day. Also, meal prepping for the upcoming week not only sets me up to stay on track that week— but just as importantly it also keeps my goals and priorities in the front of my brain so I don’t go on a weekend long free-for-all!

  143. Erin Brown

    I’m definitely going to schedule a long workout! I love long workouts on a weekend!

  144. Sarah M

    This weekend I’m going to meal plan and prep. Great tips. Thanks!

  145. Angeline Morris

    Weekends used to be so hard. Not anymore. I write up my meal schedule for next week. Do my shopping and then meal prep. I also make sure to nap each day of the weekend and still go to bed within 1 hour of my normal bedtime.

  146. Nicolle Smith

    I need to try #6 make time to relax since my weekends usually involve work and catching up on everything I need to do for the next week since I’m go go go all week long. Ready for warm weather so I can get out doors and relax here and there. Already stocked up on the sunscreen lol! 😎

  147. Jenna

    Love these tips! What I noticed that helps me is to get a good workout in Saturday morning. Helps me keep on track of eating good and feel good the whole day

  148. Sarah H

    My favorite tip is having meals planned. Also planning family activities that double as exercise!

  149. kimberly

    Great tips, incorporating these tips really don’t help I always look forward to rewarding myself whether it’s a cheat meal or buying some clothes online! One thing I’d say I would try is meal prepping for the upcoming week

  150. Lis

    Thanks this all so helpful. I’m my experience too is keeping hydrated. I find it the more I hydrate the less likely I am to cheat!

  151. Camille

    Great tips!! Don’t think I’ll be able to get rid of my morning smoothies though ☺️

  152. Jana

    I can’t wait to relax this weekend. It’s been a busy week at work and I’ve been keeping up with my gym classes and my nutrition. Looking forward to rest day

  153. Lisa

    I use the weekends to get some family exercise in. A walk to the park, chasing after the kids outside, anything to get everyone moving together but doesn’t feel like exercise!

  154. Barbara

    My favorite is Tip #1. My weekends are busy with my kids’ sports and I like knowing that I can have a little leeway if I don’t have time/opportunity to stay 100% in plan.

  155. Hayley

    This weekend I am going to plan for the upcoming week and get in a longer workout!

  156. Liz

    I am going to focus on my water intake. I have no problems getting it all in during the week, but when I am running around on the weekends it is much harder! I will make sure to always have my water bottle with me!

  157. Tammy Peatfield

    I like to keep my same schedule (I like following a routine). Get up early, workout, and get everything done around the house. I then go grocery shopping to get everything I need for the week, and prep on Sunday.

  158. Caitlin

    I’m going to make sure that I get my meal prep done on Sunday. That way, when the work week comes, I’ll be ready!

  159. Gwen Brunaugh

    Meal prep on Saturday instead of Sunday….maybe it will keep me on track Saturday!

  160. Christina

    Love this article. I like to keep a water bottle filled with water and sliced lemons near me so it’s easier to drink water instead of grabbing a soda.

  161. Laura

    Keeping up on my water is sometimes harder on the weekend, going to focus on getting meals prepped and drinking all of my water!

  162. Sue Mannino

    Making sure i get my workout in on Saturday and with all my water in! Getting my recipes & grocery lists done for prepping on Sunday for my clean eating this next week! Making sure to have time on sunday with family, i have to stay organized & i can with my journal & lists!

  163. Faith

    I have got to get my prepping for the week down this weekend and I plan to relax a little too!

  164. Courtney Millecam

    I’m revamping my eating habits and love the idea to schedule your cheat meals on the weekends! That’s when we usually go out to eat or I make treats on Sundays for the family. I’m halfway through my first week of no treats during the weekdays and it gets easier each day!

  165. Mahi Varma

    I think most of us in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle forget to take time out for ourselves and reward ourselves (besides food) for our hard work. I definitely agree and follow the tips where the article talks about relaxing and rewarding ourself with something other than food. It keeps us motivated and in balance.

  166. Katie Hassevoort

    I’m going to workout longer on Saturday since I won’t have to get the kids off to school. I’ll also enjoy my cheat meal on Saturday due to a birthday party being that day!

