1. Beth DOLAS

    Hello, on the 15 Day Challenge Moderate meal plan #3, pre-workout meal 1—- half cup of egg whites, had cup of almond milk and 1 and a quarter cup of cheerios.. Recipe doesn’t say how to prepare the eggs.

  2. Joanne Fedrick

    Hi could you tell me what I need for the cream of rice smoothie

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Joanne, I’m not sure which recipe you are referring to. Where did you see that recipe?

  3. Katy Flesch

    Can you give the macro’s for the Spinach Egg Muffins please? Thanks

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Katy, not including the cheese (which is optional) per muffin (this recipe will make 6 muffins) there are 9g protein, 8 grams carbohydrates, and 1.5g fat.

  4. Christina Stephenson

    How many servings are there in the egg muffin recipe?

    1. Caitlin Peterson

      Hi Christina, that recipe will make six egg muffins, so six. 🙂

  5. Mandy Hare

    How do I find the meal plan for my challenge that starts the 4th

    1. Kirsten Jackson

      If you mean the 15 Day Challenge, you should receive an email that tells you how to access all of your workouts and meal plans. You’ll start to get a few emails the week before your challenge starts. If you still haven’t gotten anything by then, let me know 🙂

        1. Caitlin Peterson

          Hi Mercedes, have you purchased the program? If you have, you should talk to customer service and they can send it to you. Here is the number to call: (800) 515-0896

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