Q&A With HopeScope

A couple months ago, we were able to sit down and have a really fun Q&A session with the one and only HopeScope, a YouTubing sensation and fitness guru. You may know her better as The Legging Queen! She’s built an awesome social following by consistently delivering super fun and informative videos and content about […]

Own Your Day

I love helping women take steps toward making meaningful and lasting change in their lives. You might say that it’s my passion. But going from good to better to best, and then maintaining it, doesn’t happen automatically. It’s the result of taking ownership of the small choices you make every day. While each of these […]

Introducing: The IdealFit 15-day Twerk Challenge

At Idealfit we’re known for our line of amazing 15-day challenges. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce the newest addition to our challenge family, the IdealFit 15-day Twerk Challenge! This challenge has been three years in the making and was designed and perfected by one of the world’s foremost authority figures on twerking. Complete […]

Ultimate Booty and Leg Workout For Women

Hey guys! I’m here with another collection of tips to help you reach your fitness goals. Today my focus is on constructing an effective leg workout for women! I’m often asked for advice on how to develop that killer booty and those stunning legs all women are chasing after. I usually tell them that it […]

6 Tips To Own Your Goals This Weekend

Everybody’s working for the weekend! (The song says it all, doesn’t it?) Okay, hopefully you love your weekday life too. But really, who doesn’t love the weekend? You work hard all week, you deserve a day or two to play, right?   But if you aren’t careful, the weekend can also be a major stumbling […]

Snacking: The Missing Link

“I totally have time to prepare five or six nutritious meals every single day.” Said no one ever. We all know how important good nutrition is, especially when you’re living a fast-paced lifestyle. Which is pretty much all of us, right? Eating right is especially important when you’re chasing fitness goals that involve building muscle, […]

Healthy Is Strong

A strong woman takes care of her body. We’ve gone over the importance of self-confidence and self-love, as well as things you can do to improve in both areas. The third pillar of being a strong woman is being physically healthy. This might just be the most significant topic yet. Not because it’s more important […]