  167. Corie

    This is great info. Weekends always set me back. It’s my goal to change that. I’m planning my meals for this weekend. Since I have to be at a dance comp. I’m packing healthy snacks so I don’t binge. Plus I planned to run a couple extra miles on Saturday💪🏼

  168. Natalie

    This weekend I will definitely get in a longer workout. Weekends are great because I have more time to be able to spend in the gym. I’m also training to make the 500 pound club so gotta get those GAINZZ.

  169. Allegra Edelnant

    Definitely into meal prepping every Sunday! And I never drink my calories – rather, I never drink too many calories 😛

  170. Shelby Brunette

    This weekend I’m going to try to avoid drinking my calories! I’m going to try to stick to water!

  171. Amanda DuMont

    I’m doing great with all of these tips, except meal prep. I eat cleanly, but am not prepping much in advance. I know I waste a lot of time throughout the week by cooking things at the last minute and then stressing when I don’t have time to make anything. I’m planning to whip up batches of my favorite foods this weekend so next week will be smooth sailing!

  172. Gabrielle Rowe

    Love this! I’m going to try to meal prep and make time to relax this weekend!

  173. Sidney lumsden

    Planning my treat meal on the weekend is my go to. But this weekend I’m going to meal-prep and get a great head start!!

  174. Molly Winowiecki

    Weekends are always the best time for me to prep foods for the week. It helps to avoid cheating and make sure I have something prepared when I work long days.

  175. Myria

    Make sure to keep drinking your water, and yes, I’m speaking to myself! It’s easier for me to get it all in during the week since my days are more structured, but considerably more difficult during the weekend since I’m all over the place trying to get my chores and grocery shopping done for the upcoming week.

  176. Nicole schuster

    I love the idea of planning your cheat meal so that way it doesn’t get out of hand! I work in a restaurant so the weekends are when I am more active so I will drink more bcaas if I feel the need to have something other than water.

  177. Cara

    I want to prep my meals so I’m not waiting til the last minute then binging from waiting too long. 😬

  178. Emmalee

    Love this post! Great reminders. I always meal prep on Sundays, it’s a day I know I will have time to do it. So much easier to keep on track when it’s all there ready and waiting for you. 🙂

  179. Robyn Crawford

    My weekend tips for staying on track, is have your meals planned out and always have your water with you. Plan ahead so you stay on track!!!! Happy weekend everyone.

  180. Richelle

    I love #3! The weekend is the best time to make sure I have time to get my long run in.

  181. Marchetta

    Weekends usually allow for longer workouts and different ones if you open you mind and sometimes just your front door! More time for meal prep and trying new recipes. Activities with your kids helps stay active and on track also!

  182. Sonja

    My tip is to think of a weekend as any other day of the week. I still plan my meals out the day before even on the weekend. If I have a cheat meal I plan it out. I really liked the tip about rewarding myself with something other than food!! I’ve been rewarding myself with fast food or very high calorie desserts, chips etc. I definitely need to find NON food rewards!

  183. Alexandra Robertson

    I like the option of a cheat meal on the weekends since I usually am on the go or cooking a family meal on those nights so a little indulgence keeps me sane!

  184. Erin McElwee

    These are all such great ideas. Definitely going to try to fit in longer workouts throughout the weekend. Also rewarding myself with things other than food because I am bad about that. Thanks so much for the ideas!

  185. Megan

    Great tips! I will be scheduling my cheat meal this weekend and will try to make time to relax as well!

  186. Desiree Grauds

    My healthy weekend tip is get up early and get moving, drink plenty of water, and enjoy the day outside and with people your care about.

  187. Whitney

    Great post. Meal prep is a lifesaver for me. I also workout on Saturdays because that is when I have my cheat meal. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid snacking and nibbles of this and that because I have a 7 year old son. He can eat anything and manages to have a six pack!

  188. Kim

    I almost always know exactly what treat I’ll be having on the weekend! It’s what keeps me going through the week 🤣 but I also enjoy sticking to a schedule/Meal prepping on the week days because I’m at my best when I stick to a schedule!

  189. Ashlyn

    I like to work out first thing in the morning on the weekends. If I don’t, plans and excuses always come up to not get my workout done!

  190. Natalie

    Love these tips! Thanks for sharing! I love to grab some protein bars to help satisfy my sugar cravings during the weekend!

  191. Kaila

    I always try to meal prep on Sundays when I can!! It sets you up for a successful week. The other key to staying on track over the weekend is drinking plenty of water! I always find it harder to drink enough water on weekends, but it’s so important to stay on track 🙂

  192. Hannah T.

    Thanks for some awesome tips! My goal this week is to drink more water… Number two makes so much sense and is so simple, most people probably just don’t think about it! Ice, I need to work on September 6. It’s easy to forget that managing stress levels is a huge part of your fitness goals. Mental health is a huge part of physical health.

  193. Courtney Chaney

    I always plan my cheat meal for Saturday night with my family! Then Sunday it’s back to it with meal prep for the week and a long workout session!

  194. Anna Phillips

    Great tips! I’m gonna try to reward myself with something other than food! Can’t wait to get to the weekend!

  195. Aatiyah R

    My favorite tip!! Don’t go hungry to a party. Eat before hand!

  196. Lydia Janka

    The best way to start is totally the baby steps! Switching from drinking high calorie drinks to water was a life saver!

  197. Samantha

    I definitely get in longer workouts on the weekend and keep up my nutrition on Saturday to ensure I don’t lose all of the hard work I put in during the week. I may cheat or eat out Sundays but I still try to keep it healthy. It’s definitely been working for me and I’m seeing results!

  198. Chasta howes

    Drink lots of water! If you get tired of plain water add lemon, strawberries, blackberries or other fruits to add flavor. You can add one fruit or mix them. You can also make ahead in a jar or other container and leave in refrigerator and drink it as you want it

  199. Crystal Bolyard

    My favorite healthy weekend tip was to reward yourself by something other than food! Having that in mind for the up coming weekend will definitely keep you motivated to stay during during the week!!

    1. Crystal Bolyard

      My favorite healthy weekend tip was to reward yourself by something other than food! Having that in mind for the up coming weekend will definitely keep you motivated to help you to stay STRONG during the week!!

  200. Melissa

    Start your workout early Saturday morning. Be positive and have a great outlook on what the weekend will bring you. Enjoy your IdealLean protein for breakfast and keep your healthy options open for the remainder of the day. Stay strong, stay focused. Same goes for Sunday.

  201. Kayla Price

    I’m going to fit in a longer workout this weekend! Nice to take full advantage of alone time at the gym, also going to meal plan and prep as I’ve gotten away from doing that lately!

  202. Chrissy

    I will combine 4 and 6 and spend some time in the hot tub recovering from 1/2 marathon training and FBC workouts.

  203. Dana Squires

    I am going to meal prep this weekend and make sure I am drinking plenty of water and some bcaas as well. I have a habit of actually not eating enough on the weekends so I am trying to be mindful of that

  204. Britni stowell

    Great tips. I’m always so good during the week and then on the weekends I cheat too much. Going to stop drinking so many calories and prepare weekend meals in addition to weekday meals

  205. Robyn Pledger

    Adding extra cardio on the weekend with longer runs and scheduling treat meal make my weekends more successful

  206. Mikel Hansen

    I try to use the weekends to gear up for the week to come…planning meals, prepping and relaxing a little bit to help me stay on track!

  207. Rhonda

    Meal planning and prep is huge for me. It can make or break the whole week ahead!!

  208. Angela Sanchez

    I like to try and keep my Saturday’s pretty much on schedule with my morning work outs then clean and do everything around the house I need to get done. I try and make sure to stay on track with my meals and always drinking water throughout the day. Rest days for me are always Sunday and I will try and throw in some Yoga as well on that day.

  209. Sandy

    Great article. My big “ah ha” moment was when I realized that I had enjoyed a great treat meal, but was ready to get back on track immediately following it. It doesn’t always work this way, but for the most part I do get right back on track. After a year with IdealFit, I’ve learned what a healthy lifestyle is supposed to be, and how to make it work for me. Thanks Lindsey!

  210. Genesis

    I love tip #4 (I have learned this the hard way! Lol) I love the quote “junk food is a punishment, not a reward”. I have officially lost 50lbs, so I have decided to get my hair done as a reward! …instead of going out to eat!

  211. Miriam

    My favorite healthy weekend tip is to NOT to stay at home because if I het bored I keep going to the kitchen to grab “healthy” snacks that end up being not to healthy…..

  212. Ashley

    My tip is to make sure that you always have water with you because I’ve found that if I keep water with me I will stay full and I won’t want to binge or eat junk foods

  213. Alison

    Good tips! I need to try making my workouts longer on the weekends, as well as rewarding myself with things other than food!

  214. Tiffany Williams

    I add another workout on the weekend. Sometimes if I have enough time I do it during the week as well. I am doing the 6 week challenge so I add a workout from the 12 week workouts. If I am doing leg day I try to make sure I am sticking with workouts that are targeting the same muscles.

  215. Harley Byrd

    My tip for staying healthy and on track during the weekends is Farmers Markets!!! We always have them every Saturday morning where I live and I like to start my weekend out by loading up on fresh veggies and homemade goodies to keep me inspired. Hope this tip might help someone else! Plus, Farmers Markets are just plain fun! 🙂

  216. Stephanie Clouser

    My favorite tip is to plan and prepare for the week to come. And not to drink the calories.

  217. Kathy R

    Fell off the meal prepping on weekends wagon. Hoping to hop back on this weekend!! Thanks for the easy to follow tips!!

  218. Kayla Edwards

    I like to prep my meals ahead of time for the weekend. I try to plan a different meal plan than what I did during the week. I also like to incorporate a yummy, healthy meal in there as well. Like some halo top, enlightened or a pop tart post workout. I also like to have a back up plan if we get a wild hair and plan on being out of the house all day!

  219. Shae Defore

    My weekend advice is todo your cheat meal of Friday so the rest of the weekend you’ll want to eat good and get back on track! More than likely you’ll be bloated and crappy feeling after the cheat that you’ll want to eat clean the rest of the weekend! (;

  220. Lindsey

    My tip is to plan your cheat meal if you plan if having one and stick to the plan and don’t stray from it!!

  221. Megan Gilbert

    My favorite weekend tip is to do fun activities with the kids to sneak in some exercise .

  222. Emily Ortiz

    Eat a snack before you go out! We tend to eat out more on weekend so grabbing a handful of nuts before going out to dinner can help overeating/keep you from choosing unhealthy options!

  223. Yvonne Patterson

    Already do most of these!! Love having my cheat meal on the weekends!! And I ABSOLUTELY ❤IdealLean products & what they have done for me!!!

  224. Ashley Dutzle

    My tip for a healthy weekend is to keep going! Get out there and spend your weekend playing with your kids or going on new adventures!

  225. Sara B

    Love to get in a longer workout on weekends! Doesn’t make me feel so bad about my cheat meal 🙂

  226. Kristi

    What works for me on the weekend is planning meals and shopping for the ingredients before the weekend comes.

  227. Megan carter

    Can’t wait to have a longer workout to offset the cheat meal!

  228. Nicole

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for these tips! I especially like #3. I never would have thought of doing a longer workout (not sure why not 😄). I will definitely be putting some of these tips into practice.

  229. Alyssa Walowen

    I loved reading this, it gives me so many reasons to be healthier. I want to improve on making and prepping my meals. I eat healthy but I just throw stuff together usually.

  230. Morgan Myers

    I’m definitely going to try planning my cheat meal!! Might make it easier to make it all weekend without completely binging! Oh and I love weekend workouts because you aren’t pressured with time! I definitely put in a longer workout on weekend than during the week!!

  231. Morgan averett

    Owning it!
    I am going to schedule a cheat meal for the weekend since I never do! I actually work on the weekends but my husband is home on them so that’s when we either go out to eat or order in pizza or something.

  232. Nikki McClary

    This weekend I’m going to schedule my refeed/cheat meal early in the morning that away it’s out they way and I’m not tempted through out the day to cheat any more. Also I will schedule my rest day on sundays and make sure I Stretch good with resistance bands and foam roll with my roller to workout any soreness I had from the previous week 🙂

  233. Kayla

    For this weekend, I’m going to try to get in a longer workout, not drink my calories, plan my meals for the upcoming week, & reward myself with something other than food! All of these tips seem pretty manageable 🙂

  234. Sherri

    Great tips! I am going to get a longer workout in and prep a few things for the upcoming week! ❤️

  235. Ashley

    This is amazing I do find myself wanting to binge on the weekends! These are great tips thank you! I would like to enter to win the BCAAs giveaway! I’ve never tried your bcaas but I would really like to!

    1. Andrea Clements

      I tend to over indulge on weekends; I need to plan my meals just like weekdays. I enjoy longer workouts on Saturdays.

  236. Meaghan Fowler

    Cant wait to prep my meals this weekend for the following week!!

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